Vietnam Vet Randomly Attacked By Teens On Olney Street

By Hadas Kuznits and Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Vietnam veteran who lost his eye while serving his country was violently beaten during a random attack by a group of teens on a Philadelphia street earlier this week.

The attack happened shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday in the 5000 block of N. 5th Street in the city’s Olney section.

“These animals are specializing on our elderly people out here and a gentleman who served our country,” Lt. George McClay said.

According to investigators, 64-year-old Edward Schaefer was walking to meet his wife at the bus stop when he was approached from behind by six males.

McClay said one of the suspects began the violent attack and the others joined in on the random beating.

Watch The Video (Courtesy: Philadelphia Police Department)

The suspects then fled the scene on foot after police say a good Samaritan came to the victim’s rescue.

“He fell and that’s when I came across the street. When they saw me, that’s when they scattered,” said Donald Jones. “He was trying to talk and I said, ‘No, stay there. I got you.'”

Schaefer was rushed to Albert Einstein Medical Center with fractured skull and severe injuries to his face and hand.

“I’m disgusted by this whole thing,” McClay said. “I’m surprised he survived.”

McClay said “one more shot the wrong way” and this could have been a homicide investigation.

The suspects are described as six black and Hispanic males, between the ages of 16 to 18. Authorities say all of the suspects have been identified. Once they have been apprehended, they could be charged with attempted murder.

The Fraternal Order of Police is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

Anyone with information is urged to call 215-686-TIPS (8477) or 215-686-3353/54.

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  • Effing Gars

    …and then the NAACP Fumes Over ‘Avoid Ghetto’ App…

    • JByrd42

      NAACP is a big part of the problem. And they know it.

  • dfykke

    I knew what they looked like before seeing the photo. The hoodies are a nice touch.

  • travis111

    Philly just like Detroit, etc. is a zoo, literally. Animals roaming the terrain devouring each other.

    • Forest

      Safari, anyone? Makes for a great tourist attraction if you look at it that way.

  • Craven Morehead

    Poor guy. If only he’d had a Windows phone and the Avoid Ghetto app.

  • Craven Morehead

    I was stunned to see that this was a group of black youths as I fully expected to see middle class white kids committing this heinous act. Well. I am sure the victim provoked them in some way as black people simply do not engage in such violent behaviour. Despite being held down by the oppressive white majority for hundreds of years, they have risen to great hights in our society and we should applaud their accomplishments. Just imagine how much more advanced our country would be had we not enslaved and oppressed them through the centuries. Just look at the great successes of black African nations, such as Somalia, Sudan, and Nigeria and the incredible technological advances. Indeed, only the absence of racism has alllowed them such grandiose achievements and the USA would be light years ahead of where we are now if we had allowed more blacks into the fields of science, medicine and the arts.

    Nay, this white veteran most assuredly deserved the beating he received, Why else would such fine young men do such a thing?

    • gooddayguy

      just as soon as he gets out of the hospital he will be charged with assulting the nice young men that we see on camera.

    • Neil

      I’m sure you were overwhelmed with joy when our current president was elected.

      • Edmund Burke

        Neil. Was your comment tongue in cheek, or do you not understand sarcasm?

      • DaPower

        …and will be jumping up with extacy when he is defeated!!!

    • thetruth

      Your sarcasm is noted and appreciated – bravo!

    • Blanca

      Kudos on your most excellent use of sarcasm…

    • aubreyfarmer

      A lot of those that read your comment aren’t smart enough to see that you comment was tongue in cheek?

  • mike gaydos

    At 60 years of age, I was punched in the face by a young black thug on a city bus – twice. I moved to Erie and never looked back.

    • Neil

      Probably a very smart move on your part. The cities are becoming like large prisons.

  • robert m. simon

    We refuse to accept the reality that there is a serious culture problem in America.There are simply too many minorities that think they can victimize not only their own but others as well….


    I grew up near that street in the 1980’s. you could see the creeping zone of crime and destruction then. philly has a cancer in it and it spreads wider each year. NO MORAL CENTER AT ALL IN THESE PEOPLE.

    • Scott

      Secularism will do that to a nation. Thus, the fall of Rome and, believe it, America is next! Everyone doing what’s right in “their own” eyes. The worst is coming.

      • Ted Pikul

        You mean the fall of Rome, the empire that had adopted Christianity as a state religion?

  • Rey

    Oh, and this will happen more and more (civil unrest) as Obama has done nothing to get the people jobs. This is nothing compared to what’s coming. Better stockpille your weapons cause you’re gonna need them to ward off the droves of people coming for your things!

    • BlueStarMom

      This plague is nothing a job would cure….it is a lack of humanity and decency…that comes from the home and those around you.

      These are like packs of rabid animals……they are beyond repair.

      • JByrd42

        Agreed. These pieces of garbage A) don’t want honest pay for a hard days work B) love sucking of the teet of society. This is how they are raised. Absolute filthy animals. I never thought I would say this about a whole group of inner city people. Oh,well. The truth will set you free.

  • Sig Sauer

    God forbid that the people of Philly be permitted to carry a firearm.

    • Neil

      They are allowed provided you obtain a permit, which is not difficult in PA.

      • mac

        not in Philly. I believe they have city laws that make it practically impossible to obtain a permit! I know NYC does it that way!

      • mac

        I looked up a reference to Philly and it says if your CCW in Pa. you are ok in Philly as well! Although so far that comment

    • Marc

      Their mothers should be neutered.

  • Gary N.

    These thugs and hoodlums won’t be left standing if CCW is allowed.

    What happened to Bernard Goetz in 1984 in a New York subway was a great example that CCW neutralizes the pack of thugs preying on the unsuspected.

  • ed

    Death penalty for each one of them, no trial either. When they are caught take them out back and shoot them each in the head while their parents are forced to watch. Then, put their parents in jail for 20 years mandatory hard labor, no parole. Do this a few more times and I bet this bulls**t would stop real quick. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    • anarchyst

      The death penalty is too kind (and easy) for this human garbage. A better punishment is permanent paralysis by lead . . . let’s see how much trouble these animals could get into from wheelchairs. Oh, no benefits for criminals whose paralysis is caused by their (armed) “victims”.

    • John_B

      I think that a unceremonious execution may be a little harsh. Perhaps a full frontal lobotomy would work out better though, let them find their own drool cup. You can put them right batch out on the streets that they came from as a harbinger of things to come to the rest of the “thugs” in the community.

      • porchhound

        You think you could tell a difference in these ghetto monkeys if they had a frontal lobotomy….

  • Neil

    If more people were packing heat, this would happen much less often. It’s not difficult to get a permit to carry a concealed firearm in PA.

  • Virtual Vigilante

    If located, the suspects should be shot on sight.

    The initial shots will preferably below their waists and working your way upward with at least 20 seconds in between rounds.

    Allow the suspects adequate time to plead for their lives before defending yourself with fatal finality.

  • Obama

    God Damned animals.

  • Ken Puck

    Any white person abroad anywhere in Philadelphia at dusk or after dark has a death wish. The city is overrun by vicious rodents, and they bite withour provocation.

  • Semper Fi 2

    Is this the freedom that our hero’s fight for? Is so it needs to be revoked and now! As a fellow Vietnam vet I am appalled and angered. Perhaps what they need is to be sent the rugged terrain of Afghanistan without a weapon or troops to support them. It would be the same opportunity they gave this defenseless vet. They do not belong in civilized society.

    • a grateful mom

      Agreed, and thank you for your service to our country!

  • BillH

    Nothing but cowards with no souls. One on one they would run from a 60year old.

  • Darryn James

    this wasnt a random attack. it was a white male walking down the street being jumped by 6 black males, this is common in philly and other big cities. its payback for blacks being slaves. it will happen more and more often as whites become the minority. i wouldnt be surprised if they start lynching whites or put us in slavery.

    • WOW

      Whites are the minority in Philadelphia.

    • James

      None of these dudes was ever a slave. And I never owned a slave. That was other people, in another time, and you can’t justify, or explain, this kind of behavior adequately using that logic.

    • Dyler turden

      Slavery is likely the best thing to ever happen to these kids. No excuse there…

  • Boopdeedoo

    Who raises these animals??

    • pyramid

      You and I raise these animals. In California we pay our young girls to have babies out of wedlock. It’s an accepted career choice. The more babies, the more income with disincentives to get married or identify the baby daddys.

      We reap what we sow.

    • Lon Heldridge

      any sap like me that pays taxes….

    • Ed


  • Leigh

    This disgusts me. Total f***n pigs

  • Marty

    These teens need to be charged with hate crimes!!!

    • noname

      yes they do. but will anybody dare point out that the targets are singled out because they are a different race than the attackers.



    • Tickyul Horrific

      Yeah, after they knocked up 20 baby momma and put at least that many spawn of satan into the oven.

    • BlueStarMom

      Not before they breed.

      • I'm lu bbing it

        They already have. Count on it.

  • jayro

    make the parents pay

    • esuoh1

      you actually think these animals know where or even who their parents are?

  • Big Daddy

    Where’s Al and Jessie on this one????

    • slippery jack

      they will probably blame the victim

    • LAstud

      Yeah where are Obammy and Holder on this one. Where’s the hate crime?
      These youffs should get life in jail, if not execution for attempted murder of an elderly man.


      • D Sarnoff Farnsworth


        It would have been aired every 5 minutes for 48 hours on all of the broadcast and cable news networks interspersed with Jesse, Al, Louis and Maxine screaming “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!” while looters and gang bangers loot and burn down the businesses owned by law-abiding citizens of color.

        OK, I’m exaggerating. They’d go back to regular programming after 36 hours.

    • Joe E in the iE

      Patience, Big Daddy, patience.

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