Lingering Questions Addressed In PSU Preliminary Hearing

By Tony Romeo

Philadelphia (CBS) – For the first time, testimony by a key figure in the criminal case against Jerry Sandusky and two former Penn State administrators has shed some light on one of the other casualties of the scandal: iconic football coach Joe Paterno.

Mike McQueary did not call police when he says he witnessed Jerry Sandusky having sex with a boy and instead chose to notify his boss, Joe Paterno, who in turn notified two administrators now accused of lying about what they were told.

But Paterno never notified authorities either leading many to wonder exactly what McQueary saw and what he told Paterno he saw. We have a better idea after Friday’s preliminary hearing for the two administrators.

McQueary testified that out of respect for Paterno he could not bring himself to use certain graphic terms but says he made it clear to the coach he saw something “extremely sexual” in nature.

McQueary says the coach reacted with shock and slumped back in his chair. Meanwhile, grand jury testimony read into the record indicates that Paterno didn’t push McQueary because of how upset the assistant was over the incident.


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  1. JPW says:

    What? ‘Rape’ is too graphic for you? Saving a child is too hard for you? Pathetic. You SEE a CHILD being RAPED and you WALK AWAY AND DON’T HELP????? Then, you don’t say what you saw, you expected everyone to infer your meaning? You know, McQueary, you should be fried right along with Sandusky, you miserable excuse for a human being.

  2. george says:

    Watergate, Watergate, Watergate…. we will not really know for 10-15 years… the cover up is still going on… everyone is hoping that Penn State will get them out of this… those people have been on a cover up mission since day one… it will go on until someone bigger puts a stop to this… who will that be…

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