People Collecting Unemployment In Pennsylvania Must Now Prove They’re Looking For A Job

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Pennsylvania has become the last state in the nation to require people receiving unemployment benefits to actively look for a job.

Under a new law that took effect the first of the year, people must register for unemployment search services with the Pennsylvania Careerlink system within 30 days of applying for benefits. Then they must maintain an active registration in a union hiring hall.

If they don’t do that, then they must apply for three jobs each week and do one of several other things each week, according to state Labor and Industry spokesman Christopher Manlove.

“Attend a job fair, look for positions that are posted on the Pennsylvania Careerlink system. You can create or post a resume in the Pennsylvania Careerlink network – when you have a resume there, employers all over the state can see it.”

Other things people can do include taking a civil service or other pre-employment test, utilizing an employment agency or registry, or seeking out colleagues or former co-workers.

You’ll need to keep a record of your job search efforts.



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  1. Limousine Liberal says:

    This is another outrageous example of racism… Just like making people show ID to vote… Why should anyone have to try to get a job just to collect government money?

  2. Coniljw says:

    Olneyfalcon: It is called democrats in control.
    I am hoping our state will get tougher on handing out money from the hard working and lucky-to-have-a-job people and giving it away to potential democrat voters.
    I want mandatory drug testing as well.
    The giving away of other peoples money has got to stop. Workers need to keep their own money in order to survive in Obama’s failed economy, administration of hope and dreams downward slant toward socialism.
    Socialism must be stopped before we become Greece and every other failed socialist country.

  3. Tom says:

    This only affects people who filed after 1/1/12. The big questions is this — are there even three jobs to actually apply for in a week?

  4. noname says:

    Is this “new” law” passed because Sunoco closing down is going to hit the unemployment coffers hard? and “Then they must maintain an active registration in a union hiring hall”. gonna be a little tough paying the union dues when you have no job.

  5. Rita says:

    Diane, no they weren’t. I know of several people that have been laid off the past few years and they never had to show they were looking. One did but that was only once he was on his 3rd or 4th extension.

  6. olneyfalcon says:

    I went to the unemployment office some time ago, having returned home from military service, and they sent me on a job interview. Nowadays you sign up on line, and get checks. No one is sent on job interviews. What’s up with that?!?! (I got that job, btw…)

  7. Diane says:

    they were doing this at least three years ago, not exactly a news flash here.

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