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Archbishop Chaput Defends Work of Commission on School Closures

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Archbishop Charles Chaput says he realizes that closing Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will be  painful, but he defends the work of the panel making the recommendation.

In his weekly web column, Chaput says the Blue Ribbon Commission report that recommended closing 48 schools was not about closing schools but was about putting Catholic education on a firm footing.

He says no family can run “on nostalgia and red ink,” and he says the archdiocese has a moral duty to use its resources wisely.

Chaput adds that having a school voucher law would help.

He acknowledges the pain the closings will cause to students, parents, and teachers, but Chaput says the commission deserves the public’s thanks and respect — not the “bitter and unjust criticism” being sent their way by some.

You can read Chaput’s entire column at

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One Comment

  1. Neil Allen says:

    This is the price of tolerating dozens of child rapes for, well, forever. Statistics show that children who don’t get raped at school do better than those who do get raped in school.

  2. PhillyNative2012 says:

    The schools and alumni that are raising money to “TRY” to save their schools (St. Hubert’s) shouldn’t hand over ONE NICKEL unless they get in writing an agreement to keep the school open. The alumni will hand over the money and they will happily take it and will close your school.

    The decision has been made. There is no appeal process UNLESS YOU are going to find a way to raise money to incur some of the costs or to buy the property. If you really want to save the school, DON’T just hand over money. You will be broke and heartbroken.

    This is just the beginning. They are not done yet. There are going to be lots of cuts and job loss.

    This is just another way the Catholic Church further alienates the members. They do not involve the members in any of the decision making. The members could very well come up with some great solutions if given the opportunity.
    Why didn’t they?
    This is another reason why people leave the Church. People feel abandoned and betrayed. Making decisions that effect thousands of families without involving them is too old school parochial. Obviously that isn’t working.

  3. Gina says:

    Chaput is delivering a long overdue message while taking the action now that will enable a future that may not have been for Catholic Schools in Philadelphia. May all that is of the highest good be with him and those faced with accepting/adapting to the necessary changes. What unifies is not the name on the building but the unwavering foundation of faith.

  4. Samuel A. Maffei says:

    What about self-sustaining schools like St. George’s in Port Richmond, Chaput? No red ink for them. No handouts from the arch diocese. But, you want to close them to sell the property. Shameful!

    Being Cathloic for 40+ years, I’ve never had so much contempt for the church as I do today.

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