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‘Ban The Box’ Law Goes Into Effect Today In Philadelphia

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new Philadelphia law restricting the ability of employers to ask applicants about criminal records goes into effect today.

Its called “Ban the Box:” a law that prohibits employers in Philadelphia from putting that checkbox on job applications and from asking about ex-offender status during a first interview. Such questions are allowed during a follow-up interview.

Supporters of the idea say the goal is help ex-offenders at least get a foot in the door — and perhaps make a good impression — before having to spell out a criminal history.  Brian Anderson, president of the Judge Group, a computer consulting and staffing firm in West Conshohocken, agrees.

“I think it’ll be effective, and I think employers will find additional qualified talent that they may not have found in the past.”

Anderson says it’ll help particularly help people with minor offenses on their records get a start in their careers. Employers who keep using the checkbox on initial job applications could face two-thousand dollar fines for each infraction.

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One Comment

  1. Larz Larzen says:

    dave; please…

  2. Jerry Johnson says:

    Does this law apply to daycare centers?

  3. TJ says:

    Actually It’s a democrat proposal.

  4. dave says:

    Yet another great way to drive business out of the city- having the government, most of whom have no business experience, dictating to business owners how to run their business.

    And here I thought Philly was run by demorats. Reads more like a repukelican idea to me.

    1. Chewbaracka The First Wookie says:

      Only demor ats want to give rights to felons at the expense of the general public.

    2. Larz Larzen says:

      uh…right. You’re delusional dave. It’s 11 AM. Time for you to snap out of it.

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