Delaware County Politician Asks For Sunoco Boycott As Company Cuts Local Jobs

By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With operations at two Delaware County oil refineries suspended, and a third in Southwest Philadelphia threatened in the New Year, thousands of local jobs hang in the balance. And one small municipality has decided to speak its’ collective mind with its’ tax dollars.

Sharon Hill Borough is boycotting the Sunoco station it’s been doing business with. Now, we’re talking about $4,000 a month here for police, fire and municipal vehicles. Borough Councilman Scott MacNeil is hoping to get other governments and their residents to avoid patronizing Conoco and Sunoco stations throughout Delaware County.

“I think if we all band together we can send a message to Sunoco and Conoco ‘this wasn’t right what you did to us’.”

Conoco’s Trainer, Pa. plant is expected to close soon, layoff notices went out at Sunoco’s Marcus Hook facility earlier this month and Sunoco’s Southwest Philadelphia refinery is likely to follow suit no later than spring. That is, unless new owners are found.

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One Comment

  1. Jonn says:

    Oh, what an absolutely brilliant strategy. A company shuts down two locations and thousands of jobs go away. So you boycott the company, making the area even less attractive for their business. What happens next? They reduce operations further, zapping even more jobs. There’s one less choice available in the marketplace.

    Enjoy the unemployment line and high gas prices. You’ve earned them. Oh, and enjoy walking everywhere you need to go.


    1. Liberal Ratface says:

      So I guess you’re saying that if they DON’T boycott the company, they will re-open the refinery and bring the jobs back? What ARE you saying, genius?? At least they are trying to do SOMETHING, albeit perhaps too little, too late, to show their dissatisfaction with Sunoco’s actions here. Your comments make little sense.

  2. mannix says:

    Despite all the other issues they face while trying to maintain as a profitable business you want to stop doing business with them? You really think boycotting is going to help? The elected officials should’ve seen this coming way before the decision was made to close and perhaps offer a ways to help keep them here.
    Thanks to taxes and regulatory requirements, soon there will be none. It will be gas from China along with Nikes and iPhones.

  3. Jeff says:

    The only problem is the alternatives are bad too. Sunoco never uses Saudi oil which is why I’ve patronized them in the past.

  4. Zzbar says:

    I will pitch in. No more Sunoco card and cash purchases at their stations. Only one “but”, I don’t think it will make a difference. They already made their billions. They tried boycotting Exxon and BP. They are still making billions. So?

  5. grumpy says:

    Good move! I hope that it spreads like wild fire! Wait until the next shareholders meeting! They will only pay attention when it hurts their bottom line.

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