Exclusive: Employee Charged With Sexual Assault At Main Line Facility For Troubled Youth

By Walt Hunter

RADNOR Twp., Pa. (CBS) — For the second time in a week, there have been charges that someone at a main line facility has had improper sexual contact with someone under their care and supervision.

In the latest case, a worker at the Presbyterian Children’s Village is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl.

Presbyterian Children’s Village provides care and healing for troubled children and families. Radnor police say one of its workers, Khalil Hopkins, used his position to take advantage of the young woman.

“We interviewed several people and as a result of the investigation charges were filed against one of the employees,” said Shawn Dietrich, Radnor Township Police.

Authorities say, in September and October, the teenager was sexually assaulted multiple times inside the facility.

“Over the course of two months there were three separate assaults on the victim,” said Dietrich.

Hopkins’ arrest is the second in the past week at a facility on the Main Line.

Samantha Hicks, a counselor at Valley Forge Military Academy, was accused of improper sexual contact with a cadet and supplying alcoholic beverages last week. (see related story)

In a statement, e mailed by officials at Presbyterian Children’s Village reads in part:

“The accused person is no longer employed. PCV conducts all required background checks for all of its employees. If there was an alleged sexual assault, the proper authorities are notified and the matter is thoroughly investigated”

Police say as of right now there is no indication that Hopkins victimized any other residents at the facility.

An attorney for Hopkins says his client, who recently obtained his graduate degree, is shocked by the allegations and is innocent and plans to fight for justice and prove his innocence in court.

Hopkins is being held in lieu of bail at Delaware County Prison awaiting a preliminary hearing set for January 19th.

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One Comment

  1. Pharaoh says:

    I know this dude personally ,and I am going to stand by him. Just because some messed up kid makes a serious allegation does not mean it is true. If he is wrong though he should be penalized to what the law requires , if he is not guilty , the state needs to put in the same amount of effort it took to ruin his name to fix it.

    1. engineer says:

      i on the other hand would love to bail him out of jail, then have somebody do the same thing to him and you Pharaoh.

  2. Jeremy says:

    So True and this is coming from a caucasian man! This is the second time this place (Presbyterian CHildren’s Village) has been on the news! (Imagine what other things are happening in there??) This place should be shut down! I live in the area where these kids run through the woods and are having sex out there! Where is the supervision? Cops are being called out to do what the employees should be doing! This place is a joke!

  3. John Barone says:

    I meant you cant trust background checks

  4. Invoking Insight says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    One thing you must consider is that while background checks are completed, unless the individual has an arrest record, the hiring facility has no way of knowing if or when an employee will engage in negative behavior. Additionally, please note that the article states, “PCV conducts all required background checks for all of its employees.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t these Facilities do background screenings on the people they hire? Not only should the perp do time, but, the people who hired him should also do time for not doing the proper and thorough background check.

  6. Markus says:

    How come that trash Symantha Hicks isn’t in jail too?
    Because its a woman and this case is a black man?
    Funny, isn’t it the same Police Dept. too……???

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