Police Continue To Investigate Fatal Old City Beating, Mayor Nutter Offers Condolences

By Mike Dunn and Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Three suspects got out of a car and beat a young man to death, but the driver stayed in the car. He never got out and he didn’t participate in the fight. That is the man Philadelphia police want to track down.

The horrific beating death of 23-year-old Kevin Kless caught the attention of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

Nutter spoke with the grieving mother of the murdered Temple University graduate, who was beaten to death this weekend during a late night attack in Old City.

An emotional Mayor Nutter said he had “a very heartfelt” phone conversation with Kendall Kless in upstate New York, in which he expressed his condolences for the beating death of her son.

At a Martin Luther King event on Monday, Nutter said he and police would do everything they can to track down the killers of the 2010 Temple University graduate.

“I called his mother four hours ago and I said to her ‘there’s nothing I can really say to you, what can I say? That we’re deeply sorry, that we’re in pain and we’re suffering, but yours is worse.’”

It was 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning when the beating occurred on the steps of the historic Second Bank of the United States near 4th and Chestnut Streets. Kless, his girlfriend and another woman left Lucy’s bar on Market Street and headed to Chestnut Street to hail a cab. (see related stories).

Police and Kevin’s dad, John Kless, believe people must have seen the beating.

“I need anybody that was in the area at the time to please call police,” he told Eyewitness News. “I’m completely numb. I can’t say another word, I can’t cry anymore.”

At some point, police believe Kless yelled at a cabbie for having his cab light on while driving with passengers, that’s when three men in a car near the cab got out, possibly believing kless was yelling at them.

“As the decedent walked off, three of the four males in this vehicle got out and viscously and unprovoked brutally attacked him,” said Philadelphia Police Capt. James Clark.

Kless was rushed to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where he died Saturday night.

The City of Philadelphia is offering a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspects responsible for the murder of Kevin Kless.

car description Police Continue To Investigate Fatal Old City Beating, Mayor Nutter Offers Condolences

Car Description

For the driver who stayed in the car, police contend, if he comes forward, prosecutors may be willing to work a deal with him, but if he doesn’t he will face the same charges as everyone else.

Philadelphia police investigators have released the following descriptions of the suspects:

Suspect #1: Middle-Eastern male, 20 years-of-age, 5-10″, thin build, wearing a white shirt with blue stripes.

Suspect #2: Middle-Eastern male, 20 years-of-age, 6’0″, medium build, with a maroon shirt.

Suspect #3: Middle Eastern male, 6’2, no further information.

Suspect #4: Middle Eastern male, no further information.

Police are looking at surveillance video in the area.

The car is described as a sedan, possibly maroon in color.

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One Comment

  1. clash715 says:

    I love so called minorities. They offer so much diversity, death, destruction, crime, and hate.

    Yay “tolerance”.

    White gentiles need to read the book “Culture of Critique” by professor Kevin MacDonald to find out why the west is doomed to more of this nonsense.

  2. SP says:

    If a gun was used in this murder Nutter would be all over the news screaming for more gun control. All he, and his cohort Rendell, know how to do is blame guns insread of the thugs. Since guns weren’t involved in this crime Nutter is very, very quiet!!!

  3. Richard Carpenter says:

    “For the driver who stayed in the car, police contend, if he comes forward, prosecutors may be willing to work a deal with him…”
    Are lawyers and cops utterly self-absorbed? WHY would the driver rat out his friends if prosecutors “may” be willing to work a deal with him? Do they want to solve the case or not? Right now law enforcement has zero evidence against the driver, not even a description. Better to let the driver go and get the three who actually beat the victim than let all four go free.

  4. hadenough says:

    I would be interested in knowing the Nationality of the cab driver!

    It’s past time we return to Ellis Island, where immigrants were checked out thoroughly…..but now, “O” is rubber stamping all Visa’s without an investigation of them, as well as allowing illegals to stay here…..needs votes from supporters of these people, as well as more campaign dollars.

    As Merkle of Germany, and Cameron of the UK have said, “Multiculturalism does not work!”

    1. Dislikes Ignorance says:

      The ethnicity of the cab driver is irrelevant. He wasn’t the one who savagely beat this young man to death. If “Multiculturalism does not work”, then go back to where you came from you bigot.

  5. Arnold Ziffle says:

    Ah yes, the city of brotherly love! That gun control is really working to cut down on violence.

  6. Mandy says:

    Sounds like it qualifies as a hate crime to me.

  7. MarcusOhReallyUS says:

    Sounds like there needs to be a revival of “Death Wish”, times 100. Puts all the thugs on their heels. All apologies to Charles Bronson.

    1. Hudson says:

      It’s much better to just move out of cesspools like Philadelphia. Leave the locals to their own devices and in a decade or two the problem will have fixed itself. A lot of American cities are already well started down their death spirals; no sense trying to fight the inevitable.

  8. Santiago Matamoros says:

    Killadelphia – yet another liberal sewer.

  9. Bob Wood says:

    Mayor Nutter is trying to bail out the Titanic with a tea cup he is in a no win situation. The city should be under Marshall Law that’s the only way to control the violence. The DA is too quick to cut the driver a deal he should be charged as the other three will be charged once they are found.

  10. Jack says:

    This is Obama’s America. Beat Whitey, get a pass. Nutter is an idiot.

    1. clash715 says:

      This is the Kosher vision for the west. Hate and kill white gentiles.

      Read the book “Culture of Critique”, it explains where this mindset originated. It is available at amazon. It will knock your socks off.

  11. James says:

    I won’t live where I can’t have a ccw. I rarely leave the house without a 9mm on my hip with a good holster to make carrying comfortable. I will probably never need it but you just never know.

  12. Calvin Hobbes says:

    The police should restate this in terms of “National Security”. These men may be militants intent on attacking the U.S. The fact that they have already killed speaks volumes. There should be a dead or alive wanted poster for each of them.

  13. George Davey says:

    This is a perfect example of why we need concealed carry for law abiding citizens. If more people carried, criminal goons would not openly target you for death. In states where open carry laws go into affect, violent crimes like this one go down. Open carry laws have never lead to more crime.
    As our country slips further down the tube people will need to carry to protect themselves because in many cities if there is no profit in the law cops will not enforce the law. They let assaults and beatings slide and focus all their energy on victimless dopers because then they can get huge federal grants and other welfare for their department for busting dopers. Here is how it works, the feds ship in the drugs, ship out the dangerous guns to the Mexican drug cartels, and the local law enforcement gets federal bucks back for busting the government’s doper customers. Be smart don’t use the government’s drug products.

    1. Ross says:

      You realize Pennsylvania is a CCW state. The young man could have had a permit, it’s very easy here.

      1. Tom says:

        Not in Philly. CCW permit is almost impossible within city limits.

      2. sjoh26 says:


        Go read the laws PA permit is valid in ALL of PA.

      3. Bill says:

        Ross is right. Philly, like all of PA, is “shall issue”. It’s easy to get a permit.

  14. James says:

    What a disgusting and deplorable city. Every day I see something like this coming from this once and I mean ONCE great city. You see what years of PC and Liberalism does? I would say give Phily and Chicago away but what country would want them?

    1. Arthur says:

      a city run by democrats…for democrats, by democrats. and ill bet you 100% the criminals are Obama voters

    2. B Forrest says:

      Don’t forget to throw in Detroit. Maybe it will sweeten the deal.

  15. Ken Puck says:

    Philadelphia is an open sewer. Any white person abroad in Center City after dark has a death wish.

    1. NEL says:


      1. clash715 says:


        You are not being intellectually honest. Many of these hoodlums have racial animosity and are specifically targeting whites.

        Be honest.

  16. Jared says:

    Philly is a cesspool filled with sewer rats.

  17. Kala says:

    Sounds like a “hate crime” to me.

  18. Mike says:

    The City of Brotherly Thugs

  19. Ethan says:

    This is why I joined the military back in 10/10/01… to put these people down.

    1. Humpy Brown says:

      Thank you for you service, my brother at arms.

  20. Chuck Y says:

    If he was carrying, like all good citizens should, he may well be alive today.

    1. Idgarad says:

      No he would likely have been convicted of murder and hate crimes. The standing laws in terms of self defense are in the attacker’s favor. No ‘castle’ protection in public.

  21. Harry Richard says:

    Philly, New York, Baltimore, DC All war zones. THis Mayor sounds like a good guy, but the Obamanation is here.

    This coming summer is going to be a bidch.

  22. erik ny says:

    God that is a weird story, 4th & Chestnut is the one part of Philly I actually feel safe… I dont go there much anymore, but that historic area is the nicest part of the entire city by far. 230am of course anything can happen anywhere but still that’s a very upmarket beautiful area, and pretty well patrolled – or it was.

    His destination now — Temple U — another story completely…. still very sad

  23. Ifhl says:

    When the dust settles and the perps are caught, your going to find out these ARE NOT middle eastern men!! Mark my words!!

    1. Common Man says:

      Four Middle Eastern men sitting in a car at 2:30 in the morning, doing what? Mark my words; they were out looking for a victim.

    2. boomer says:

      It doesn’t sound like typical Muslim behavior, which makes me think ifhl is correct.

      1. Weasler says:

        Right, that’s not typical Muslim behavior. If they were typical Muslims, they would have beheaded him.

    3. artemis133 says:

      Yeah, I thought that description was a little odd, too. I agree with lfhl.

  24. ManOnPoint says:

    Even though 2:30 AM is way too late to be out anywhere in my opinion only, Philly is definitely NOT the place I would want to be!!! My sincere condolences to the entire family, I am heartbroken for them…

  25. zone says:

    .Better days will return someday when a pendulum swinging the other way will have feet of criminals such as these.

  26. Johnny says:

    The word “viciously” apparently isn’t within the spelling comfort-zone of either person who wrote this piece, as they instead opted for “viscously” when they laid out the quote in writing.

    1. Bill E Bob says:

      When it pains, it pours.

      1. Johnny says:

        … it roars.

  27. 2BobTanner says:

    Sudden jihadi syndrome.

  28. John Malverne says:

    Philadelphia is a complete sh!thole and if got nuked by terrorists tomorrow, the country would be better off.

    Ditto Baltimore, Wilmington, Detroit and large sections of Chicago and New York.

    1. Diego Roswell says:

      I agree with you 100%.

    2. teaisstronger says:


      The videos have been suppressed and destroyed by the police. If you don’t have a gun with you when you go out then stay home.

    3. lastwesternerstanding.blogspot.com says:

      It would be better only if the terrorists did not then build a mosque on top of the ruins to mark their territorial gains.

    4. Victoria says:

      You are a complete A$$. I live a block from where this happened and it is a beautiful area. True, Philly has some not-great areas, as does any city. Tell me: what beautiful area of the country do YOU live in?

      1. jstain says:

        Indianapolis… formerly Chicago, as well as Detroit.. thanks

      2. Larry McDonald says:

        You’re delusional. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, I can’t tell you how many times I was jumped, chased or had to fight to save my a$$ growing up. I left when I was 18 and now live in Arizona. You could pay me twice my salary and I still wouldn’t move back. Philly is trying to revitalize the inner city but there isn’t enough money in the world to fight the trash that run those streets.

      3. girlkansas says:

        Victoria, I live in the country.

        Where we are described (ad nauseum) as “fly-over” country.

        Also, we are allowed to carry guns to protect ourselves.

        I guarantee, if this happened to me the perps would be dead or at least wounded and arrested.

      4. Humpy Brown says:

        Well, then VICKI, go out and shout at a cab full of wogs at 0300 hours tonight and let us know how that works out for you.

  29. ADM says:

    I hope they are caught and beaten to death by lifers, after they are sent to prison.

    1. Mark Delancey says:

      After being repeatedly raped till you can fit a pistol in thier rectums

      1. Humpy Brown says:

        I’ve got a feeling that Vicki would like that.

      2. Weasler says:


  30. robert quinn says:

    Your probably safer doing a night foot patrol in Afganastan.

  31. Jerry Johnson says:

    Substantively, how was this incident really any different from what happened to James Byrd? Note the extreme disparity in coverage.

    1. seanoairborne says:

      Are you nuts!!Byrd is all we heard for about two yrs until after the trial.My little man,you’re either a white guilt freak or a black ass bigot?Which is it?

      1. Jerry Johnson says:

        “Byrd is all we heard for about two yrs until after the trial.”

        My point exactly, dụmbass.

      2. Norm says:


        A real shame you dropped out of school before learning how to read!

    2. TxnByBrth says:

      Well…one difference (that was never reported by the police or the media) is the fact James Byrd was killed over drugs. Are you saying four Muslims killing a university student is the same as a couple of red-neck drug dealers killing a black druggie who jilted his suppliers? Really?

      1. owen says:

        Muslims? Is that in the coverage? (stupid question)

      2. Ethan says:

        You my friend are what is wrong with this country. A druggie’s path is already written, he was an educated person who had a future. Think before you speak moron.

  32. Jerry Johnson says:

    A description is provided of the CAR, but not the MURDERERS — perfect.

    Rule # 1: If they don’t tell you the race, you know the race.

    1. Jerry Johnson says:

      And I remind, there were TWO young women in the company of the murder victim during the fatal beating, both of whom no doubt provided descriptions which left NO QUESTION as to the murderers’ race.

      Maybe we should call this a reporting BLACKOUT.

    2. Jerry is an assbag says:

      It states Middle Eastern at the end of the article. Can you read a whole article?

      1. Jerry Johnson says:

        Oh, I assure you I can read an entire article.

        I’m also capable of skimming text, and remembering what I’ve seen and heard. So when I realized I was essentially reading a word-for-word transcript of the reporter’s voice-over copy from the accompanying video — which I had already viewed — I DISMISSED the remainder of the article, which I now realize features descriptions of the murderers TACKED ON at the bottom, below the photo of the CAR DESCRIPTION.

        In any case, the point remains: the TELEVISED NEWS REPORT WAS SILENT on the issue of the murderers’ identity.

  33. Heartland Patriot says:

    And you wonder why your city is known as Philth-adelphia? Its not just because it sounds cute…

    1. beazr says:

      It’s killadelphia

  34. John M. says:

    Makes you wonder what Ben Franlkin would say about his dear old town, if he could only see it now. How depressing this news is, and it is on a daily basis, in ever city (small or large) across the Nation. A plague is here, in human form, and our so-called leaders are more worried about nations thousands of miles away. I guess there is no financial gain to be made in protecting decent taxpaying citizens.

    1. seanoairborne says:

      Get armed…..or be a fool like this victim…even if you don’t have a concealed carry law in your state. I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by six!

    2. Boomer says:

      Ben Franklin would have moved to the suburbs long ago.

  35. Plinko says:

    The only good things to come out of Philly in the last 200 years are:

    Cheese Steak
    Rocky 1

    1. Oscar Goldman says:

      got that right

  36. Moe1138 says:

    “I called his mother four hours ago and I said to her ‘there’s nothing I can really say to you, what can I say? That we’re deeply sorry, that we’re in pain and we’re suffering, but yours is worse.’”
    My God, this mayor is a moron. “But yours is worse”, really? Here in the PRK, Peoples Republik of Kalifornia, we may have our own issues, believe you me, but nothing as wrong as this mayor. Oh, wait a moment, that’s right, we have Quan.

    1. rdmsacto says:

      I’m from California and I have no ides what this person is talking about.

      Ignore him.

      1. William T Quick says:

        I’m from California, and I know exactly what he’s talking about. So I’m ignoring you.

    2. seanoairborne says:

      MOE? Are Curly Joe or Larry there?

  37. Michael says:


    1. SP says:

      They sure weren’t some drunk frat boys who may have thrown a punch or two, these dirtbags were trying to kill the guy.

    2. Joe says:


  38. marty says:

    we should withdraw from philly. There is no strategic or econmic reason for continuing the occupation. let the hoodlums keep it.

    1. Happy 2 Not Live In Philly Anymore says:

      True that!

  39. bubba says:

    It’s a crime crime. So-called “hate crime” laws are ridiculous and should be repealed. Who really cares about the motives of murderers? Punish the behavior.

    1. Mark Delancey says:

      All violent
      crimes are hate crimes

  40. Stephen says:

    Philadelphia is a slaughterhouse. I wouldn’t go there in broad daylight!

    1. L gorman says:

      been there then – scary place

  41. Bippy Bellito says:

    Philly is unsafe for any white person after dark. This is fomented by a do nothing Mayor and Council who are more interested in cashing in/cashing out/cashing back in again to make the city a place where all are welcome. It is an embarrassment to what this city once was. Philly, like Camden, needs to be taken over by the state to ensure that it is safe for the people who live there.

    1. tickyul says:

      I assume the perps were Urban Americans????

      1. boomer says:

        I believe the term is “urban youths”!!

  42. Francis412 says:

    I had a job offer in this city. I am white and know that this is such a violent city that I will not risk my family or self to the violence Phillidelphia serves up. Philadelphia is the most dangerous place in the US if you are white.

    1. 420sniper says:

      Not if you own a gun and a concealed carry permit. Then whitey has the upper hand.

      1. Jerry says:

        Concealed carry is the answer to personal safety. t is amusing to hear liberals demanding gun control; by the time police arrive, you are DEAD!

    2. SP says:

      The juries and judges in Philadelphia are notorious for letting non-white perps off easy or acquited outright if the murder victim is white, this only encourages more attacks.

      1. Reality says:

        What the hell are you talking about? Show me your proof; I’ll show you mine. As a longtime resident, the racism in Philadelphia is firmly against any minority. Black on white crime is a serious matter, that usually results in railroading and convictions without proof.

        This is a fantastic city that has had terrible mayors for the past few decades. Bring back the Rizzos

      2. SP says:

        Well, you had the asian law student that started a fight and then pulled a gun and shot an unarmed white guy 5 times who a jury let go. Then, there was the white unarmed high school kid in fairmount who tried to stop a robbery in his neifhborhood and the black thugs from outside the neighborhood shot and killed him-slap on the wrist. How’s that for starters?

      3. Mark E says:

        Reality: “What the hell are you talking about? Show me your proof”


  43. John says:

    This reminds me of a recent episode of Criminal Minds where several white men were found on the street in Philly who were beaten to death. Immediately the crack FBI team profiled the perp as a white male, based on no evidence whatsoever. The MSM is no better.

    1. Jack Winters says:

      I used to watch that liberal garbage, for about a year. If you were to believe that show, ALL serial killers are white, and the only black perps are really only trying to save others. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny because the 11 oclock news immediately following almost always showed at least 90% of the real perps being black.

      1. Humpy Brown says:

        Well, it IS a fact that blacks are mostly too stupid, stoned, impulsive and disorganized to be serial killers and get away with many murders over many years without getting caught.

  44. Dave Head says:

    I will never see the Liberty Bell, nor other attractions in that city until they get into the 21st century and allow concealed carry. Inscription on early Colt handguns”
    “Fear no man, no matter his size. Call on me, and I will equalize.” Street safety is strictly a do-it-yourself proposition, and I am not Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris.

    1. Sean Davis says:

      Even Chuck Norris has a CCL.

    2. haggus says:

      they have concealed carry if you have a PA permit. No, you can’t carry into the liberty bell site itself, but you can carry in philadelphia.

    3. Humpy Brown says:

      Ahhh, you’re not missing anything. It’s cracked.

  45. PTParks says:

    City of Brotherly Love??? Are you kidding me??? Cops don’t carry guns to protect themselves, not you. Allow decent citizens to be licensed to carry concealed firearms. It works everywhere else. Get with the program, Philly!!

    1. Harry Wall says:

      We have had the right to CCW in PA for years. Get with the news, get it correct PTParks.

      1. Dave says:

        Penna. issues carry concealed and has for years. Howerver Philly has another agenda. They only want the criminals armed, not a law abiding citizen.

  46. patmurphy1965 says:

    where they wearing a rag on their head; how do they know these criminals are middle eastern??

    1. seanoairborne says:

      By Odor!!

  47. DCRC says:

    While most media outlets fail to report the full story with details of the perps, I found ONE that lists the perps skin color, size, etc. Hopefully these wastes of skin can be found and brought to justice.

    Looks to be Latino or some other olive-skinned fvck face cowards.


    1. seanoairborne says:

      It takes three non-whites to beat up and kill a young white guy.What does that say about visible minorities?

      1. Humpy Brown says:

        Shoot low so they don’t reproduce so fast.

    2. artemis133 says:

      Yeah, I would think Latino before Middle Eastern.

  48. patmurphy1965 says:

    aahh, islam the religion of peace.

  49. al gayda says:

    2nd amendment could have prevented this, I don’t carry a spare tire because I am afraid of having a flat, I carry a spare tire because I am afraid of having a flat and not having a spare.

    1. denver bill says:

      Awesome comment, al. I agree.

  50. stace says:

    thank God it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon in Philly, there may have been 3 dead instead of one…pathetic

    1. Indy Anna says:

      Disagree. After a few killed thugs they would be a little more cautious who they try to murder. Make carrying legal and you will soon see the thugs becomming far more docile. Who would miss they anyway, they have no respect for life.

      1. bob says:

        I think Stace was being Sarcastic, I for one would carry anyway. After i popped these jjerks I would’ve tossed the gun in the bay. Gone home and gotten a good nights sleep for a job well done.

    2. Dan says:

      You are incorrect. It is perfectly legal to conceal carry in Philadelphia or any other public property in the state of Pennsylvania, as long as you have an LTCF.

  51. Malcom says:

    It’s only getting worse for Whites as they become the minority. Whites now that adopted liberalism are targets because they are weak and do not fight back. Furthermore they probably think all whites should get beat because of the past.

  52. Ryan Mouk says:

    It takes courage for three men to brutal beat down one man. I hope they find these cowardly bags of human waste and give them the chair. Cowards

    1. Rowdy Boots says:


      They will get a slap on the wrists, told that they are not responsible because SOCIET HAS FAILED THEM, then,

      they will get a few years or less FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR, then they will go out and MURDER ANTOTHER PERSON,




  53. GVnana says:

    So they killed him for yelling at a car? That’s pathological.

    These maniacs need to be removed. Fast.

  54. Mike says:

    The attackers probably thought he was Jewish. All of these attacks come from not what you do, but who you are. If he was a black thug they would have left him alone.

  55. Rosemary Peppercorn says:

    Years ago, I was in that area with a friend at that exact time of the morning, looking for a cab. There were no cabs. There were no people. It was deserted. Absolutely deserted, even though it’s a major city.

    We had seen a comedian show (which wasn’t good at all), and the rest of the crowd walked the other way when we left the place. Later, I read that there was a stabbing in the area where they were walking toward. We were lost and couldn’t find our hotel, but after walking quite a while, we finally found it. I’d never been so afraid in my life. The entire area was a dangerous and scary place then. I can’t imagine being there now. Visitors should be warned…don’t assume there will be any cab. Just don’t go there. I feel so sorry for the young man’s family.

    1. Humpy Brown says:

      “A Glock on your hip emboldens the meekest person.” With thanks to Jedediah Springfield for allowing me to paraphrase his motto.

    2. Rowdy Boots says:

      A walk in Philadelphia is a walk in a war zone–any time of day.

      Until the Citizens Arm themselves and take it back from the Police and Criminals, it will remain–KILLADEPHIA, WHERE ALL GOOD LIBERALS GO TO PREACH TOLERANCE.


  56. mary michaels says:

    So let’s just say “Muslim men.” Is this a “hate crime?
    If four white guys beat a Muslim man to death, it would be a “hate crime.”
    Hmmm, we’ll see…

    1. Eric says:

      Israelis are “Middle-Eastern.” Odds are they were Muslim, but that’s not a guarantee.

      1. george says:

        in my experience, I would severely doubt they were Jewish.

      2. seanoairborne says:

        Hate crimes are committed on Jewish folks 20 times more often than muslimes.Those are the facts.Last yr there were 186 crimes reported against muslimes Vs.1800 for Jews.

      3. seanoairborne says:

        I should have said HATE CRIMES!Sorry!

      4. seanoairborne says:

        I did say hate crimes….I’m losing it!!LOL

    2. Humpy Brown says:

      Actually it would be community improvement.

  57. Frank Reynolds says:

    I wouldn’t single out the City of Brotherly Love. Many years ago in Manhattan, NYC, my wife and I were there to go to a beloved restaurant, this was our anniversary special. So of course we brought the 2 children, a girl of 7 and a boy of 9.
    I had just been pulling in to a parking spot, Sundays used to be OK then but still not easy to get a parking spot, when a car of 4 Indian men, Asian Indian, pulled up alongside and made angry gestures. I continued to park, as we had a reservation and if you don’t show up on time then you lose your place. Well as we were about to get out I was opening the door for my wife when the 4 Indian gentlemen got out and started screaming at us and one of them had opened the trunk of the car and was getting something. I quickly shut the door and LEFT. We went home, shaken. I would have thought that immigrants to America would be a little less hostile to the native population, but I was later to find out that I was extremely naive. Poor Mr Kless, his son is taken from him and the young man lost to us all.
    Sometimes diversity is NOT our strength.

    1. mary michaels says:

      You say Indian. I would say Muslim Indian, most likely, as I have found Hindu Indians to be truly peaceful. There is a thread here, if people would just take notice….

    2. seanoairborne says:


    3. seanoairborne says:

      Mike,you done the right thing by getting out of there,but,speaking for myself I’d have stood my ground.By the time you got back in your car you could have been a statistic.Thank god for you and your family you weren’t.But,again,I would have stood my ground because after spending just about my whole young life being in the military (US PARATROOPER,Vietnam Vet)I would have felt so threatened that I would have had my hand on my gun (I’ve carried for about 40yrs and just this past yr I finally got my CCP)I would have killed all of them to protect my family.But,we’re different kinds of people.I admire folks like you for your sense and judgement.But never let those superlatives get in the way of protecting you and yours!If you have concealed carry in your state,arm yourself.It’s much better to be judged by twelve than carried by six!

      1. seanoairborne says:

        I meant FRANK!!

    4. Jack Winters says:

      What exactly about diversity is good? I know we’ve all been brainwashed to worship at the diversity altar, but can someone please say one thing that ‘diversity’ does for a society? Was America weaker somehow in the early 1900s because we had over 90% european ancestry? Does diversity bring society together, or tear it apart? I submit that no society that tries it survives over the long term.

      1. Weasler says:

        I agree 1000%. And fortunately, people are starting to wake up to the multiculturalism sham. They are doing so in Europe right now, but soon it will extend here, just as soon as we get rid of Booga-Booga.

    5. boomer says:

      Diversity is seldom any country’s strength. Look at countries like India, full of religous and ethnic strife.

  58. JT says:

    This is what LBJ’s Great Society has wrought: packs of feral humans roaming the streets of our cities.

    1. KatieS says:

      Thank you JT for providing that name…feral humans…what most humans will be if liberals continue to lead the country. Can’t people see that they’ve taken morality out of society. That is what must be done to achieve socialism/marxism/communism. If you doubt that, google the term “communist 45;” a list of things that must be achieved for this country to become communist. Removing religion and morality are necessary, along with taking over the teachers, unions, a political party, and the media. Almost there utopians…

      1. Mike Old City says:

        OMG! Crackpot! So abortion and gay marriage is to blame? Like there is some secret liberal agenda to turn the country communist? LMFAO!! The conservative party has been taken over by nutwing Christian fundamentalists who are driving this country into the ground. FYI…the country was founded on a seperation of church and state! Just about every war in the history of the world has been started over religion…but that is what will save us? I hope there is a god so all the people like you get raptured….when is that radio lunatic on your side saying that will be now!! LOL!

      2. boomer says:


        Who the hell said it was a SECRET liberal agenda? It’s right out in the open.

    2. George says:


      You, sir, are delusional.

      You want to pretend that the liberal agenda doesn’t encourage these things, go right ahead. But first answer me this:

      Which political party runs 95% of the most violent cities in this country? Detroit, LA, Philly, Camden, Newark, etc., etc., etc. All are run by a bunch of liberal Democrats, and have been for a very long time. You might like to pretend otherwise, but the proof is in the pudding.

      1. Jack Winters says:

        Don’t waste your time talking to a godless liberal like mikey. You can’t fix them. You would have time better spent pulling up a lawnchair in your back yard and talking to your oak tree for a half an hour. You would accomplish the same thing, but feel a lot better after.

  59. LEL says:

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has a Herculean task before him. Without God’s help, reversing the trend of total chaos will be hopeless. Say a little prayer for Nutter. Say a little prayer for America.

    1. KatieS says:

      2 Chronicles 7:14 says:

      “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

      God is the only one with the power to change things…and Christians have the power to invoke his help…Christians hold the key IF THEY WILL DO IT.

      1. denver bill says:

        The Lord helps those who help themselves. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

      2. J W says:

        Jeremiah 15-1: Then said the Lord unto me,Though Moses and Samuel stood before me,yet my mind could not be toward this people;cast them out of my sight,and let them go forth. And I will appoint over them four kinds,saith the Lord: The sword to slay,the dogs to tear,the fowls of the heavens,and the beasts of the earth to devour and destroy. As a Christian prophet-which I am sure you will deny-this is where this wicked Nation is at. America has breached the bounds of God’s patience.I know of two catastrophes that God has appointed to this Nation: New York will soon be destroyed by an Atomic Bomb and the middle west will be devastated by a great earthquake along the New Madrid fault line.God said He will shake this Nation till He Has broken the staff of the wicked. Issiah 14-5.No amount of prayer will stop this coming judgment.

    2. Mike Old City says:

      He doesn’t need god or prayers….he needs money! The city is broke and can’t afford the police presence needed to make a difference.

      1. boomer says:

        All the more reason for all decent people to go armed at all times.

  60. Joe Doakes says:

    Self defense tip for those out and about at 2:30a m. If you can’t run. Turn around. Put your hand in your pocket and look the enemy right tin the eye. If you were smart you’ve got something in your pocket, if you are not, bluff it.

    This guy did not deserve this. I hope that they find these people and do the same to them.

  61. Ralph says:

    Why isn’t there a website for parents, teens, and young white adults that post dangerous places they should avoid and the times of days to avoid them? It’s the only way to protect our kids.

    1. Joe Doakes says:

      Once your kids reach drivers license age you can’t protect them. They are on their own. You have to teach them commonsense before then. If you leave it to the politically correct crowd you’ll be doing your children a disservice.

    2. mary michaels says:

      Join and support the NRA. Join and support the Tea Party and Conservatism.

      1. KatieS says:

        If Obama is elected to a second term, our 2nd Amendment rights will probably be lost. People criticized Glen Beck for his extreme warnings about the streets becoming war zones, but I feel sure he is right. Let’s face it…evil hates good…and the evil one is working overtime.

    3. boomer says:

      There is a website, the Census Bureau; you’d be amazed at the cornucopia of
      population data on there. Before you venture into an unknown area, especially after dark, look up its racial demographics. Generally, the darker the population, the more dangerous the area is.

  62. Les Lovett says:

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has a Herculean task before him. Without God’s help it is a hopeless task.

  63. kitt says:

    Wish he would have been armed. Definitely better to have 3 dead thugs and him alive.

    1. jmcaul says:

      What are the Conceal Carry laws in Philadelphia?

      1. Michael Baram says:

        You need a PA concealed carry permit, or a permit from another state that PA recognizes. In theory, PA is also an open carry state, but don’t expect the liberal government of Philadelphia to remember that law or respect it.
        Wouldn’t it be nice if all states followed Arizona’s lead?

      2. GunOwner says:

        since he was coming out of a bar he wouldn’t have been able to legally carry a firearm anyway.

      3. Ken says:

        It’s not illegal to carry in bars or banks in Colorado.

  64. joedoe says:

    Is this considered a hate crime?

    1. kitt says:

      The DOJ doesn’t consider any crime against a white person a hate crime. They turn away all cases.

    2. AvgDude says:

      No, because beating white people to death for being white is not considered a hate crime by the DoJ because the DoJ is run by people who hate white people and would like to further encourage anti-white violence by not taking any action to stop it.

      1. Chiefgeorge says:

        Its not a hate crime because only Whites beat minorities to death for no reasons and therefore need special protections to place greater sentences on those persons even though murder is murder (sic).

      2. KatieS says:

        Correct AvgDude. Holder hates white people and will excuse criminals who kill them.

    3. JimSim says:

      Probably. The victim and his friends will be charged with inciting a riot due to their hatred of middle-eastern men.

  65. Yeah Right says:

    That’s why PA issues concealed carry permits. Kill the vermin before they get you. Tragic incident indeed. By-the-way what color were the perps? i can probably guess.

    1. Daryn says:

      it says at the bottom that the perps were middle eastern

    2. FrankStalloneDeadrat says:

      They’re Arabs. Read the story, moron.

      1. sjoh26 says:

        Sand nkiggers, philly nkiggers – its all the same

      2. Weasler says:

        Would just LOVE to blow their brains out. Praise Allah.

  66. DCRC says:

    There’s no problem at all to mention the race of the perps, why is the media so afraid? How are we going to find these dirt bags if we don’t know their description??

    Yes, I want to know their color….. Media too afraid it might cause a race riot. Please! Give some justice to the f’n victim and let us find these mother fvckers. I’m sure the race of these turds is listed in a story that’s not liberal and afraid of itself.

    1. Joe says:

      Read the article, Einstein, it’s listed. Middle Eastern … plain as day.

    2. boomer says:

      Well this article does mention their race. If it had been blacks, you can be sure
      the race would NOT have been mentioned. Journalists, in general, try to hide the race when it’s a black perp. They think that the public is dumb enough to not know what’s going on and that if they keep it from us, we’ll never know. Yes, they ARE that stupid.

  67. Bill12776 says:

    A conservative is a liberal who got mugged. Philadelphia citizens wont make a change until collectively they’ve been mugged severly enough. Philly now has more murders than there are days so far in this New Year – yet we haven’t been mugged enough yet. Thugs are allowed to roam the city. Nutter is simply inept. The city’s citizens deserve the government they voted for. Ultimately, it’s our fault.

  68. KXG says:

    Mayor Nutter should make an effort to shut this city down as he said he would do>

  69. Cin Petill says:

    Mayor Nutter handled this horrific situation with utmost aplomb. He really has a difficult job on his hands running a city the size of Philadelphia. I stand behind him.

    1. bill1776 says:

      “Aplomb”, yes that’s what we need to clean out the thugs. Good one!

    2. Dave says:

      I will be more than happy to stand behind Nutter — when the shooting starts. What exactly did he handle Cin?

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