Local Group Remembers Victims Of Gun Violence On Anniversary Of Tucson Shootings

By Pat Loeb

Philadelphia (CBS) – Gun control advocates across the country are using the anniversary of the Tucson shootings to call attention to the toll of gun violence.

The group “Heeding God’s Call” is known in Philadelphia for the weekly protests that it believes helped shut down Colosimo’s Gun Store on Spring Garden Street. It has turned its attention to Delia’s and Mike&Kates Gun stores, in the northeast.

But for the Tucson anniversary spokesman Bryan Miller says it’s joining with groups across the country to remember all the victims of gun violence.

“We just want people to remember that it’s not just about Tucson. There are people being shot in Philadelphia every day and we need to do something about that.”

Miller says he expects several dozen people at the candlelight vigil, one of about 60 scheduled nationally.


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  1. Daddyojoe1 says:

    “One bleeding-heart type asked me in a recent interview if I did not agree that ‘violence begets violence.’ I told him that it is my earnest endeavor to see that it does. I would like very much to ensure (and in some cases I have) that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy.”

    Col. Jeff Cooper, “Cooper vs. Terrorism”, Guns & Ammo Annual, 1975

  2. Hater says:

    Delia’s and Mike&Kates Gun stores said thanks for the free advertising. Business has never been better. They don’t sell to criminals. I love my guns.

  3. grumpy says:

    These protesters should be protesting the “I didn’t see or hear” nothing crowd, you know, the ones that come out of the rotted woodwork whenever a police shooting is involved in “their” neighborhood!
    Meanwhile, I’ll continue to legally carry my registered firearm.
    Better safe than sorry!

  4. Daniel Foreacre says:

    Guns don’t cause gun violence, criminals do. Taking away guns from law-abiding citizens just leaves only criminals with guns.

  5. Dirk Digler says:

    Do these protestors have any criteria to decide which shops they harass? Are they checking to see that the stores they protest are breaking laws?
    I celebrated the anniversary by purchasing a new firearm which I am trained and licensed to carry and always store appropriately. More gun laws wont help. People who commit crimes are criminals. Criminals have no regard for the law.
    We have banned drugs in this country. I promise no matter where you live you can find cocaine, marijuana, LSD, meth, and heroin within a 20 minute drive of your home. If you live neear a highschool it is only a short walk away. Prohibition of drugs has failed.
    We have outlawed illegal immigration for decades and yet they stream in by the hundreds everyday. So prohibiting illegal immigration has failed.
    In the 1920’s we prohibited the manufacturing, distribution, and posession of alcohol. There was liquor to be had on every block.
    Banning items doesn’t keep them out of our society. Where their is a demand, a supply will always be made available. Besides any machinist can produce a firearm in a matter of hours in a machine shop, so there will always be guns.

    The problem is the people who get guns illegally. They steal them or have their baby’s momma buy one for them. They are all wrapped up in the ghetto mentality. They come from single parent households where they werent able to be given proper attention. They live life like a rap video and believe that their is no law. Until you address that problem you are wasting your time and creating more monsters to roam our streets while at the same time you want to deprive upstanding citizens the right to protect themselves.
    Good logic.

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