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Fire Destroys Several Units At Gloucester City Storage Facility

GLOUCESTER CITY, N.J. (CBS) – Fire officials in Camden County are investigating the cause of a blaze that tore through a storage facility late Sunday evening.

According to eyewitnesses, two people have been living inside one of the units due to tough economic times.

The fire started at about 9:30 p.m. inside a unit at the Gloucester City Self-Storage facility on Market Street in Gloucester City, New Jersey.

The unit where the fire reportedly started has been a point of contention for several weeks, according to customers.

“My uncle and my brother have a storage facility in here and my uncle has been complaining that he has seen people living in the facility, two guys,” eyewitness Tina Vessella said.

Vessella says financial reasons forced one of the men to live inside the storage unit.

“The one guy’s story to my uncle was he got evicted from his place and wife and kids left and he had nowhere to go. So it was cheaper to rent a storage facility and have somewhere to sleep at night,” Vessella explained.

The owner of the storage facility told Eyewitness News that based on the damage that he has been able to assess so far, it does not initially appear that anyone was living inside the storage unit. However, he did say he has seen people living in the units in the past.

Some customers told Eyewitness News they lost everything in the fire.

“My whole life is in there … I don’t know what I am going to do for Christmas,” customer Nicole Beckett said.

Beckett just moved to New Jersey from Oklahoma and said everything she owned was destroyed in the fire.

Fire officials are labeling the blaze as suspicious. The exact cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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One Comment

  1. chuck sedlacek says:

    and by the way…whose in charge of this country???

  2. chuck sedlacek says:

    to think all this time i coulda lived in a storage unit–instead of this cramped u-haul trailer…where do i sign up????????????????

  3. Knight Hawkings says:

    It’s a sad situation for those that lost items in the fire, doesn’t seem to me the two using it as a place to sleep at night would have motivation to burn the place down, my first thought was maybe a space heater from them but if it was one of the climate controlled joints such wasn’t necessary and more modern space heaters are much safer then they used to be. It’s good nobody was killed though. I have to say it was pretty smart of the person to use it as a place to temporary stay. Far cheaper then a motel it provided a roof over the head, probably some level of climate control and likely a usable bathroom inside the facility and he probably had access to a outlet at least long enough to charge a phone. For the down and out trying to boot strap himself that’s the bare housing necessities for like 100-120$ a month for 10×10 unit and you’d have more security and privacy then a halfway house,minus the ability to shower, though you could still keep yourself clean Sure beats the streets in the NJ winter if you had no other real alternative and didn’t want to demand a hand out.

    BTW the reason I think the owner is down playing the person that may have been living there beyond that they are not likely the cause is because he doesn’t want his insurance company to use that as an excuse to not pay up. I’m nearly certain that would be in breach of the insurance contract (knowingly letting it be use for housing) for this type of facility, at least it’s common to have clauses for that for similar facilities here in Georgia.

  4. Jeff Burgdorf says:

    It’s a good thing that we remember to thank Bush for this.

    He bankrupted the country during his administration, by giving away the trillions of dollars to the banks, insurance companies, and his oil cronies.

    At least everyone here agrees with that, and you have to admit he did a great job at it …

    1. miker5 says:

      Last I heard, Congress had the responsibility of doling out the taxpayer dollars–not the president. Let’s see, what party was running both houses of Congress during Bush’s last two years? (Hint: begins with a D)

      1. aaron says:

        im pretty sure that the dems ran the house and senate for the last 4 years of his terms, but i could be wrong. and Jeff Obama has FAR outspent bush and he did it in his first 2 years.

    2. Dave says:

      You’re an idiot Jeff.

    3. BDDD says:

      Don’t be fooled by the, “Two Party Tag-Team”! There’s not a nickels worth of difference between ‘R’ and ‘D’! They are playing us!

  5. Josh Biggs says:

    This is the change democrats believed in. Hope they like it now.

  6. mark says:

    Oh but things are getting better…just BELIEVE…….Ha!

    1. BDDD says:

      Obama is such a FAILURE even Kenyans are now saying he was born in Hawaii!

  7. James Woods says:

    This type of thing is nothing new. I think it’s pretty obvious what would start a fire in a storage unit however.

    Unless it was electrical related to lighting there should be no other method of a fire.

    All the units i’ve rented in the past don’t permit storing anything that could start a fire: flammable liquids etc… so what started it?

    For the owner to say he’s been aware of people living in there and to quickly dismiss this as the same is a bit odd.

    Perhaps the owner was having problems and needed insurance money.

    1. BDDD says:

      Thanks Columbo!

  8. Joey says:

    I figured when Obama got elected he’d take care of my insurance, car payment, loans, unemployment, food stamps, welfare, rent, and whatever else he promised–but now I’m homeless and don’t get anything but this stupid storage locker when I can sneek in at night. I guess next time around I’ll vote for whoever might actually quit putting the cabosh on job creating projects. If Obama gets in again the snail darters and spotted owls will be overrunning the suburbs but I’ll be dead.

  9. Brodave says:

    Welcome to the Nation of Obama.

    Brought to you courtesy of the Democrats.

    If you want “change” for the better, vote a straight GOP ticket in Nov 2012 and beyond.

    1. RThiede says:

      You guys are idiots if you think A GOP is going to change this. WAKE UP!!! Your still asking yourselves what those people are doing out there on Wall Street. WAKE UP!!!
      How about the loss of the Bill of Rights and the constitution? Brought to you by, Yep, the GOP!!! WAKE UP!!! Its us against THEM. Its NOT about DEM vs. GOP vs Con vs Lib. This is a citizen issue. It has nothing to do with race, creed, ethnicity, religion,ect, ect… This is about Class. And we aren’t in it…

      1. Consultofactus says:

        “How about the loss of the Bill of Rights and the constitution? Brought to you by, Yep, the GOP!!!” Please citizen, tell us what in the Bill of Rights has been overturned under Republican rule – specifics only please…

      2. snuffy says:

        Most idiotic post I’ve seen in a while. The Bill Of Rights is STATE rights, of which DEMOCRATS want to destroy starting with immigration laws, rejecting Obamacare, and others. And who can forget how Democrats all but rejected Florida’s right to call the election of 2000 after the Gore camp refused an entire state recount and only wanted to recount three DEMOCRAT counties!

  10. Massimo Deportado says:

    Hope and Change.

  11. HPS says:

    Do these people NOT have family?? Listen I might not get along with some members of my family but at NO TIME would we allow ANYONE to be homeless.. WHAT the heck is WRONG with people?

    1. Dave says:

      Yes Virginia, there are actually people with no living relatives or only relatives in worse shape than they’re in. Donut with your coffee?

  12. rocco says:

    GEEZ maybe you have way TOO MUCH STUFF….and this is a sign from ABOVE to live light

    Bet you didnt have renters insurance either….which would have covered the loss.

    My whole life is in there … I don’t know what I am going to do for Christmas,” customer Nicole Beckett said.

    1. Jose Gonzales says:

      She said she just moved into the area, genius. If everything she owns fits in one of those little storage units, she really does not own very much.

      1. Dave says:

        Uh, Jose, outside of Nogales you can rent a storage shed bigger than your casa amigo…..enough for several hundred bales to fit in, just to put it in perspective you can grasp…..

  13. Mike_88 says:

    Someday this will have to be legal. Rent your own prison space.

    1. Massimo Deportado says:

      Best post on this thread my friend….

    2. Dave says:

      Have you ever seen an apartment complex? Rose by any other name, my friend.

  14. Cpl Chaos says:

    And yet, they’ll still vote for Obama. Isn’t socialism great!
    To those that bemoan the comments by us conservatives; propaganda, lies and fairy tales are the bread and butter of liberals/socialists. Honest debate and facts are the bane of your existence.

    1. Dave says:

      Prior to this point in evolution, every other species that developed the traits of the common libturd today has become extinct in short order. Let em go.

  15. Crosscut says:

    Until Obama is kicked out and Democrats lose control of the Senate it will continue to get worse.

  16. Ben Dover says:

    Wonder how much Dave on Storage Wars would pay for a load of bums.???/

    1. Cece says:

      Bums? There but for the grace of God go you, pal. It’s actually a pretty good idea. I’ll have to keep it in mind for myself and my own family.

      1. West Philly says:

        If you’re serious about that being an option for you Cece, I’m sorry to hear that. Luckily I never had a family or else I would most definitely be dire straights. I’ve even had my hours reduced at work from 6-2. Even though I’m poor and part of the 99% I still don’t agree with anything this President has done or anything I read about these protestors do. I don’t identify with them. I noticed more and more people are taking the train into the center city as much any more. It’s bad enough Nutter got re-elected, on top of that we have an absolute marxist in the white house. I just cannot believe this would ever happen in my lifetime.

      2. Terry says:

        It’s not new Cece, been going on for years, however, that said, I think we are going to see many more doing this during the Obama administration.

  17. Gary-bg says:

    You need to have poor for entitlements to make sense when your sustenance comes from Government you vote for the paymasters; a plain and simple plan.You can assure this will happen by making sure you prop up other emerging countries with the money needed to ensure they can develop the jobs and industry we in America used to have.We will just call it foreign aid which if you buy into that then domestic aid is not a stretch for the I want it crowd which gets bigger every day.You will notice also that the federal government does not suffer any pay decreases either their raises are automatic because it was to much trouble voting on them all the time;kept them away from concentrating on their “Agenda”.

  18. Lorraine says:

    The obama’s off to another vacation while America burns.

  19. Jaye Southworth says:

    It’s just stuff that got burned up – stuff can be replaced. People do what they have to do to survive. Some people don’t have the luxury of living in a storage unit, they live in tents or under cardboard boxes. Welcome to Obummers world. Be careful who you vote for next time.

    1. terry says:

      Good post

  20. KickTheKenyanOut2012 says:

    Hope & Change Depression under Barack Hussein Obama…

  21. Spanky says:

    Welcome to Obamaville!

    Unemployment was 4.4% on 12/31/2006, three days before Dems took total control of the 110th Congress on 1/3/2007.

  22. Cynical says:


Comments are closed.

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