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Vietnam Vet Randomly Attacked By Teens On Olney Street

By Hadas Kuznits and Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Vietnam veteran who lost his eye while serving his country was violently beaten during a random attack by a group of teens on a Philadelphia street earlier this week.

The attack happened shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday in the 5000 block of N. 5th Street in the city’s Olney section.

“These animals are specializing on our elderly people out here and a gentleman who served our country,” Lt. George McClay said.

According to investigators, 64-year-old Edward Schaefer was walking to meet his wife at the bus stop when he was approached from behind by six males.

McClay said one of the suspects began the violent attack and the others joined in on the random beating.

Watch The Video (Courtesy: Philadelphia Police Department)

The suspects then fled the scene on foot after police say a good Samaritan came to the victim’s rescue.

“He fell and that’s when I came across the street. When they saw me, that’s when they scattered,” said Donald Jones. “He was trying to talk and I said, ‘No, stay there. I got you.'”

Schaefer was rushed to Albert Einstein Medical Center with fractured skull and severe injuries to his face and hand.

“I’m disgusted by this whole thing,” McClay said. “I’m surprised he survived.”

McClay said “one more shot the wrong way” and this could have been a homicide investigation.

The suspects are described as six black and Hispanic males, between the ages of 16 to 18. Authorities say all of the suspects have been identified. Once they have been apprehended, they could be charged with attempted murder.

The Fraternal Order of Police is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

Anyone with information is urged to call 215-686-TIPS (8477) or 215-686-3353/54.

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One Comment

  1. Ben N Indiana says:

    A similar attack in Philadelphia left a 23-yrold White man dead.

  2. Sam says:

    I live in London in the United Kingdom and I see the blacks behaviour on a daily basis. I stand my ground with the animals and mostly they back off if they are alone, they tend to be brave when they outnumber you by at least five to one

  3. anarchyst says:

    In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Detroit had a successful “criminal eradication program” called STRESS (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets). Police officers would disguise themselves as vulnerable citizens (elderly men and women) and walk the various neighborhoods, waiting for the human vermin to attack. The program was a resounding success, many vermin were dispatched to the “great hereafter”. The program was so successful that Detroit’s first black mayor, Coleman Young used abolition of the STRESS program as his campaign promise. It seems that too many of his “brethren” were being eliminated. Look at Detroit now . . .

  4. anarchyst says:

    These animals should suffer a “fate worse than death”. I would like to see these “yutes” permanently paralyzed, confined to wheelchairs. Let’s see how much trouble they would cause then . . . since their paralysis was caused by their own criminal behavior, any type of “disability benefits” should be denied them.

  5. daniel says:

    I can’t wait till the radical-multicultural establishment is overthrown, we all hate it, but can’t say anything for fear of school, job, etc. When the economy becomes worse as a result of more radical multiculturalism, then people will just say openly “I’ve had enough with this anti-white male, anti-judeochristian doctrine

    1. A3P says:

      Multiculturalism is over if you want it.

    2. Jack Ryan says:

      I feel your pain Daniel. But there is no way to take all of America back – the PC multi -cult is too entrenched in Washington, Ivy League Schools, Mainstream Media, Hollywood – the NW criminal underclass too large in places like Phily, Memphis, Detroit.

      Instead, work with other good Americans who are working to seperate from the multi-cult criminal world – one promising project is the NorthWest Migration – Americans fleeing the cesspools of Southern California, NorthEaster cities are forming new communities and will break away for a new North West Republic when America breaks apart.

      So Philly will be like Haiti – healthy Americans should avoid both places.

      Google “NorthWest front”

  6. IraqVet says:

    I hope they all get jail time, and they all get skull punked while doing time…This is what we get for outcome based education, affirmative action and welfare for life government programs…but I bet they won’t get charged with a government hate crime.

  7. Tom Shelly says:

    Bring back The Noose!

    Hang ’em high!

    1. Edna says:

      No hate crime here… the victim was white.

    2. Steph says:

      and Segregation.

      1. JB says:

        Amen to that!

  8. B Piper says:

    What is wrong with Philadelphia? How do you live there? I wouldn’t want to even visit. You need to clean up your act. If it means sending children to jail for ten years; so me it. This can’t be tolerated!

  9. Reality Check says:

    Don’t you just love it when you’re in a place, any place, like a movie, a park, Disneyland, a sports event, a restaurant, a hotel, a train/plane/bus, a store etc.,and there aren’t any of these types of “people” around? Come on, admit it. You feel so much better. You might even feel happy and say to yourself “good gosh, this is the way life is supposed to be…civilized, nice, considerate people all around me…I’m so HAPPY!” Then of course, the opposite is true, when you say: “oh, no, look, there are a bunch of those “people” around. Guess we won’t be having any fun here. We’ll have to be on our guard the whole time, keeping in mind exit routes and other potential defense tactics. Better yet, let’s just LEAVE and not take the chance!” Yeah, you know it.

    1. Jack Ryan says:

      Agreed. Please google “northwest front” – there is a real movement to start a break away new nation in the Pacific Northwest where Americans will be safe to live, work and play with our own kind.

      Kindness means loving our own kind.

      Let’s just break away from these other very violent, destructive people – don’t waste our time hating them or trying to save/change them. Somethings can’t be changed.

      HA Covington – the author of the Brigade is the writer most identified with the North West migration/North West Republic.

    2. kim says:

      Jesse Jackson knows it too. He said he was always relieved when, after hearing footsteps behind him at night, he’d turn around and see white people. The truth doesn’t get any more pure than that, my friends.

  10. bigmomma says:

    Those boys look like they could be younger than the description of 15-18. I have a 13 yo who looks older than them.

    How about reading some decent literature in schools about true heroism?

  11. Patrick says:

    Careful folks, if you try to protect yourself, you will go to jail, not the animals who would attack you! Your best bet is to stay prisoner in your own home with the doors bolted and reinforced with steel. Thats what the liberals would like for you to do…

    1. trailblazer says:

      PA is a concealed carry state. Start packing and shoot these A**hole hooligans and see if the attacks continue. Poor little ‘youth’ shot by mean person…phoey. Whack a few and see if the streets change.

    2. pdirt says:

      I’d rather die a free man than live as a slave or in fear. Thank God our founding fathers knew the importance of our right to bear arms and to be able to defend ourselves.

    3. Sonya says:

      So being beaten to death on a public street is better than going to court?

  12. Bill Stone says:

    Will this be prosecuted as a hate crime?

    1. Mike Leach says:

      No way this could possibly be a hate crime. The victim is a white cracker and
      the young gentlemen that are accused are underprivlideged african americans that are the real victims.

  13. drphil69 says:

    Soon one of these groups of thugs will face an armed man and be sent to their maker. When this happens, I will cheer their deaths, and donate money for the defense of victim, who will certainly be charged.

  14. atilla_the_hunney says:

    The democrat leftwing progressives and their overloads are gloating about the race wars, class wars. obummer would be all over this if it were white on black. Hey Eric Holder– call your office. Or are you out playing golf with your master?

    1. Marcus says:

      The title of the story should read, “Democrats continue to beat down Vietnam Vets”

  15. steve jones says:

    The advent of internet video has opened America’s eyes to the silly Negro and his subhuman ways.

    1. BRBSanDiego says:

      Put a bounty on the assailants like they used to do in the old west. Just bring in their bodies and collect the fee. Wanted posters, photos on the news, random video TV – this will end quickly.

  16. Ellie Light says:

    This was not a random attack, it was pure racial. When are the white people going to wake the F up. Black youth want all white people dead, except for young wihte women to use as sex toys. If you see more than one, cross the friggin’ street and run!

  17. Machismo says:

    Convict the young punks. Hang them all in the public view from the gallos and let them hang for three days. Have a sign out front saying…Want to join a gang and murder people? this is what you get! I bet the beating of old men,women and young children would stop.

    1. DM says:

      ditto! it is high time for severe and visible punishment to happen to the verminthat do things like this

  18. Allan West says:

    If an animal randomly attacks you in the street you have it put down. This should be no different.

  19. Albert Finney says:

    FInd the attackers, cut their b*lls off and shove them down their own throats.

  20. Pete says:

    Remember a few years ago there was a US kid who got into trouble in Singapore and was subjected to caning. Do that once publicly in Philly and this problem is over.

  21. ScoobyFlies says:


  22. JEFFofTX says:

    I’ve been seeing quite a bit of these stories lately. Makes me thankful that I live in a state that hasn’t deprived me of my God given right to bear arms. Can you say Concealed Handgun License?

    1. dave says:

      Welll carry is legal in PA as well and not difficult to get a permit. more people should exercise that right. it would go a long way to stopping animals like this. unfortunately the city of Philly has been trying to impose more restrictive gun laws that the state preemption laws prohibit. so even if you do legally carry in Philly, you still might end up in trouble.

      1. JEFFofTX says:

        Agreed. The more law abiding people that carry, the safer it makes everyone since the criminal will know may get shot if he tries something. They’re typically cowards, just like the gang that assaulted (64 year old!) Mr. Schaefer.

  23. Big Bear says:

    Makes me glad I live in North Idaho, where there are virtually none of these sub-human things polluting the gene pool.

    We did have a case this summer in my city where some slimeball accosted a woman with a knife and tried to rob her. A good Samaritan heard her screams and came out with gun at the ready. Thug dropped the knife and ran like a true coward.

    1. heelers4me says:

      BigBear -While out riding a horse north of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho I encountered a 30-something white male in impressive physical condition and *heavily armed*. He was just calmly leaning on a stump when my horse sighted him. I approached him and looking around said, “Hi.” He, grinning, asked if I was lost and when told no, suggested a very nice riding trail, which I took and indeed it was very nice. I never asked what he was doing in the middle of nowhere armed to the teeth, but I felt *profoundly safe* with this man and his kind ‘out there’.

    2. DM says:

      Ha – be glad you don’t live in Spokane, as I’m sure you are. Its getting risky downtown in some places, but I carry – hope I never have to use it.

  24. Dr. Jestric says:

    Kill them all

  25. Lou Calyptus says:

    Ghetto spawn randomly attacking innocent people. Does anybody wonder why the jails are full of them? I blame the entire culture and it’s inability to form viable family units consisting of a responsible father, mother and siblings. What we have on our hands is the epic fail of the black man. Not all black men by any means but far too many.

  26. BawlamerMerlin says:

    It’d be terrible if thugs like these came across a “victim” who really wasn’t a victim after all. Just terrible I tell you. Especially if that phony victim had backup ready. Why…who knows what would happen?

    1. Lazybum says:

      I do.

      Jesse and Al would bring their show to town and start screaming about how these disadvantaged yutes were only crying out for help when they were shot down by a red-necked anti Obama tea-partier.

  27. Yracism? says:

    6 black and hispanic males? Wow, where’s my surprise face?

  28. Grace says:

    They know they can get away with it and nothing really significant will happen to them. If anything, they will be given extra stste funded goodies of all kinds now because whatever they do is never their fault.

    1. John Benn says:

      If it’s white on black, the DOJ will come after you with all it’s might, but doesn’t care about the reverse.

  29. CPD Officer says:

    As a police officer, I see this stuff daily. These offenders are selfish, know how to play the game, and play the victims themselves. They are cowards and, as long as they are not the ones to suffer, have no problem inflicting pain and suffering on the innocent. I served as an infantryman in combat and it shocks and sickens me to see the suffering of innocent/defenseless creatures. I see so many dogs, usually pitbulls, suffering from abuse and neglect. For example, I answered a burglar alarm call at a house. There is a sweet brown pit skinny, frozen water, no food with a heavy chain around its neck. I gave it almonds and it was so friendly I even pet it. I called ACC/AWL. The AWL opened an investigation. I would take it but would face criminal charges for theft of property myself and would be sued if I just took it. This poor thing is in perpetual suffering in near subzero temps. It is so sickening the way people treat things that can’t protect themselves. I call them animals, even though that is an insult to any life form w/i kingdom animalia…its just pure evil.

    1. Hater says:

      They raise their kids the same way they raise their pets. When they are no longer little and cute, they turn them loose on the street to fend for themselves.

    2. Hako says:

      I’m not a police officer, but it is possible to go back to houses and take badly abused animals and re-locate them. You have to be smart about it, or explain the situation to trusted friends who may choose to act.

  30. Rod Steele says:

    hang on a sec… did the media just actually report the race of these kids ?!?! (THUMP) …….excuse me, i just fainted from shock !!

    1. Apesimist says:

      Kinda……..if you look at the pics they attempted water down the actual proportions of the ethnic make up…

  31. bob says:

    where’s Bernie Goetz when you need him? jeez people….get a handgun and protect yourselves. i wouldn’t be caught without mine around these animals.

    1. Ryan says:

      In this case, even if the victim had a firearm he wouldn’t have gotten a shot off. He got knocked out from behind. Generally, I agree with though.

  32. Robert Dean says:

    After bringing them in and beating them all the exact same way, Execute them. We have enough trash on our streets.

  33. bob says:

    oh course the kids do this. worthless. come to my city and ill blow you head off

  34. Thebeerman says:

    Concealed Carry Permit! Need I say more? I think I will. I keep a loaded .380 with hollow points by my bed, a loaded 9 in my kitchen, a loaded sks in my living room and never leave the house without a pistol. Try to attack me you punks.

    1. Ryan says:

      Congratulations, you just undermined your entire reason for having CCP. You don’t tell anyone you have it dude! You just use it when you need it. Walk softly and carry a big stick.

  35. cbinflux says:

    THANK YOU Donald Jones! You risked your own life in defense of your neighbor.

    1. Hater says:

      I agree. He’s one in a million. Literally.

  36. Smelly Hippie says:

    Damn white kids are out of control !!! Oh, they’re not?

    1. turd ferguson says:

      when i first saw the headlines, the first thing that popped in my head was ” those damn amish are at it again”.

      1. Historyshowsus says:


  37. L Scott Larsen says:

    This would be easy to stop, but it’s not very PC what I would do, If I could, but it would stop this kind of sh!t from going on. The same principal could be used on the border to stop the invasion there. If nothing else it would cut down on repeat offenders..You break, or attempt to break the law you pay, severely!

  38. Smarterthanlibs says:

    What kind of chickensh!# punk b!tc# cowards have to sneak up on an old man with one eye so they can hit him from behind?

    1. ron says:

      16 to 18 year old Obama supporters

  39. DawnJ says:


  40. calabash72 says:

    Why do we need to put up with the one sided attacks. If it was white guys beating on a black guy it would be an instant hate crime. This is a hate crime and i don’t see the outrage.

    1. Historyshowsus says:

      Hate crime legislation was NEVER intended to be used against blacks.
      That’s why George Bush vetoed it in TX. Hate crime legislation assigns a higher value to people that are considered “protected” and to all intents and purposes is unconstitutional.
      How can we say that “all men are created equal” and then say if a white man kills a black man in a hate crime the white man gets a higher punishment than if the roles were reversed?
      This lopsided legislation is the same as affirmative action quotas. They were only designed to make sure that hiring/enrollment practices ensured AT LEAST a minimum requirement for minorities and no balance involved regarding whites. That’s how they can justify the NBA, NFL and mostly black schools. It is the purest hypocrisy.

  41. cbinflux says:

    Remember the chants of Rodney King?

    Edward Schaefer!!!
    Edward Schaefer!!!
    Edward Schaefer!!!
    Edward Schaefer!!!

    Where are you, Eric Holder??!

  42. cbinflux says:

    Philadelphia becomes more feral with each passing day. What is done with feral dog packs..? Packs that commit obvious hate crimes..?

  43. Jason Weishaupt says:

    Just another cancer symptom of the ailing Amerikan empire.

    1. Big Bear says:

      It will get a lot worse, but finally we will have a military takeover, and then police, soldiers and citizen’s militias will be given Carte Blanche to clean out the trash. At very least, the trash will be herded into their ghettos and put behind razor wire, where they can practice their feral behavior on each other, out of sight and mind from human beings.

  44. glenp says:

    $1000 reward?? DEAD OR ALIVE- preferably DEAD

  45. Charles Cromartie says:

    Random? This is another black and brown pack attack against a Caucasian. Anybody remeber all the anti-white racial attacks last summer? You honkies better start packin’ because they’re coming for you.

    1. hawkdriver1961 says:

      Sadly you are absolutely correct….

    2. Mike says:

      so right.. the media is being irresponsible

  46. zombierocket says:

    Welcome to Killadelphia!

  47. MJH says:

    These kind of lawless thugs are the reason I legally carry a concealed weapon. I’m not surprised it was at the end of the story that the attackers were identified as blacks and hispanics.

  48. Bryan Cook says:

    I support street justice.

    Carry your guns and don’t be afraid to use them to protect yourselves.

    1. Tom Walter says:

      I 2nd That, Brother.

  49. Mandy says:

    Well, our society is tolerating this behavior. Our President does nothing, DOJ does nothing, the NAACP does nothing, Rev Sharpton does nothing, Rev Jackson does nothing. But let this behavior ever be reversed and the next thing we have is Hate Crime legislation pushed through our judicial system without a second thought as to implementing it fairly. The only way this seems that it will be resolved is more conceal carry which will results in violence erupting between races in our country. It appears the black community leaders are promoting this just like our President and DOJ and DNC are promoting the Occupy Wall Street protesters. People with a conscience should never want to be tied to the Democrat Party anymore.

    1. Sinclair says:

      Clearly more consequnces are needed. A death penalty for murders resulting from attacks such as this would help dramatically.

  50. Everett Darling says:

    Should be charged with attempted murder… 6 against 1 and not one could whip the man in a 1 on 1. that many can take down a Pro boxer Did I not read he was sucker punch’d in the head from behind… Attempted Murder. 20 years and no parol

    1. ron says:

      I don’t know…sure looks like that old white guy kept throwing his face against the feet and fists of those poor, poor misunderstood youths. What kind of world is when a group of innocent children are subjected to the brutaloizing of the appendages by aged white folk? Someone should start a fund to help theose porr, poor children deal with the trauma they will face for the rest of their lives. Oh, whoa is us….

  51. Will We Breathe says:

    I’m seeing a rallying of the American People to the core logical center of what is right and wrong. For the first time in a long time, prety much everyone here is stating the same thing. Enough. Every dog has it’s day and every nation does as well. We’ve stood for 236 years now. The first 200 were working to get to where we are developing a great free nation. Now we are on the downslope with liberal coddeling of the so called disafected. Here’s the good news. “The Overall American Population Ain’t Gonna Stand For it”. That’s what I see happening and that’s why we will remain the strongest nation on earth to stand in defiance of tyranny. This is and will remain a Land of Freedom, a Land of opportunity, a Land in which we all work together to preserve and protect these cherished things we escaped from in England and other countries. Don’t forget that. Don’t forget.

    1. Bob Smith says:

      Eradication time.

      Terminate with EXTREME prejudice….

  52. stace says:

    another pack of blacks and hispanics committing crime, no story here…sigh, I guess when they are out of jail at 30 or so they will be marching on Wall Street or DC demanding to have the income gap tightened…sigh…

  53. Thomas Clair says:

    It is time for the citizens to restore law and order. We know that the government can’t. Get a legal permit to carry a gun. The law allows the prevention of crimes such as these by law abiding citizens. Who do you feel sorry for in this story. I see it every week in America young black youth destroying the lives of other people for fun. I carry a gun. I practice. I know the laws. I refuse to be a victim. I urge you to do the same.

  54. Steve says:

    Concealed Carry = 6 perps sleeping forever = one happy civilian population. If the GOV. wont step in, it’s our right as Americans to fight back. Come on my street and try this same attack. I may go out, but I wont go out without two or three of em.

    1. cbinflux says:

      You are so right — and within your rights!

  55. JonInVa says:

    Isn’t it about time that the law held parents or guardians responsible for the children’s behavior? I mean, really. It is the law in every city I know of that a person is responsible for their “pet” if that pet hurts somebody. And yet nobody cares that these guardians are shirking their responsibility to raise their children in a law abiding manner, and with a decent respect for others and their community. And no, I’m not comparing these kids to animals. Animals at least respond by instinct and cannot control that. These kids, and all of the others like them in the myriad similar stories of random group thug beatings have a will, and hopefully a brain, with which to govern their passions. You start fining, jailing, or at minimum taking kids away and either the parents will start doing their job, or the state will do it for them. Otherwise, there will only be more and more of these types of ugly incidents as more and more of these inner city kids wander around with their uncontrollable urges and angry outbursts. I don’t see any other way to preemptively try to fix this. It doesn’t help after the fact, obviously, to throw them in jail. The damage has been done, the person beaten or killed.

    1. John James says:

      Jon – I agree with you that parental responsibility is a first big step toward teaching that respect for their neighbor, regardless of their strength or color is the accepted societal norm, not “the thug life.” Until that happens, no improvements will result. As a first step, the pictures of anyone convicted of such an act, together with the identities of their parents and schools should receive as much press as the underlying incident. It is only by exposing the lawbreakers for what they are, can any progress be achieved. Making excuses will not solve the problem but will assure its continuance.

    2. JimmyJohn says:

      JonInVa –

      I agree with your sentiment about parental responsibility and accountability. Unfortunately, I disagree with the idea of “taking the kids away and let the state raise them”. I believe many of these parents have already given up their parenting role (or, if they haven’t yet, they would be happy to). I don’t think we should let them off the hook that easily. if they wanted to have the kid (or wanted to have the unprotected sex that resulted in the kid), then they should be forced to accept parenting responsibility and be held criminally liable when they fail. Taking the kids away and making them the taxpayers’ problem just lets the parents off too easy!

  56. Danny Turpen says:

    so is this going to be a hate or rasism crime or just a crime.

    1. r says:

      PLEASE…the victim was white…the is no crime.

  57. ly says:

    This is what sucks living in America. These kids show no respect for the elderly who have help made this country a better place. Where I come from, there would be no mercy for criminals. You are place in a dark cell, no food, only hard labor. If you commit any robbery , your fingures would be chop off. You should pay for what you did.. not sleep in bedded cell with meals thats been prep for you..

    US government need to change their ways of handling these kids, and other criminals. Otherwise, we will be floaded with them. But then again, what will my comments really matter?…. Unless we all vote to do something about it.. criminal minds will advance even more.

  58. BDnSC says:

    It is time Philly brings back the stocks and public hangings. Put these thugs in stocks (for the minor infractions) for 2 days and let people throw rotten tomatoes at them in public and mock them outright. Or if you prefer, how about public whipping?Then let’s see how many of these fools find folly in attacking someone.

    As for these six, Charge them with attempted murder and give them the max without parole.
    Convicted of murder? Hang them in the public square for everyone of their worthless friends to see firsthand.

    1. ly says:

      I completely agree.

  59. dave cicero says:

    This doesn’t happen where I live. Phx. AZ. “WE have right to carry”

    1. Shankman says:

      Yes it does. I’m guessing you didn’t hear about the double murder and one attempted two days ago… by a 14 year old boy.

  60. dave cicero says:

    Wonder why you see that in Phx. Az. ? Oh, because we have “right to carry” and you can figure out the rest!

    1. Billy says:

      Arizona and texas are in a war zone due to the fact the Federal Obumercrats will not let them protect there borders because they need the vote from illegals that he will make illegal before the election . When he makes a show of putting troops on the border they cant have any bullets because they might hurt somebody.
      But the Ferds can supply them with weapons to shoot at our peace keepers. Arizona has had its 3rd beheading and one as far north as Montana which is the drug cartels trade mark and Arizona is kidnapp capital of the world due to the smuggling of illegals by illegals torturing and killing there own if they cant pay up for the service. On top of that we have an economy of unenployment at 9% and the minorties and the ones that use to have more money are getting nasty and bolder as time goes on. And its going to get worse and people sense this and are arming themselves . Question? should you not be upset that the 3 top executives that where fined for scalping millions from the tax payers as your self ” Now have jobs in goverment all Obumer appointed. This is why the movement of SOPA is on the move so you and I cant share anything . and dese this sound like Russia Or China to you. Wise up as we all have been duped .

  61. sirandrew says:

    Sir Thomas Gresham said many year5s ago that bad money drives out good money.

    The Obama/holder law is bad people drive out good people.

    Ergo: Ghettos paid for by civilized taxpayers

  62. John James says:

    Chet — first, the word “bigot” is spelled with one “g.” Second, the bigotry displayed by this vicious, violent, wanton attack is apparent, and it is also apparently one-sided. While I agree that many of the posted comments are unpleasant to read, they are based in reality and should be recognized as having a valid base. Eliminate the base and I believe many of the attitudes behind the comments would be changed. The first step in solving a problem is to recognize it exists. You should encourage steps in that direction. Unfounded accusations of bigotry do not sole the problem, but instead, serve to perpetuate it.

    1. JimmyJohn says:

      John James – the word “solve” is spelled with a “v”.

      (sorry, I couldn’t resist….you really set yourself up for that :) )

  63. Rowdy Boots says:


    “They are insecure and full of resentment, so they lash out on helpless people”



    1. RobertG says:

      YES! Thank you Rowdy!

    2. Cody Pryseski says:

      Frank Rizzo? Anyone?

    3. ECH says:

      Rowdy, I am no liberal. But I am however a counselor that has to listen and deal with all the factors and people that help allow young teens to become thugs. I am not saying we explain it away, or excuse it. A broken, fatherless home life, parents who do not want to parent, or hold their kids responsible, and bad neighborhoods that put pressure on kids, are why they get caught up in gangs that escalate ugly, power-oriented violence. Yes, they are criminals in what they do!! Their hearts are hard. They need to be dealt with severely. Our society also has looked the other way rather than discipline and set down moral values of right behavior, discipline and punishment. A Godless society will do that because they have no compass. These thugs also have little fear of reprisal because we treat them with kid gloves. We do not believe human nature can be bad and sinful. So, it’s not just feelings – far from it! It’s behavior and attitude that must be stopped and then changed. Yes, liberals have undermined the system. We are paying the price of it. We must put the fear of God and the law back into them with levels of corporal punishment, even capital punishment as needed. But also aim to turn these thugs around or they just become worse and use up our tax dollars by sitting forever in prison. These issues do not rise up overnight.

      1. Sonya says:

        No the issues do NOT rise up over night. Some folks were always aware of the “issues”. This is natural for some humans, left to their own devices they will behave this way.

        They are not capable of self-rule (unless this sort of behavior is considered okay) and if they are left to their own devices they will end up this way.

  64. Joel says:

    Philly might as well be a war zone 300 murders a year, every year, that is 3,000 people dead every ten years and then the community has to pay to imprison the criminals that did the attack.

    The city should consider calling in the Marines.

    1. Rowdy Boots says:

      I have lived in Philadelphia, now in the suburbs, but I worked in the inner cities in the worst areas for 20 years.

      I was aksing for the National Gaurd 15 years ago.

      It is the policy of the Left: Godless, Punishless and Preferring the Victim Mentality as opposed to Success Theory in the schools.



  65. Ken Drift says:

    What a sh**thole. Carve philly out and forget it exists.

  66. Ben Godfrey says:

    When you wear an eyepatch people think you’re tough, when people think you’re tough they want to know how tough.

    1. Herman Vogel says:

      Spoken by someone who has never been assualted for no reason,,,,and watches WAY to much TV…The Term Idiot comes to mind.

      1. glenp says:

        lighten up Francis , he was making a little humor about that stupid commercial.

  67. mojo says:

    I can’t wait for the race wars to start taking place. It’ll be better than ANY video games on the market! Dang right you’d better cling to your guns…which is why the Obama administration is working real hard at banning AK47s and the like. Stock up while you can, cause it’s not gonna get no better.

    1. alex says:

      kinda think they are taking place right now.

    2. wildb. says:

      not just ak’s every gun.

      1. duh says:

        you aks a question?

    3. Rowdy Boots says:

      The Race War will start when White Youths beat upon a Black Veteran because Philadelphia is a Leftist City and Race mean EVERYTHING IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE…



  68. alex says:

    lets see… if the colors were reversed? this would be considered a hate crime. the community would be in an uproar. NAACP, ACLU. with podium speakers, & the local church would basically threaten violence and riots throughout the city because that is what works and they know it! but no. not here. If that man defended himself with force i am sure he would be charged very harshly. the only thing to do is lay down and hope they don’t kill you, because that is what you are supposed to do. that is what we are taught right?

  69. Smarg says:

    Fatherless welfare garbage.

    Time for good citizens to take matters into their own hands.

  70. ChoaticTremble says:

    Concealed carry people – CONCEALED CARRY!!!

  71. Shadow says:

    The city needs cleaning out.

    Vigilante time.

    1. Lanny D says:


  72. joemont says:

    Easy solution, READY……AIM…….FIRE!!!!!!

  73. Max723 says:

    I wouldn’t walk anywhere in Philly without a gun and 3 fully loaded clips in my pocket. A much happier ending to this story would have been if Mr Schaefer pulled out a .357 and blew away these little parasitic pieces of human debris. Then their momma’s would have been on the news crying about their little babies.

    1. L gorman says:

      Amazing what carrying can do – my mother and father (Iwo Jima Marine vet) left a restaurant in Sarasota, FL and headed toward their car a couple of blocks away one night – my father noticed a man following them and asked my mother for the gun in her purse – she very obviously handed it to him. Voila! the person turned around and went the other way. Wherever possible to carry – do so. I live in NYC – against the law except for celebrities and other “special” people. The rest of us are easy pickin’s.

      1. Paul Brownlee says:

        Elections have Consequences

  74. Patrick says:

    Lets keep breeding them with our stupid social programs, we are our own worse enemies!

    1. Thought Recon says:

      I am pro-life until I see this cr@p day in and day out. Packs of animals that should have been aborted but weren’t because their mama needed the extra welfare money.

      1. ECH says:

        Pro-life does not mean soft on the criminal. Pro-life is for the victims of crime. When we champion life, we show that it is sacred and special by punishing those that abuse it, according to the lvel of the crime. If you take a life, or assualt a life as see here, you can lose your own, or go to a work camp back on Alcatraz (or the like). Pro-life also means elevating the fear of God in people! Pro-life says the value of life is too serious to tamper with, or ignore. You will be treated harshly when you treat others harshly.

      2. cbinflux says:

        They’re the ninth, ever shorter generation on welfare. Look what Liberals have wrought!!!

  75. Kevin says:

    Wait until Obozo blows the dog whistle in the summer and they all “raise up” WHAT WHAT!!

    This summer is going to look like the 60’s all over again…

    1. David Duke says:

      It will be nothing like the turmoil that will occur when Obozo is defeated, there will so many riots, civil unrest and property damage that will run into the Billions. Better buy a gun so you are well protected

  76. JininGA says:

    The solution is called Glock, and this beating is exactly the reason I never leave home without it.

  77. H. D. Schmidt says:

    While our military is all over the globe trying to install order, so to speak, our homeland is more and more invaded by thugs of all kinds.

  78. Daniel Anderson says:

    black city black mayor white victim no hope.

  79. Mike says:

    They won’t be caught or prosecuted because they are black. What should have happened is the vet needed to have been carrying a gun and kill everyone of them DEAD.

    1. NoFear says:

      Amen. TIme to arm.
      Florida has a concealed carry law.
      IT’s going to be the Wild West out there until President Divider is booted.

      Lock and load folks.

      1. Tom Walter says:

        Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, is the best law we have here in Florida. Keep your powder dry.

  80. george3544235 says:

    We will be seeing more and more of this as this country continues to turn its back on God.

    1. It's getting dark says:

      God has nothing to do do w/being a compassionate human. You’re either raised to respect or raised to be a selfish thug. It’s all about the parenting. What do you expect when mommy herself is a rude, entitled loser who only had them for more welfare?

  81. ChesterJohn says:

    this is what you will get when you teach survival of the fittest animal kingdom evolution to young people instead of the truth that they were created by god and are accountable to him for their lives in this earth.

  82. cactus02 says:

    A great shout out to Donald Jones. I would be proud to have him as a friend. An army veteran by his cap and a great man by his actions.It is a good thing that there is no concealed carry in Philly or Mr. Schaeffer might have shot theese poor young men. It is good that they will be brought into the police department and Questioned, and maby in two years after many protests by Al amd Jesse sentenced to six month probation.

    1. Mike says:

      Dittos on your Donald Jones comment…However, I is NOT a good thing there is no concealed carry in Philly…if there were concealed carry permits in the City of Brotherly Love ( only if you are a “brother ) there might be fewer attacks like this as people would be able to protect themselves agains this trash.

      1. armedinTN says:

        This is exactly WHY there these type of attacks in Philadelphia or NYC or Jersey. CCW is not an option and the ‘so called strong’ will prey upon the weak (or single individuals). Down in TN mwe rarely have this issue…and it’s notmally tourists who cause problems. Because at least 50% of the people I know here always carry. Including those of us who carry to church (concealed of course). If you can’t move, and can’t carry. Get a can of that new bear spray they use to scare the grizzly’s aswy out west. very effective, can be ordered on the internet and is legal to carry. Just tell the cops you’re making sure the ‘dogs’ don’t attack you. Who cares what type of dog it is.

  83. SMSgt USAF Ret. says:

    The silence is deafening, where is Rev. Al or Dressy Jesse. We all know what would be happening if the ethnicity of those involved were reversed in this case . Philly would be on fire. The NAACP, SPLC and the lame stream media, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX and MSNBC would be shouting from the roof tops about the heinous race crime that took place. And it was heinous. But hardly a word of condemnation from leadership in the black community. Sorry, I meant it was a robbery gone bad and not a race crime.Yeah right. God help us.

    1. Kenny says:

      Amen SMSgt !! AMEN !!!

    2. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

      So true – Where’s Jesse when ya need him?

  84. Michael Giuliani says:

    In Florida every citizen has a right to obtain a concealed Weapon/Firearm license.
    We also have the right to shoot attackers, regardless if they have a weapon or not!
    Yes, the right to shoot, if we feel threaten, so if this happen in Florida, you would probably have five dead attackers, instead of one victim. It seems strange most of these attacks or mass robberies always seem to happen in states that restrict concealed Weapon/Firearm licenses.

  85. Dee says:

    These photos of the responsible all are starting to look the same. Despicable acts against humans and animals occurring every day… You cannot call them animals, animals are human companions.. These people are just plain evil… Take a ride down broad street pretty telling.

  86. dwells38 says:

    Wow. Philly. Think of the history. And now it’s just a hell-hole of run-amok teenage thugs. I wouldn’t feel safe there and so I’ll never go there.

  87. WindC says:

    Somewhere, Odoacer is lauging.

    1. Matt McCain says:

      Don’t be so goth.

  88. TheBellCurve says:

    The writter should change the words “random attack” to “all out race war”.

  89. Me says:

    I’m shocked! Shocked I tell ya. That’s what happens when you cut funding for midnight basketball programs I guess. (Sarcasm, off)

  90. David Heath says:

    Will the ‘leaders’ of the black community speak out against this brutal attack? Will they openly deplore the current state of affairs and begin promoting civilised values? Or will it simply condemn apps that have the potential to save lives by warning drivers when they are about to enter their communities? Here in Europe Jews were almost completely exterminated in my grandfather’s time. You don’t see their community walking around beating up people senselessly, wearing trousers down to their ankles and promoting violence through music and other media. The Chinese were terribly treated in the US a century ago; why is that community able to be so focussed on education and social harmony whilst the black community, apart from men like Bill Cosby, seemingly fails to speak out in favour of positive values?

    1. Concerned Citizen says:

      Great Point about the Jewish community.

      One thing I’ll add is that cops should make it illegal for people to cover their faces in public (hoods included). I know the NAACP might get in an uproar about this, but it would be a significant deterrent to all of these young people who feel that their identities are protected when they cover their faces.

  91. keesroma says:

    My initial comment may not be posted for being “insensitive.” So, let me re-state my suggestion as to how to deal with these six young predators and all those who emulate their gang lifestyle and activity: Locate, isolate, eliminate.

  92. Cicero says:

    Ah yes. Another group of “teens.”

  93. aubreyfarmer says:

    Everywhere in America where concealed carry laws are passed violent crime like this goes down. Over one million people each year successfully defend themselves from home invasion, robbery, car jacking and assault because they are armed. When criminals are faced with the challenge of confronting an armed civilian and don’t know whether or not other passerbys are armed they are much more hesitant about attacking someone. On the other hand if they are assured you are unarmed then all fear is removed. The easiest way to get tough on crime is to allow everyone to carry a firearm. The criminals are already carrying so why not level the playing field?

  94. SteveRhodes says:

    In the old west there were vigilante groups. Maybe its time for them to make a return….

    1. bonecrusher says:


  95. Lilly says:

    Diversity race doctrines are hate whitey doctrines for Blacks and Hispanics. The Democrats, the party of the KKK , just switched around their hate game for power. Stop supporting public schools! Get vouchers and wreck the racialist Teachers Unions. And Whites – leave Philly. They are treating you like second class citizens. They don’t care if you are racially attacked. They won’t even admit it. Turn it into Detroit.

  96. The Coming says:

    There are a few good ones. But sadly, there are far, far too many who are like these ones. And even the non-violent ones are generally fk’d in the head when it comes to the voting booth.

  97. nicadmeus says:

    Sorry azz MFer’s…

  98. Eric Jahnke says:

    This wouldn’t happen in Texas.

    Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

    Let the last one run away to tell the tale to the other hood rats.

  99. Looneytoonsindville says:

    Four white guys beating up a black guy in Houston are investigated by the FBI & accused of a “Hate Crime” but six black guys in Philly beat up a white guy and its simple assault. I guess the black guys didn’t call the white guy a name – or did they?

    1. truedat says:

      Welcome to Eric Holder’s Amizzashizzza

      1. Kevin says:

        Well played. Very well played….

  100. gooddayguy says:

    im sure eric holder will file charges against the white guy. the black kids did nothing which wasn’t expected of them.the white guy was trespassing in the hood.

    1. teachable says:

      The white guy was behaving stupidly. They will have to have a beer together so the white guy can apologize for making them feel bad.

    2. bumpkin says:

      Yes. Holder will likely have the victim prosecuted for hurting the knuckles of the poor attackers. Morons abound!

    3. Kevin says:

      I heard the white guy was practicing capitalism. He was getting coins in his tin cup, which was raising his wealth, relative to the stupid N’s… They heard from their massah, Obozo that all capitalists must be “dealt wiff”….

  101. letschangeback2012 says:

    no were in this story do they say that this is a hate crime…hmm..double standard…

    1. doug says:

      There is no double standard….. just “the standard”, which is an overwhelming black on white crime that is swept under the rug to not hurt the negroes “feelings”

  102. burnhim says:

    WELL, you all saw him being white, DIDN’T YOU?

  103. Bobo from Texas says:

    This is the Hope&Change! that you voted for.

  104. Miguel says:

    This damn system stole my lengthy comment just as I was about to post it! This system is no good!

  105. tymwltl says:

    If the 2012 election is not an absolute GOP lanslide then arm yourself to the teeth because the table has tipped !

    1. Waldo says:

      Amen and lock and load

    2. art says:

      You, Sir, are very correct about that.

  106. Jack Winters says:

    I just hope all you people remember this when you are called to serve on a jury, where some dirtball DA is attempting to railroad a man who was minding his own business, and killed some vermin like these.

    I will NEVER convict a person who shot or killed someone who attacked them. I don’t care carrying was “illegal”, and he was only attacked by one thug. The judge can stuff his instructions. Right is right.

    1. Southern Man says:

      I just wrote a comment about this, this is the soft spot in the Castle armor. It is said by professional 2nd amend right to carry attornies that to prove your innocence will cost at least $100,000.

      1. Mother Superiomr says:

        Yes. But you will STILL BE ALIVE.

    2. zactly says:

      That’s why we have juries and jury nullification, which they don’t like you to be aware of. It’s our protection against bigots in positions of power like Eric Holder.

    3. Jim Summers says:

      Jury nullification is the law in some states.
      II am with you.
      Never convict someone protecting themselves.

  107. DEF says:

    Asked who they supported for President…Unanimously they loved Obama!!! My words, not theirs…But I’ll bet if you truly asked them, they would say the same thing!!!

    1. Becca says:

      Some of these kids probably couldn’t even name the president, they’re so disconnected from the real world.

  108. Mimimama says:

    More and more our cities are populated by gangs of feral people, who breed indiscriminately, attack without mercy, feed off the weak and helpless and ravage their surroundings, destroying without thought of tomorrow.

    It is the right now society, and the loss of integrity of the family unit that has led to this wanton behaviour, that loss encouraged and supported by the very programs of the Great Society that Lyndon Johnson pushed through.

  109. Brad says:

    I encourage anyone with a carry permit to walk the streets in these places and bait this trash in to thinking your a victim. then shoot them down.
    After a few incidents like this, I’m sure these pack cowards will stay at home.

    Anyone who thinks this is over the top should go take an unarmed walk through these same hoods and then get back to me with your response.

    1. GB says:

      Great idea, but Philly does everything it can to prevent law-abiding people from carrying, hence the violence.

    2. kettlecorn says:

      Amen brother, and if you live in a state where you can’t get a CCP and vote for the Democrats, then you are getting just what you deserve.

    3. art says:

      Brad…you’re totally correct. Where’s Charles Bronson when we need him. this is a case where it makes me wonder what somebody from the real, old American west would do in an instance like this. those kids woulda got their heads torn off….and rightly so.

      1. heelers4me says:

        art -Boondock Saints, baby.

    4. Kevin says:

      Just watched a Bronson movie today, as a matter of fact….

  110. john says:

    wow, lets change the name of the “City of brotherly love” to “the city of random gangster violence”….Has anyone seen Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange?
    I think it is time to realize that post-Christian USA is going to be ugly. Get armed and get is coming to your neighborhood soon.

    1. Southern Man says:

      You are so right John. America has been a victim of an evil transformation that has been ongoing for some time now. It will not end well for anyone.

    2. Marchmoor says:

      Absolutely well said. If you are not effectively arming yourself and building your own close netwroked community of people who you trust and can defend each other then things are going to be grim. America is not going back to the days of the wild west it is going to be exponentially worse than that, partly because the state is supporting and encouraging the breeding of these ferals and does not want to deal with them.

  111. Bill Jones says:

    Change we can believe in! Where is Jesse Jackson,, and the other apologists????

    1. delionde says:

      Bill, jesses home counting his millions extorted from companies and the government. The race hating industry is very profitable for jesse and al and the other black races.

  112. Steve says:

    These “teens” and “youths” (AKA: Black Thugs) are never charged with hate crimes. WHY? Why do I keep asking this question? They single out whites and sometimes Asians to just hurt them badly. It’s complete resentment and hatred at its worst… Yet the truth does not fit in with the liberal agenda. Will we ever call a spade a spade and address the issue? It’s disgusting! Horrible people…

    1. Debbie says:

      I totally agree with your comment. In addition, we have a friend (who will go unnamed for his safety) who was convicted in federal court of manslaughter while on duty as a police officer (as he was defending himself and the police station he was guarding). Yes, our friend is white and the man who eventually died was black. And yes, our friend’s police partner for the day was a black police woman. This “star witness” submitted 3 versions of what happened that day and was never fired, charged with contempt, or reprimanded in any way. Also, our country’s federal Department of Justice allowed the prosecuters to hide the fact that this black woman cop lied at least 2 and probably 3 times from the defense attorneys! After all of this, our friend has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. He rots behind bars on civil rights violation charges while waiting out the appeal process, yet the black woman cop stays free (so she can engage in drunken hit and run activities). If only Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. could see the nightmare that has replaced his dream…

  113. muneshadowe says:

    If it was blacks attacking a white guy will the Just Us department file hate crime charges?
    I doubt it.

  114. Typical White Person says:

    CBS….stop lying. It was not a “random” attack. The victim, like tens of thousands of other victims annually, was chosen simply because of the colour of his skin. Will whites ever tire of simply being passive victims of violent predators and parasites? It seems unlikely.

    1. teaisstronger says:


      The police are not really going to waste their time on this case. Philadelphia has really become a ghost town. There are block after blocks of the city that are boarded up. Philadelphia is no longer any different than DC, Camden, Detroit or Chicago.

    2. yeah says:

      They never charge minorities with a hate crime. Even when they say they purposefully chose white victims. Remember the crazy guy on the bus in DC? not a hate crime. The gang that was killing white people in nice cars in Texas? not a hate crime. Gang initiations where they have to shoot a random white person from a car? not a a hate crime. That way they can use those statistics to prove it’s only white people who commit hate crimes. You see how that works? Oh, and you bet that conclusion will be peer reviewed and a consensus. Oh yeah, baby.

  115. buckeyebubba667 says:

    This proves that all human life isn’t precious. They need to be shot like the sewer rats that they are.

  116. big momma's house says:

    Urban America needs a serious culling of the minority animal herd who are perpetrating all this violence. When people get fed up and start blowing these rats away a la Bernie Goetz, things will improve.

    But of course their mommas will say they’re good boys, they ‘love Jesus’ and are victims of THE MAN.

    1. diggbe says:

      big mommas house, you forgot, dey was turnin deys life round,blubber blubber blubber.

  117. KoreaKid says:

    And if this man had snap the neck of crushed a wind-pipe of one of these fools the media would have been crying for the attackers that got what they deserved. It’s time for the attacked to start defending themselves with deadly force, one-on-one is fair, two or more on one is a deadly assault and deserves a deadly defense!

  118. bob says:

    Eric Holder’s people

    1. Kicker says:

      You are exactly right. It isn’t a race issue as much as an attitude issue. Holder has repeatedly and consistently shown that laws don’t apply to favored groups, and will be used to persecute those who are not in favor.

      Under Holder, we don’t have a Nation of Laws, we have a Nation of Cronies, Special Interests, and Elites who feel they are above the Law because they are friends of those in Power.

  119. Dr Nick says:

    Maybe we could do a Liberian Flyby: Fly over Liberia, push these cowards out of the emergency exit ten feet above the tarmac, fly home to pick up the next group of ghetto rats who’ve preyed on some unsuspecting white person.

    Now that’s a govt program to which I’d be willing to donate.

  120. SigSauer40 says:

    Do I need to even make a comment or does my username say it???

    1. C_Robinson says:

      Amen! If people would just stand up to their greedy ignorant politicians and realize that the right to defend yourself is as important as the SOPA bill then things like this will stop happening as good law abiding citizens fill the morgues with animals like this. The really sad thing is these kids probally get their a$$es pampered by unconcearned parents and dont even live in the hood.

    2. KoreaKid says:

      An armed society is a peaceful society!

  121. Gary Beauchamp says:

    Will this make CBS national news? I doubt it. Diversity is a wonderful thing eh?

  122. Bob says:

    He must not have the “Avoid the Ghetto” app.

  123. Sick to death says:

    Its amazing to me that the President refuses to lift a finger or even mention the black on white mob assalts taking place all over America today. I think he views doing that as a pro-republican move and therefore won’t say a peep about it. A much fewer number of white on black incidents in the south 4 decades got Presidential, media, and FBI attention. We whites are personna non grata.Write your dammed congressman people. We outnumber your race Mr.President, we put men on the moon and won 2 world wars don’t sell whitey short. And CBS, read the damm comments, report on the anger for God sakes.

  124. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    They need more food stamps and welfare they obviously aren’t getting their fair share of the free money and that makes them angry.

    1. muchmuchtoolate says:

      This is what 50 years of welfare has wrought. These animals value nothing, and will stop at nothing – even killing – to get bling or payback. This is all they have – violence. They are virtually unemployable and unfit to socialize with. May as well start up the Soylent Green machine and feed ’em in.

      1. Bill Smith says:

        When a virus invades otherwise healthy tissue, the white blood cells attack and kill the virus. It’s time for this virus to be eradicated.

  125. Climp Jones says:

    Domestic Travel Alert: Just another reason to avoid Philly.

    1. bobby catalp says:

      No! Janet Napolitano said that white men are the most dangerous. All white men must be subjected to the utmost scrutiny, not be given jobs, beaten by black men to keep them in place and forfeit all possessions to the next Obama campaign. Oh yeah, 10% must go to securing enough fried chicken and burritos to the people who really make this country great.

  126. Rick says:

    Liberal policies of taking God out of school (and out of everything else) along with convincing parents that spanking is bad, assisted with this behavior. Citizens of Philly should be able to get a concealed carry license and shoot mob attackers or other animals bent on mayhem. The city that spawned the Constitution should be able to let it’s citizens protect themselves with the 2nd Amendment.

    1. BlueStarMom says:

      Social Engineering brought to you by the Democrats and their destructive ideology!

      Thank you Lyndon Johnson!!!

  127. Spartacus says:

    @StanM: Take a walk in the hood and tell them you come in peace. I’m sure they won’t beat you to a pulp. @$$hole!

    1. Stan M says:

      I LIVE in the “hood,” Spartacus. Unlike some of you who probably have fled to some suburb where you have convinced yourself you are safe.

      The troublemakers are easy to identify, and sooner or later every one of them learns that I am not about to be prey for them.

  128. freddy won says:

    imagine if the colors were reversed—-i can guarantee you the goobermint would care then–

  129. thetruth says:

    To self-righteous Stan M: the hate fest started with six non-white punks attacking an elderly white man for no reason. There’s your hate fest. Now shut your mouth.

    1. Hater says:

      Stan can’t handle “thetruth”.

      1. Taylor42 says:

        Stan does make a point about the guy who came to his aid. I’m not sure how we effectively deal with the young feral thugs. Hang them? Maybe. But I can’t in good conscious say “it’s all blacks, cause it’s not. You bet it’s racial and a dirty war has been going on for a while with black on white assaults. Amazingly they’re never hate crimes and the perps are rarely described in the press.

    2. Stan M says:

      Nothing self-righteous about it, Mr. Truth. Just pointing out what you junior-grade klansmen seem ready to ignore.

      You guys who are ready to blame all black people for being “savages,” etcetera are throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Many people seem like they are ready to start open race warfare in this country. I have a flash for you: those six punks have a lot less to lose than you do, and they WILL prevail if you insist upon alienating the black people who can help with all your silly generalizations.

      Don’t tell me to “shut my mouth” unless you are prepared to enforce it.

      1. Stan M says:

        BTW, the guy is not “elderly.” He’s the same age I am.

  130. Mary says:

    The scourge of society. .

  131. HansJurgen says:

    Darwin’s Theory of Evolution proven once again – some of us still look and act like apes.

  132. David Christensen says:

    Bernard Goetz: Patron Saint of Justice in democrat controlled cities.

  133. Tired of HOODS says:

    Its time to start culling the feral animals. Open season.

  134. Patrick (Founders1791) says:

    I moved my business, and six families, from Pennsylvania to Florida over unfair taxes. Florida has no sales and use business taxes, no income taxes, no state stores. It was a smart decision.

    You know what else Florida has?
    (1) The Right to Carry law (1976)
    (2) The Castle Doctrine
    (3) The Do not Retreat Doctrine.

    What it means is summarized in the famous quote:
    “…God did not make all men equal…Colonel Colt did…”

    We have 1,875,000 people with a Permit to Carry a firearm. We (citizens) are immune from frivolous lawsuits by ‘deceased criminals’ that….ran into one of those 1.8 million ARMED CITIZENS.

    Freedom is not free folks. YOU MUST fight for it everyday. TELL your elected representatives to SUPPORT THE RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE…or VOTE WITH YOUR FEET.

    1. SigSauer40 says:

      Samuel Colt also commented, “Do not fear the man with many guns, fear the one who has several and can shoot them well.” FL has had a steadily declining violent crime rate since the statewide CWP was passed in 1987. Also, the Castle Doctrine includes the principle that a person that is legally in a place they have a right to be (car, house, street, business, eatery, etc) does not have the duty to retreat when they are threatened with death or great bodily harm.

  135. Puddin says:

    Of course, we dont have to guess what color the perps were:then the NAACP complains about the jails being full of young black males. What should be done is that these young punks should be executed as an example. Wanton violence can not be stopped until equal force in the opposite direction is applied.

    1. Gibbs Bentley says:


      Welcome to OmeriKa.

  136. Eric says:

    Now what does “Philadelphia” mean? Perhaps a name change to “Styx” would be in order.

  137. Patrick (Founders1791) says:

    I moved my business, and six families, from Pennsylvania to Florida over unfair taxes. Florida has no income tax. It was a smart decision.

    You know what else Florida has?
    (1) The Right to Carry law (1976)
    (2) The Castle Doctrine
    (3) The Do not Retreat Doctrine.

    What it means is summarized in the famous quote:said:
    “…God did make all men equal…Colonel Colt did…”

    We have 1,875,000 people with a Permit to Carry a firearm. We (citizens) are immune from frivolous lawsuits by ‘deceased criminals’ that….ran into one of those 1.8 million ARMED CITIZENS.

    Freedom is not free folks. YOU MUST fight for it everyday. TELL your elected representatives to SUPPORT THE RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE.

  138. SamIam says:

    Philly is Obama central and will attempt to steal the election and put Pennsylvania in the Obama column with vastly inflated total votes coming from Philly. Look for so many votes it approaches 100% of registered voters-all Obama votes. Whatever is needed to put him over the top.

  139. Bob X from Texas says:

    In Lubbock, Texas Thugs like these fear normal people because we are armed.
    The last time a Thug was shot, the police chief stated that the shooting would save Texas the cost of jailing the thug for life, a savings of over $30,000 per year. This is a good return on the investment of a 50 cent .45cal round.
    Thank you
    Bob X from Texas

    1. Jack says:

      LOL! You get a +1 from me Bob X.
      Folks take a page from Bob X’s book and help save the taxpayers’ money by exercising your 2nd Amendment rights.

  140. mameshki says:

    Reasons: This is the reason I carry a CHP (pronounced concealed Hand gun Permit). The other reason, I’d never go into one of these areas to start with and finally, if I did, they’d be six dead niiiiiiiiggs on the ground, I’d be in jail facing murder. Better dead then red or better red than dead? And we wonder why we have racial tension in this country. Anybody ever hear about a gang of white kids doing this to an elderly black man.

  141. smg45acp says:

    A man was on a walk with a friend when his friend noticed that he was carrying a concealed weapon.
    His friend asked what he was carrying.
    He showed his M1911A .45acp.
    His friend then asked him “what are you afraid of ?”.
    His response:
    “Not a damn thing”.

  142. chicagorefugee says:

    “Random” does not mean unplanned, it means without pattern. The word doesn’t quite seem to fit here no matter how many times they repeat it, now does it?

  143. Gerry says:

    White people should leave Philly entirely or start carrying guns, either legally or illegally. I would not live there, I would just let it turn into a lost city of racial minority trash preying upon each other. Remove the historical items from Philly and let the rest of the city Fuc$ itself.

    1. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      Dimos wasting our taxes to create more dimorats have turned our once proud cities into a one-sided battlefield.

    2. Tea Party member says:

      Just watch the old Kurt Russel movie ‘Escape from New York’
      and you will get a sense of what is to come for all large
      mainly northern metropolitan cities . Especially Philadelphia.
      The city which was known as the ‘City of Brotherly love’.
      Now more commonly known as ‘Kilidelphia’.

  144. Mike G says:

    Just another group of Obama supporters acting like animals. Expect this type of behavior to continue to increase if the Fuhrer Obama is re-elected. Then it will be open season on decent people by Obama supporting thugs like this.

  145. Go Figure says:

    Thanks for publishing my mild mannerd comments.

    I didn’t see either attempt go thru.

    Lookit all the wild comments you DID publish.

  146. Obama012 says:

    i like the tough talking references to “animals”, but in typical liberal fashion, then one finds this, “McClay said that four of the six suspects have been identified, but that some may have only been witnesses–not participants.” So much for tough talk.

    1. BlueStarMom says:

      To witness it and NOT stop it would make you just as disgusting.

    2. Nobama 012 says:

      They all seem to think it was funny though. FU and your little Obama too.

  147. Pat says:

    So what are we going to do about this? It has to be WE, no one else is doing anything or having any success!

  148. David says:

    Please learn from this. Always be aware of what is behind you. Especially if you see thugs like this walk past you. If he would have been more aware, he most likely could have defended himself much better.

    1. BlueStarMom says:

      Quit making excuses!! On second thought perhaps IF he had a .45 he most likely could have defended himself and saved us all a lot of future grief!!!

      1. jupiterfl says:

        We’re about to send my stepson to college in Philly next September…he’s a nerdy white kid who was accepted into a music conservatory on an Oboe scholarship…….he carries his six thousand dollar, french made oboe with him everywhere, and hopes to one day join a symphony!! this article terrifies me!!!!

      2. big_taters says:

        JUPITERFL – DO NOT send him to philly, seriously.

    2. boomer says:

      Defended himself better? Not without a 45 and plenty of ammo.

    3. Hangem says:

      @David… So in your mind, it’s the victims fault. Without a doubt, you are an Obama voter. And oh yea… FU!!!

    4. Scarbender says:


    5. David is an Idiot says:

      Idiot. They attacked him from behind.

  149. katara says: This is an article I read that reminded me of this situation, from what I read I believe that this is the same thing ‘knockout king’ or ‘knockout’. Not targeted, but who knows. I would like to see more of what comes of this. I hope this gentleman is okay.

  150. get says:

    I think the citizens of filthadephia need to take a page from the bernie goetz play book by purchasing some saturday night special throwaways. everytime the animals act up like this the cops should just find some well shot up corpses and a pistol wiped clean lying on the floor. the black community is big on “stop snitching” as a mind set,the working people who support these under evolved slime dwellers need to learn to look the other way when an actual citizen has to cull a few animals from the herd. when the cops show up just say he ran that way and point oposite the way he really went after performing a duty of true community service.

    1. Gerry says:

      White people being used as “prey” for this aggressive minority trash should wear hoodies and masks in public also, so when they have to shoot somebody’s minority ass the cameras don’t catch them fighting back for the rights they should have in the first place!! Shoot some useless N-word on camera it is still best not to be identified.

      1. StanM says:

        The victim was rescued by a good samaritan who also happened to be black. But let’s not let that inconvenient fact get in the way of our little white supremacist hate-fest.

  151. Woody says:

    Fry their mothers and make them watch – then fry them.

  152. Vidio says:

    Which pixel is Ed?

  153. David Christensen says:

    God Bless Bernard Goetz.

  154. Thinking Long Term says:

    Philadelphia needs to invite men like Nicky Cruz to come to that city and evangelize the lost youth of the streets…

  155. John Blasnowski says:

    This is terrorism. It is intentional violence against a group of people designed to cause them to behave in a different manner – namely to avoid freedom of movement.
    The FACT that governments and Homeland In-Security ignores this should waken everyone up to the need to shut down the unnecessary DHS and TSA (who allowed a woman with a loaded revolver to board a plane).
    The FACT that these attacks happen across state lines SHOULD bring the FBI in to find the common denominator and shut it down…but they refuse to get involved.
    People in Philthy need to contact the governor (Tom Corbett) and ask him why he is not considering bringing troops home from Afghanistan and post them throughout Philadelphia declaring martial law. The military (National Guard) must take over (under the Commonwealth’s Governor’s authority) and given authority to act (lethal force if necessary) until the local government can prove some kind of competency.

    1. Lon Heldridge says:

      These street primates will pick the wrong guy to F with, then they’ll be dead… and we’ll all dance with a smile. No major loss.
      I’d rather have them dead, me alive on a civil trial with weapons charges, than be beaten to within an inch of death.

      “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”
      H.L. Menken

    2. You got it right says:

      I think it will take 6 of them being killed during an assault to create a media sensation once and for all. We of course will see blacks rally to the thugs(which is really lower than demonic). But until someone fights back, no big deal.
      Blacks are a protected class by our federal govt(good reason to secede)

  156. James says:

    Randomly attacked by a thugpack.

    1. bikertrash says:

      It’s only obama’s “civilian security force” and Holder’s “people” holding training excercises.

      1. Johan says:

        Please cite your source?

  157. retgrd says:

    Decades of entitlements breaking up families by rewarding pregnancies and remaining single from mid/late teens with housing, welfare and food stamps with automatic and even encouraged signup of continued entitlements for upcoming generation was the start. This provided a “grateful” voter base for more promises. It was further learned that these people properly groomed “created” jobs across the judicial system from more police, to more courts, to more jails, to more probation, parole and social workers. The politicos and “community activists/leaders” found financial rewards thru contracts and subsidy disbursement in housing to education. Now fostered, is the influx of financially backed and highly organized groups of “illegals” to rejuvenate the domestic street gangs to new endeavors. The politicos are counting on the increased and dedicated voting base as well as questionable money making opportunities

  158. don says:

    I fled from Philadelphia in the 70″s, I thought then, maybe the city would get better in a few years.
    I am surprised that there are Whites still living in Philadelphia.
    This is a time of lawlwssness!

    Get well Mr. Vet

  159. Concerned Mom of 5 says:

    Fry these lowlife punks. Clean up our streets. This is what comes of a country led by a community organizer.

    1. Mike says:

      It is time we form an organization that puts a bounty on the heads of people like this and whites come together as a community to sponsor it. The gov’t will not do anything about this and it is time we take things into our own hands.

      1. Ben says:

        Do it! Quit just talking about it.

  160. chesterli says:

    Bring back Segregation…

    1. Sick Of Them says:

      Segregation hell …. round up ALL these worthless violent low-IQ subhuman animals at gunpoint and ship them back to Africa.

      1. danni says:


  161. Irony for sure says:

    It’s a good thing all those men died in the Civil War. Free at last, free at last. I betcha this dudes grandpa fought to free those pavement apes’ granpappies. Kinda silly ain’t it.

  162. Sandy Daniels says:

    If the victim had been black, Hispanic, gay, middle eastern, Asian, a transvestite, a white Muslim, or any other kind of minority the FBI, state police and all other law enforcement would be under tremendous pressure to catch these animals charge them with hate crimes and put em in prison for life. As it is I will be surprised if the victim isn’t charged with a hate crime for attempting to defend himself. IF these animals ARE caught I bet the present administration pardon’s them. After all, kids today have no respect for their betters or our honored veterans. ESPECIALLY an ordinary guy (non minority)

  163. Brian says:

    Huh, they missed MLK day by one. I guess they didn’t have any luck preying on whitey on Monday.

    1. Hater says:

      I think they interpret “We shall overcome” as “Kill Whitey”.

  164. Big Daddy says:

    Well at least they’ll finally get to meet their biological fathers…….in Jail!

    1. briianbi says:


  165. Berry says:

    And this is why you carry a GUN !

  166. Apocalypto says:

    “Escape from Philadelphia” Yet another story coming out of your wonderful city. Philly clean up your house or perhaps a “Surge” or “Shock n Awe” campaign will be in order. I’m getting tired of hearing about the crime in Philly and Chicago for that matter.

  167. guest says:

    Perhaps some of us younger vets should offer them a lesson in comradeship, humility, and respect for their fellow citizens.

    1. changomango says:

      The Obama administration would prosecute them.

  168. Florian Royack says:

    This should be treated as a hate crime.

    of course our US atty Gen Holder would see no problem with this and say it was the white mans fault and not prosecute just as he did with the black panthers in the 2008 election

    1. great call says:

      There is 100 times more crimes on white people since the blacks took office. Fact!

      1. JimmyJohn says:

        Wow! Is that true? It must be since you punctuated your statement with “Fact!”. It seems like a strange coincidence that the exact growth in crime against whites is 100x….not 105.7 or 97.2…..but a nice, clean, exact 100 times. Very interesting.

        Can you cite a source for that data? We would all love to see it.

        Thank you.

  169. Charles Donaldson says:


  170. Austin Milbarge says:

    If this Veteran wasn’t carrying a gun he should at least carry something shiny and a piece of fruit,,,,That way he distract them long enough to get away!!

  171. geo says:

    gotta love the apologist commentary…well these kids have no hope so that thats why they do this.

    1. mapache says:

      They have no hope because they are lazy, listless, ner-do-wells whose absentee fathers did not teach them how to be a man… they are just friggin’ losers, who if they encountered some real opposition would pee their pants and cry for their mommys.

  172. dbeall says:

    it’s aggravating when time after time after time black males commit these kinds of crimes and then have the audacity to complain when it’s pointed out that there is a severe cultural problem within the black community.

  173. Tina says:

    One is bad enough, but to find at least 5 people who think it’s acceptable to do this to another person is astonishing. I have taught my children since day one that it is NEVER acceptable to lay their hands on another unless protecting themselves. And if one of my kids ever did this to another, I’d have to wonder, as a parent, where I went wrong.

  174. GarandFan says:

    That’s a shame. I grew up 5 blocks away from there when I lived there in the 1950’s. Place has definitely gone down hill.

  175. whyevennotice says:

    Just liberals supporting our troops again. Nothing to see here.

    1. GlocKittyXe says:


  176. david says:

    is michael nutter improving philadephia?

    1. nuttering says:


  177. Ricardo Galvan says:

    Looks like we’re living in the age of A Clockwork Orange now.

  178. Mike .40 on his side says:

    What if a 1000 permit carrying, gun wearing old men showed up and just started walking around these cities randomly……

    1. BlueStarMom says:

      2 yrs. ago, two black males approached and tried to rob a young white male in the parking lot of a grocery store near where I live…..only 1 of the two lived to tell about it.

  179. Sonny Crockett says:

    Disgusting animals. Funny how you can legally carry a gun in PA but you can’t in Philly. Where is 90% of the crime in PA? It’s not Altoona! Stupid leftist ideology has destroyed America’s cities.

  180. JDubs in Miami says:

    We should bring back public hanging.

  181. Dennis D says:

    I bet there are no hate crimes charges.

  182. ABT4U says:

    There will come a time when these types of thugs will choose a ‘victim’ who is legally carrying a gun. The end result will be several dead minorites and a defendent who will be a poster child for this so called “racism” that resulted in the deaths of several young adults who were ‘turning their lives around” and also were “good kids”. .

    I hope all of you on here will contribute to this future person’s defense fund. I’m sure that thugs will think twice once someone defends themselves with lethat force but also receives the backing/support of society and not be made into the criminal.

    1. Tickyul Horrific says:

      Yep, you are right on.

      I cannot wait, bang, bang, bang…….then the liberals will twist themselves into knots over the death of the saintly Urban American Yutes.

  183. goofus says:

    he shoulda checked the new “avoid the ghetto” app

    1. ABT4U says:

      The app would have said “Avoid Philadelphia”.

  184. cluelessinky says:

    I think I saw a clue during the beat down. One of the young fellows dropped his calculus text book. I suggest that the investigators open the book and see who signed it out of the library, and then visit the lad

  185. JapesMacFarland says:

    Ever since the Left has taken the Christianity out of them, there’s not much hope for the black community. They’ve been told that they’re owed since the day the were born, by the Left, on a daily basis. You’d be messed up, too. Race has nothing to do with it. The Left capitalizes on compassion.
    Or, why do you think Cuban Americans aren’t considered as a minority? Why? They don’t vote Democrat.

  186. dabulls says:

    Didn’t even need to read the article or see the video to know they were blacks that did it!….Sad and pathetic…but that’s reality folks!

  187. bikertrash says:

    Somewhere in Philthydelphia is another “Paul Kersey” who is probably getting very close to having just about enough of this kind of behavior.If and when he ever emerges they should just let him go because he will probably do a much better job of picking up the garbage than the city will

    1. Paul Kersey says:

      Let’s hope so.


        Welcome to our

  188. CL says:

    Guns are good

    1. Paul Kersey says:

      Yes they are!

  189. Earl P. Holt III says:

    If you are white and do not carry concealed after this, you deserve what you get…

    1. sean patriot says:

      I couldn’t agree more

  190. JimInMT says:

    Cowards always work in mob – witness Congress and the hundreds working for the President….

    1. giglio says:

      Spot on

  191. JimInMT says:

    Arrest them, line them up agaist a wall, and shoot them.

  192. Effing Gars says:

    …and then the NAACP Fumes Over ‘Avoid Ghetto’ App…

    1. JByrd42 says:

      NAACP is a big part of the problem. And they know it.

  193. dfykke says:

    I knew what they looked like before seeing the photo. The hoodies are a nice touch.

  194. travis111 says:

    Philly just like Detroit, etc. is a zoo, literally. Animals roaming the terrain devouring each other.

    1. Forest says:

      Safari, anyone? Makes for a great tourist attraction if you look at it that way.

  195. Craven Morehead says:

    Poor guy. If only he’d had a Windows phone and the Avoid Ghetto app.

  196. Craven Morehead says:

    I was stunned to see that this was a group of black youths as I fully expected to see middle class white kids committing this heinous act. Well. I am sure the victim provoked them in some way as black people simply do not engage in such violent behaviour. Despite being held down by the oppressive white majority for hundreds of years, they have risen to great hights in our society and we should applaud their accomplishments. Just imagine how much more advanced our country would be had we not enslaved and oppressed them through the centuries. Just look at the great successes of black African nations, such as Somalia, Sudan, and Nigeria and the incredible technological advances. Indeed, only the absence of racism has alllowed them such grandiose achievements and the USA would be light years ahead of where we are now if we had allowed more blacks into the fields of science, medicine and the arts.

    Nay, this white veteran most assuredly deserved the beating he received, Why else would such fine young men do such a thing?

    1. Neil says:

      I’m sure you were overwhelmed with joy when our current president was elected.

      1. DaPower says:

        …and will be jumping up with extacy when he is defeated!!!

      2. Edmund Burke says:

        Neil. Was your comment tongue in cheek, or do you not understand sarcasm?

    2. gooddayguy says:

      just as soon as he gets out of the hospital he will be charged with assulting the nice young men that we see on camera.

    3. thetruth says:

      Your sarcasm is noted and appreciated – bravo!

    4. Blanca says:

      Kudos on your most excellent use of sarcasm…

    5. aubreyfarmer says:

      A lot of those that read your comment aren’t smart enough to see that you comment was tongue in cheek?

  197. mike gaydos says:

    At 60 years of age, I was punched in the face by a young black thug on a city bus – twice. I moved to Erie and never looked back.

    1. Neil says:

      Probably a very smart move on your part. The cities are becoming like large prisons.

  198. robert m. simon says:

    We refuse to accept the reality that there is a serious culture problem in America.There are simply too many minorities that think they can victimize not only their own but others as well….

  199. ARRTG says:

    I grew up near that street in the 1980’s. you could see the creeping zone of crime and destruction then. philly has a cancer in it and it spreads wider each year. NO MORAL CENTER AT ALL IN THESE PEOPLE.

    1. Scott says:

      Secularism will do that to a nation. Thus, the fall of Rome and, believe it, America is next! Everyone doing what’s right in “their own” eyes. The worst is coming.

      1. Ted Pikul says:

        You mean the fall of Rome, the empire that had adopted Christianity as a state religion?

  200. Rey says:

    Oh, and this will happen more and more (civil unrest) as Obama has done nothing to get the people jobs. This is nothing compared to what’s coming. Better stockpille your weapons cause you’re gonna need them to ward off the droves of people coming for your things!

    1. BlueStarMom says:

      This plague is nothing a job would cure….it is a lack of humanity and decency…that comes from the home and those around you.

      These are like packs of rabid animals……they are beyond repair.

      1. JByrd42 says:

        Agreed. These pieces of garbage A) don’t want honest pay for a hard days work B) love sucking of the teet of society. This is how they are raised. Absolute filthy animals. I never thought I would say this about a whole group of inner city people. Oh,well. The truth will set you free.

  201. Sig Sauer says:

    God forbid that the people of Philly be permitted to carry a firearm.

    1. Neil says:

      They are allowed provided you obtain a permit, which is not difficult in PA.

      1. mac says:

        not in Philly. I believe they have city laws that make it practically impossible to obtain a permit! I know NYC does it that way!

      2. mac says:

        I looked up a reference to Philly and it says if your CCW in Pa. you are ok in Philly as well! Although so far that comment

    2. Marc says:

      Their mothers should be neutered.

  202. Gary N. says:

    These thugs and hoodlums won’t be left standing if CCW is allowed.

    What happened to Bernard Goetz in 1984 in a New York subway was a great example that CCW neutralizes the pack of thugs preying on the unsuspected.

  203. ed says:

    Death penalty for each one of them, no trial either. When they are caught take them out back and shoot them each in the head while their parents are forced to watch. Then, put their parents in jail for 20 years mandatory hard labor, no parole. Do this a few more times and I bet this bulls**t would stop real quick. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    1. John_B says:

      I think that a unceremonious execution may be a little harsh. Perhaps a full frontal lobotomy would work out better though, let them find their own drool cup. You can put them right batch out on the streets that they came from as a harbinger of things to come to the rest of the “thugs” in the community.

      1. porchhound says:

        You think you could tell a difference in these ghetto monkeys if they had a frontal lobotomy….

    2. anarchyst says:

      The death penalty is too kind (and easy) for this human garbage. A better punishment is permanent paralysis by lead . . . let’s see how much trouble these animals could get into from wheelchairs. Oh, no benefits for criminals whose paralysis is caused by their (armed) “victims”.

  204. Neil says:

    If more people were packing heat, this would happen much less often. It’s not difficult to get a permit to carry a concealed firearm in PA.

  205. Virtual Vigilante says:

    If located, the suspects should be shot on sight.

    The initial shots will preferably below their waists and working your way upward with at least 20 seconds in between rounds.

    Allow the suspects adequate time to plead for their lives before defending yourself with fatal finality.

  206. Obama says:

    God Damned animals.

  207. Ken Puck says:

    Any white person abroad anywhere in Philadelphia at dusk or after dark has a death wish. The city is overrun by vicious rodents, and they bite withour provocation.

  208. Semper Fi 2 says:

    Is this the freedom that our hero’s fight for? Is so it needs to be revoked and now! As a fellow Vietnam vet I am appalled and angered. Perhaps what they need is to be sent the rugged terrain of Afghanistan without a weapon or troops to support them. It would be the same opportunity they gave this defenseless vet. They do not belong in civilized society.

    1. a grateful mom says:

      Agreed, and thank you for your service to our country!

  209. BillH says:

    Nothing but cowards with no souls. One on one they would run from a 60year old.

  210. Darryn James says:

    this wasnt a random attack. it was a white male walking down the street being jumped by 6 black males, this is common in philly and other big cities. its payback for blacks being slaves. it will happen more and more often as whites become the minority. i wouldnt be surprised if they start lynching whites or put us in slavery.

    1. WOW says:

      Whites are the minority in Philadelphia.

    2. James says:

      None of these dudes was ever a slave. And I never owned a slave. That was other people, in another time, and you can’t justify, or explain, this kind of behavior adequately using that logic.

    3. Dyler turden says:

      Slavery is likely the best thing to ever happen to these kids. No excuse there…

  211. Boopdeedoo says:

    Who raises these animals??

    1. Ed says:


    2. pyramid says:

      You and I raise these animals. In California we pay our young girls to have babies out of wedlock. It’s an accepted career choice. The more babies, the more income with disincentives to get married or identify the baby daddys.

      We reap what we sow.

    3. Lon Heldridge says:

      any sap like me that pays taxes….

  212. Leigh says:

    This disgusts me. Total f***n pigs

  213. Marty says:

    These teens need to be charged with hate crimes!!!

    1. noname says:

      yes they do. but will anybody dare point out that the targets are singled out because they are a different race than the attackers.

  214. KID GRR says:


    1. BlueStarMom says:

      Not before they breed.

      1. I'm lu bbing it says:

        They already have. Count on it.

    2. Tickyul Horrific says:

      Yeah, after they knocked up 20 baby momma and put at least that many spawn of satan into the oven.

  215. jayro says:

    make the parents pay

    1. esuoh1 says:

      you actually think these animals know where or even who their parents are?

  216. Big Daddy says:

    Where’s Al and Jessie on this one????

    1. slippery jack says:

      they will probably blame the victim

    2. LAstud says:

      Yeah where are Obammy and Holder on this one. Where’s the hate crime?
      These youffs should get life in jail, if not execution for attempted murder of an elderly man.


      1. D Sarnoff Farnsworth says:


        It would have been aired every 5 minutes for 48 hours on all of the broadcast and cable news networks interspersed with Jesse, Al, Louis and Maxine screaming “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!” while looters and gang bangers loot and burn down the businesses owned by law-abiding citizens of color.

        OK, I’m exaggerating. They’d go back to regular programming after 36 hours.

    3. Joe E in the iE says:

      Patience, Big Daddy, patience.

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