‘Irreplaceable’ $2 Million Ruby Stolen In Wilmington Jewelry Heist

By Todd Quinones

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — The FBI is involved in a $3 million mystery. The largest mined ruby in the world was stolen from a jewelry store in Delaware as part of a massive heist.

“I heard the smash of glass and … I knew we were being robbed,” said jewelry storeowner Jim Stein.

Stein and his son were in the back room eating lunch and hit the silent alarm when four men, three of them masked, stormed into Stuart Kingston Jewelers at 1:30 p.m.

“He (the suspect) had the gun and went to the back over here and tied up two employees,” said Stein.

Jim’s son Edward was forced to open the safe.

“‘Give me the loose diamonds. I want the loose diamonds.’ That’s what’s they kept saying,” Edward Stein said.

Among the loose diamonds was The Liberty Bell Ruby, a four pound, eight and a half thousand carrot ruby sculpted into the Liberty Bell with 50 diamonds on it.

“It’s been appraised at $2 million dollars, it’s irreplaceable. Everything else in the store is replaceable. That’s not replaceable,” Jim Stein said.

Enclosed in a case in the safe, Edward tried to buy time for the police and distract the robbers from noticing the ruby, but they grew impatient.

“The ruby was right there and he swept it into the bag,” said Edward.

After smashing 11 cases and grabbing other diamonds and precious gems, the suspects then took off in a U-Haul rental van before police arrived.

The ruby and the men haven’t been seen since the robbery on November 1st.

No one was seriously injured.

The jewelry store was just holding the ruby for a foundation.

The owners of the stone, which was found in east Africa in the 50’s, were hoping to sell it and donate the money to charity.

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One Comment

  1. Lisa says:

    eight and a half thousand carrot LOL that’s a lot of carrots! Sure the robbers weren’t rabbits?

  2. Petra says:

    It’s carat, not carrot.

  3. Hater says:

    This whole story stinks. Was that gaudy ruby insured? How much would it be worth broken up and made into much smaller, nicer pieces? Why would anyone buzz these cretins into their store? Made their escape in a U-haul? Should not be too hard to find. Put out a reward and I’ll bring you their heads.

    1. Kay says:

      Oh, right. You’re such a pro. Just give you a reward, and you’ll be able to find them. Uh huh.

      Of course, you aren’t able to look at photos of the outside of the store and understand how 3 masked guys could be hiding, while one man was buzzed in.

      And you can’t imagine that…wow…maybe the U-haul was stolen? Nah. That would be too easy an option for you to waste your superior brain power on.

      Nah…you need to ponder cutting down the ruby. Then brag to all of us that, offered a reward, you’d be able to solve this with that superior brain power.

      You don’t have your own TV reality show, but you sure seem to have your own version of reality. Yeesh,

      1. Hater says:

        Do you feel better now Einstein? I guess you told me. Do you think I didn’t note the obvious? Take a Xanax and chill.

      2. Kay says:

        Uh, no, hater…based on your very own words, I don’t think too many folks would think that you had ‘noted the obvious’. Quite the contrary. Just another failed example of armchair bragging.

  4. SickOf Us says:

    You know!!

    1. Hater says:

      I know you’re not like them. Have faith.

      1. SickOf Us says:


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