By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When you can’t plant, plan. Winter days are good for that. Gardeners spend the spring planting, summer’s fertilizing, fussing, weeding and watering, and the fall cleaning it all up. But in winter, you have time to sit and think.

Look out the window and look through your garden photos and see how everything did this year. Make notes from your plant tags of the winners you loved – and the losers too, so you don’t make the mistake of planting those again. Go through books and magazines and websites for ideas and list some goals. Possibly plan to fill in the blank spots or times when you have nothing in bloom. Or add a garden path or stepping-stones. Perhaps plant more trees for privacy. Maybe prune back evergreens to give you more sun for your tomato patch.

Now’s the time to start planning, so that when spring comes you can just start planting and make it all happen.

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