Conlin’s Attorney Says Child Abuse Charges Won’t Get An Objective Courtroom Airing

By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A day after revelations of alleged child sex abuse against noted Philadelphia sports columnist Bill Conlin, and his sudden resignation from the Daily News, the big question now is, what’s next?

Given the expiration long ago of any legal window to prosecute, this case basically plays itself out in the court of public opinion.  And Conlin’s attorney, George Bochetto, is trying to assist his client in that arena.

Appearing this morning on Angelo Cataldi’s show on Sportsradio 94WIP, Bochetto says he was given just 30 minutes by the Inquirer to draw up a response to their story yesterday (see related story).

As for his client’s sudden resignation, Bochetto says Conlin’s love for his longtime employer played a major role.

Besides, adds Bochetto, “if you come out immediately with harsh denials, then of course you’re not only the perpetrator but you’re a mean-spirited perpetrator.  If you try to drop back and say, ‘Look, let’s do an analysis,’ people are going to say, ‘Well, his silence is damning.’ ”

Bochetto’s short-term plan is to conduct his own probe and make sure Conlin, at age 78, is able to handle whatever lies ahead.


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One Comment

  1. Samuel A. Maffei says:

    Although the allegations may be true in this case… I’m worried there is going to be cases in the future were someone is going to be falsely accused of pedophilia and the immediate public backlash is going to ruin their life. People tend to remember what you are “accused” of, not want you have been “acquitted” of..

    1. SILII says:

      I agree. It is also disturbing that people lose/resign from their jobs as a result of accusations before any guilt is proven. Very scary what has been happening in the court of public opinion. Too bad our real courts can’t put away dangerous criminals so quickly.

  2. Brandon says:

    Why hire a criminal defense attorney if there are charges as of now? I always thought he was a creeper and a miserable jerkoff on Daily News Live.

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