Soldier’s Arrest In Wilmington Murder Heightens Awareness For Troubled Vets

By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The murder of a Wilmington woman allegedly committed this week by a decorated Afghanistan war veteran is raising awareness about the need for families who see signs of trouble in returning loved ones to get them help.

The father of the man accused in the horrific crime told reporters after his son’s arrest that his two tours of duty in Afghanistan had changed the young man and he didn’t even recognize the son he raised when he returned. (See Related Story)

Edd Conboy is director of Operation Home and Healing at the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia.

He says that statement is warning sign of a soldier in need of help.

“If they’re noticing a pattern of escalation, it’s probably not going to improve on its own. And then sometimes the families are sort of hoping for the best. And, of course, sometimes we have veterans who will be medicating themselves with drugs and alcohol and that’s another issue that comes into play, too, and people can see if that is spinning out of control as well,” Conboy explained.

Conboy says in addition to his program, veterans can also find help through the Veterans Multi-Service Center at 4th and Race streets.

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One Comment

  1. kate says:

    i agree don’t use the war and fighting in it to excuse killing someone. too many vets with mental and physical wounds walking around being productive and respecting life. if the father saw a difference in his son shouldn’t he have tried to seek some kind of help for him, questioned his wife, something.
    this story has upset me more than i thought possible. the poor woman walking her dog thinking she was safe in her neighborhood. may God comfort her family and may she RIP

  2. Zzbar says:

    “decorated Afghanistan war veteran”. Now he will be decorated in black-on-white or is it white-on-black jump suits. No excuse to bump someone off. No longer in the war-zone.

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