5:40 Michele Bachmann dropped out of the Presidential Race after finishing 6th in the Iowa Caucus.

michele bachmann Stigall Show Log 1.5.12

Michele Bachmann (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

5:44 Mitt Romney is the candidate dividing the Republican Party.

5:51 Conservatives are selling out by settling for Mitt Romney.

6:28 A wind turbine company has been granted a permit allowing them to kill up to 3 Golden Eagles.

6:29 GM’s Chevy Volt missed it’s 2011 sales goal.

6:40 Chris talks to CBS 3 Reporter Walt Hunter about a grenade found at the King of Prussia Mall yesterday.

7:10 There is a controversy in Collingswood, NJ surrounding the removal of a plaque dedicated to television star Michael Landon.

7:44 Santorum is the most principled conservative in Republican race.

8:10 Chris talks to Editor of the Philadelphia Daily News, Larry Platt, about his column on Philadelphia’s DROP program.

8:40 Comcast and Disney have agreed to a 10 year deal to share content.

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