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Pennsylvania Turnpike Cash Tolls Going Up In New Year

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG (CBS) – The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is reminding motorists that cash tolls will go up again on January 1st.

The Turnpike Commission has recently been raising tolls annually by about 3 percent overall. This past summer, the commission decided the entire toll increase would be borne by cash customers. Since they account for only about a third of transactions, that means cash customers will pay 10 percent more.

Bill Capone, commission spokesman, says the idea is to promote even more use of E-ZPass.

“The commission felt it was necessary to provide some additional incentive beyond the current differential in the cost of tolls between cash and E-ZPass that exists today, which is about 7 percent. So in effect, by raising cash tolls 10 percent, it actually moves the differential between cash and E-ZPass fares to approximately 17 percent.”

Tolls are rounded up to the next nickel, meaning the minimum passenger vehicle cash toll on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will go from $1.10 to $1.25. Capone says the current minimum toll for E-ZPass of $1 will not change.

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  • stan

    It was a ridiculous laugh when I had to pay $8.70 to drive this crummy road.The toll taker just as much laughed at me for being a sucker to come and drive it.

  • audiopimp

    What do they do with all this money?? They sure don’t use it to repair the road- you need a military Humvee to negotiate the ruts and “speed bumps” that have been a large part of that road surface for years now. Try driving westbound past the K of P exit- going off road in my Jeep is a smoother ride. It’s a disgrace.

  • grumpy

    How fitting: A commission spokesman named “Capone”!

  • yocto

    Who is getting rich collectig these tolls? If they could’nt why bother.

  • zepto

    trash the tolls free the roads.

    • gene

      the CTTPK ,Connecticut turnpike did that long ago why can’t we?

  • bob

    Such a friggin racket. Maybe some people dont want to switch to EZ pass because they dont want to hand over more financial information over the net. We live in an identity theft world. Maybe people just feel safer paying cash. They shouldnt be penalized for that and this shouldnt be legal.

  • charW

    Megabus from Pgh to Philly sounds so much better than to continue to allow the turnpike owners to take us any longer. The prices are ridicolous. Why did they ever allow an outsider to take over the road. So awful!

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