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Police: 13-Year-Old Girl Charged After Allegedly Distributing Sleeping Aid To Classmates

By Walt Hunter and Crystal Cranmore

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police have charged a 13-year-old girl for distributing a sleeping aid to classmates after several students reported feeling ill, according to authorities.

Police say just after 9 a.m., seven seventh grade students from the H. A. Brown Elementary School in Kensington were transported to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children after feeling sick. Two of the students have been admitted and will stay overnight.

“My daughter is in their sick. Her heart rate keeps going up and down. She passed out,” said Marisol Cruz, the mother of one of the students admitted to the hospital.

Eyewitnesses say the children looked woozy and had to be assisted outside of the school.

HAZMAT crews, fire officials and medics responded to the scene initially thinking it may have been an environmental issue that sickened the children.

However, police later determined the children ingested Ambien, a sleeping aid, and possibly additional prescription medicine that was allegedly brought in by another unidentified student.

“Passed it on to my hand and I thought it was a candy or something and I just took it back and started chewing,” said Sonia Cortez.

Authorities say the 13-year-old who allegedly passed out the pills is under arrest. Meanwhile, parents are outraged at how this could happen to their children.

“High blood pressure medicine, Advil, this little girl basically had her own pharmaceutical business going on in the school,” said Silvia Vasquez, a mother of one of the victims.

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One Comment

  1. silly2 says:

    How about teaching your kids not to take pills that aren’t given by a doctor or their parent? All these outraged parents should be mad at their own kids first!! THEN the little middle school pharmacist!

  2. More Random says:

    This is the fault of child labor laws. If the kids worked, they would have the money to purchase candy and would not be chomping at the bit to get other kids candy. In other words, they could be choseier about the candy they ate and might have spit out the nasty flavored stuff they were given.

  3. Random says:

    Did someone say candy?

  4. Asia says:

    I’m sorry but… 13 years old and you think a sleeping pill is CANDY?

  5. MadCharles says:

    Diversity has a dark side..

  6. Scott K. Smith says:


    1. Evil says:

      Hey… at least we’re enjoying the RIDE!!

  7. taosnow says:

    Wonder if she would have been busted for handing out Birth Control pills to her classmates ? Oh never mind.. Plan B was supposed to take of that.

    1. Burma Pilot says:

      If she had, and they are more available, then stories like this would gradually faaaade away.

      There’s a reason there are more planned parenthood clinics in the urban areas.

  8. James Woods says:

    What the kiddo was handing out was nothing compared to the battery of mind-altering drugs prescribed to children who have been taken by the state.

    A recent report showed that children in protective service custody of various states were on some 5+ mind-altering drugs at a time.

    I see a career in this girls future; right in social services.

    1. elda says:

      You are right James…..right down to new borns. Problem is that many of the kids in the system have been so damaged there isn’t much anyone can do for them. Love is sinply not enough anymore. Take away strong families and what you are left with is pure narcissism.

  9. Cheech says:

    I knew that chick in Junior High!!!

  10. Kip Noxzema says:

    Boy, that was some good investigative journalism, CBS. You never talked to the parents of the girl handing the stuff out. Where did she get the pills from? How long has she been doing this? Did you interview more students to find out? Hack journalists.

    1. Mark Smith says:

      Yup that’s what we got these days is HACKS.
      They are too self-important to find out the facts.

      Disgusting story, disgusting reporting

      Walt Hunter is too tired to care anymore, just hit spell check Walt.

      Crystal Cranmore is a fist class imbicel.

    2. Eileen says:

      Hacks indeed. The writer and editor both missed the incorrect use of “their” in their story. In this case it should’ve been “there” as in ‘the daughter is in there (this hospital).”

  11. Brian says:

    They all wanted to get high and some had a bad reaction, overdosed, or mixed stuff that has negative consequences……..This lil innocent ‘got tricked by her’ routine(s)..the how could this happen parents nonsense..even the police reaction is just so ridiculous. Some of them learned a lesson but to single out one of them for retribution is like going into a crack house and arresting one user as the culprit and bad guy..moronic.

    Really is don’t take and especially don’t mix pills unless you know their effects on you.
    Rest of it is just hyped up drama.

  12. Micah says:

    Baaaahahahaha, “I thought it was candy, so I just took it back… didn’t realize it was a pill until I started feeling woozy.” First of all, you don’t say ‘took it back’ when you’re referring to candy; second of all, you didn’t realize it wasn’t candy when you tasted it? You dummy, just say you wanted to take the pill, so you took it! It’s amazing the sorts of stupid lies the media forces people to tell because we can’t handle simple truisms in this country; like maybe a girl in the seventh grade is going to be familiar with, and curious about drugs, so she tries one and learns from the mistake. No, we all have to be fooled into thinking that a girl who’s almost in highschool doesn’t know the difference between candy and an Ambien.

  13. LarryG says:

    I think it’s just wonderful we have so many grammar experts available but the entire critical point here has been somehow missed by our local intelligentia. The location is Philadelphia – that should be the first clue. The activity of itself should raise a red flag. Look at the names of the respondents. There are no obvious tip-offs as to ethnicity in the names but I guess they aren’t of Mexican or Central American descent. My guess is that they are Caribbean blacks such as Haitian, Jamaican, Dominican, etc. Prove me wrong and I’ll go with it. Too much time wasted here on matters of no consequence.

  14. Suzanne Harb Mackay says:

    And the 13 year old kid learned it from the parents – hello – is it really that hard to figure out? This sight is about leaving worthy comments not wrestling over grammar. Get on with life people!

    1. Vcky Bevis says:

      Yeah, you are “rite,” Suzanne. This SITE is all about comments, not grammar. Education, at the lowest level, is gone anymore in the U.S.

  15. Dyler Turden says:

    “Passed it on to my hand and I thought it was a candy or something and I just took it back and started chewing,” said Sonia Cortez.

    A 13 year old constructed this sentence? God, I wish I had the option as to whether I want my tax dollars to go to public education or not. What a waste of money.

  16. Jeff R. says:

    This is why Sebelius said the morning after pill shouldn’t be over the counter for everyone. You’d have 11 year old girls popping them left and right just to see what happens.

  17. Kayla says:

    How dense are you people?? really a 13 year old didn’t know what she took hahaha it really is the ignorant parents who raise the biggest idiots. every “kid” who popped one of those pills knew exactly what they were doing.. you think ambien is flavored like a tootsie roll or what!? they should ALL be charged. ingestion is just as illegal as distributing is!! 13 year olds are NOT as naive as they claim to be. My 6 year old knows better… way to hype up the stupid card tho..

  18. Chris says:

    I believe I have heard enough now. I am going to go shoot myself in the face!

    1. Chris says:

      Not literally.

      1. Randy Bobandy says:

        Go ahead, please do.

      2. Chris Lynch says:

        Shoot annoying people first, please.

  19. JimmmyTheKnife says:

    My daughter is in their [SIC] sick. Her heart rate keeps going up and down. She passed out,”

    Where’ a proofreader when you really need one

    1. American Patriot says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

    2. Sal S Trader says:

      Mine too. Maybe the proof reader took some sleeping pills too.

  20. Chsitopher Early says:

    As far as I’m concerened that girl is a hero. She managed to teach everyone at the school and all of the other parents an extremely valuable lesson. Her classmates needed to know about drugs long before this day. Her teachers needed to know that the kids weren’t properly edcuated about drugs. The parents needed to know that most kids will pop any pill in their mouth that they are handed – no questions asked. To an ever increasing extent children view their schools as prisons, and why not? Cameras, metal detectors, bathroom escorts, the entire day is planned; some schools even have walls and barbed wire fences and metal reinforced windows that won’t open. These childen, these inmates, they want to escape.

    1. mrrobin says:

      And this twin tower thing was all about flying lesson?

  21. 'Nother Son O' Ursus says:

    …Ambian is the ‘yuppie’ date-rape drug of choice, if one overlooks my (possibly juvenile) sarcasm… It’s for adults only, ‘far as I know.
    …What’s a 13 year old doing with a ‘party-supply’ on her person, regardless of the motivation?
    Why don’t children get taught NOT to automatically injest whatever someone hands them?

    BTW: If a child HAS a ‘party-supply’ of ambian, (re: poster ‘Margaret Sanger’s’ comments), I sincerely hope she ALSO has plenty of ‘Plan-B’, ‘RU-486’, condoms, etc., etc. because, unless one prefers children having children, &/or STD’s, there is an ‘obvious’ health-care need…!

    1. Walljasper says:

      Yes and I eagerly await the night when my wife will sneak into my bed and have her way with me…and that I will remember the terrible joy.

    2. Stupid Parent says:

      Wadda ya gonna do? They’ve removed the asbestos and have banned paint with lead and tuna with mercury. Gotta eat somethin’

  22. Smurf says:

    Parents are mad at the little girl when it was their dumb kid who took it.

  23. PowerPC says:

    Hey!! I am a superior person because I noticed the misuse of the word “Their”. I am so smart I want the entire world to know it! Thank goodness I have this PhD or I might be as stupid as this writer and editor….Man I am so smart.

    1. Jose Gonzalez says:

      you also misused the word “might”. You should use “may” as “might” is past tense. Did you not go to school as a child?

      1. Randy Cohen says:

        I think you may be wrong about the use of the word might. You wrote that might is the past tense of may, which I agree with. The problem is that the statement made above does not reference an event from the past. I believe might is used correctly. to indicate that something is possible.

      2. LarryG says:


  24. PowerPC says:

    Enough about the freaking spelling!! There is a complete story before and after that word. How about commenting on that instead of being the spelling and grammar police!! Such ignorance…..Like you can do anything about it now.

    1. Jose Gonzalez says:

      the correct spelling should have been “there”.

    2. ProReporter says:

      Power, you’re entitled to derive whatever benefit you choose from the story. When the messenger lacks professionalism, his message (the story) becomes suspect. I’ve been in the journalism business many years and frequently see significant errors in breaking stories because the reporters fail to spend the necessary time to ‘get it right’.

    3. Vicky Bevis says:

      Good deflection, PowerPC.

  25. Jim Dea says:


  26. chuck says:

    This article made my heart rate go up and down

  27. GrammarNatzee says:

    Does anybody review/edit articles anymore?

    Please learn to use they’re, their, and there correctly before publishing another article.

    1. Live2112 says:

      First think I noticed. I was about to post this too, but you beat me to it. Or should I say, you beet me too it?

      1. hparsons says:

        Or maybe you SHOULDN’T say “first think I noticed”. Just sayin’

    2. SCNTEXAS says:

      One of the major issues with computers, though a word may be spelled correctly, it’s usage may be inaccurate.

      Part of the dumbing down of society in general. Our kids do NOT know how to write anymore. Apparently, our “journalist” do not either.

      1. Sally Burke says:

        That would be “its”, not “it’s.”

      2. Max17 says:

        “…does not either.”

      3. LarryG says:

        I believe it to be a typo, Einstein sharpshooters. Missed the “s” – hardly a language crime.

  28. Margaret Sanger says:

    Not sleep aids — they were only abortifacients and STD meds.

    Go back to your naps now…

  29. Chris says:

    “My daughter is in their sick. Her heart rate keeps going up and down. She passed out,” said Marisol Cruz, the mother of one of the students admitted to the hospital.

    “Passed it on to my hand and I thought it was a candy or something and I just took it back and started chewing,” said Sonia Cortez.

    Yeah right! Candy? Hmm… Parents you need to begin by removing that halo you have placed on your dear children’s head. Some good old fashioned punishment would be in line next.

  30. David Heath says:

    “My daughter is in their sick.”
    God, does no-one bother to edit these articles in American news sites?

  31. Len says:

    “My daughter is in their sick”

    I always take journalist who cannot spell , seriously.

    1. artemis133 says:


      But you don’t need a comma in between the words “spell” and “seriously”.


  32. Chris says:

    Of course the children and parents themselves do not take any responsibility. It is all the fault of a 13 year old drug dealer and the teachers for letting this behavior take place. I thought it was just candy said one of the students. How convenient! I am sure that all the parents of these precious angels believe their early teen children did not know they were taking pills. Wake up parents!

  33. Montford John Greenwood says:

    And the teachers that have these kids in their care? Nothing? Oh but parents at home can be blamed for students misbehaving at school.

  34. mtbsf6 says:

    I take Ambien and can tell you from experience that if you don’t swallow it right on the first try you will vomit from the bitter taste. “I thought it was candy” Yes, sure!

  35. Kelly says:

    Oh come on, she thought it was “candy or something”? Those kids knew they were taking something they shouldn’t be taking. Granted I can see why they’re lying.

  36. Veronica Bard says:

    There’s an epidemic of poor grammar. Listening to NPR the other day, I heard a fellow make up a word during an interview. I didn’t think too much of it until the person doing the interview, in an attempt to be “in the know”, repeated the made up word. Standards are just lower these days.

    1. Bernie Bouck says:

      Some of the WORST grammar can be heard on NPR at the behest of these hyper-educated commentators !

    2. LarryG says:

      They’re “more smarter”.

  37. Rick O'Shea says:

    Is that some of the white middle class ferrorism that we are supposed to watch out for, nope?

  38. Spanky says:

    “parents are outraged at how this could happen to their children.”

    Uh, parents – teach your children not to consume drugs or unidentified substances.

  39. glenp says:

    My grammer is sweet

  40. glenp says:

    where did La’Quisha get all those pharmaceuticals??

    1. fastnstupid says:

      Eric Holder

  41. Richard Henkle says:

    “My daughter is in their sick. Her heart rate keeps going up and down. She passed out,” said Marisol Cruz, the mother of one of the students admitted to the hospital.

    Hello Editors! Are you out there? Does this hospital have a sick that this lady’s daughter in inside of? Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but come on, you’re supposed to be a journalist.

    1. glenp says:

      RICHARD!!! you need a little more practice with your “ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE” program—

      explain this for us please ” Hello Editors! Are you out there? Does this hospital have a sick that this lady’s daughter in inside of? Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but come on, you’re supposed to be a journalist”

      1. eric says:

        looks like you totally missed his point

      2. glenp says:

        I did miss his point he could have made it a little more clear for illiterates like me

      3. nope says:

        I’ll make it clear for you glenp. “My daughter is in their sick.” The correct spelling of the word in this instance is “there”, not “their.” Get it now? Geez. You should really stay away from the “your “ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE” program— stuff.

      4. Pogue Mahone says:

        No, the spelling is correct, because the girl was actually inside a globule of vomit. You can’t go around prejudging writers until you understand the actual situation. What is important now is how the girl is to be rescued form the globule of vomit. I think that under this Obama administration, anything involving the wild expenditure of tax dollars will probably handle the job sufficiently.

      5. LarryG says:

        Another TYPO! Jesus Christ People! Take it easy. The real issue generally is lack of proof-reading, not grammar deficiency. The deficiency here is your intellect and your childish need to sport your superiority.

    2. irishsmile says:

      I agree completely. Their is possessive. Mediocre education generates mediocre workers. A writer just shouldn’t be making this kind of simple error.

    3. Kathryn Stevens says:

      Thank you for bringing that up. “My daughter is in “their” sick”. It’s very sad that we are seeing more and more of these mistakes from professionals who should know better.

    4. Vicky Bevis says:

      Yeah, Richard, it shocked me, too. No idea why it is misused since we all know education is “dumbed down.”

      BTW, Advil is NOT a blood pressure med, but Ambien IS a sleep med..
      (Retired nurse who can spell)

    5. Crystal says:

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Online news sources take too many short cuts and fail to run copy through their editors, or have poor editors. If I was Marisol Cruz, I would be highly embarrassed

      Unfortunately, we will see so much more of this poor grammar in days ahead.

    6. Richard's daddy says:

      Richard Head, Glen is making fun of the fact that you tried to correct someone’s grammar with your own broken engrish.

      Go public edumacations!!!! Don’t worry when you get to 5th grade they will straighten you out.

  42. Timmah says:

    Love the kids just eating things someone passed to them. This generation is raising some pretty stupid children.

  43. Rog Meritt says:

    This reeks of the handy work of Obama-voting-liberals. Only they would let children get their hands on prescription drugs to be distributed inside schools.

  44. Bluto says:

    There sure are a lot of idiots on this blog. Were any of you 13 at one time? Linda are you that stupid? You probably have a 15 year old that is a pot head and you have no clue.

  45. Hugh says:

    LOL. Yeah, thought it was candy. So how many people just throw back a piece of candy and swallow it without chewing? That would be none. So unless Ambian tastes like Smarties when you chew on, I am going to have to call BS on this one.

    1. readmore says:

      you might want to throw around the idea of reading the article you comment on. Here is the quote from above:

      “…. was a candy or something and I just took it back and started chewing”

      …Started Chewing.

      1. Tricky says:

        …and then spit it out. The point is that prescription medication doesn’t taste like Smarties so you will know the difference immediately. Because I am sure that the kids didn’t start chewing and say “hmmm, this tastes absolutely terrible, I’d better have another”. I agree on the BS flag.

    2. Bill O says:

      It’s often useful to read the article before posting.

      “Passed it on to my hand and I thought it was a candy or something and I just took it back and started chewing,” said Sonia Cortez

  46. Common Sense says:

    It’s not just about keeping prescription medication out of your child’s reach, it’s about educating them.
    The real War on Drugs, should be on prescription abuse and not a plant that has been around for thousands of years!

    1. Rob Coulstring says:

      Eventually that will change as the old guard starts to die off. They don’t want any competition on their billion dollar industries of booze and pills. Look at the opiod epidemic they laid on this country. They knew how addictive oxycodone was and that it would flood the streets. Don’t get me wrong that is an important drug for terminally ill patients, it can help make an otherwise unbearable situation more tolerable.
      The ignorance and bias surrounding cannabis is unbelieveable.But most towns and cities have no shortage of bars and liquor stores.

  47. JC says:

    My daughter is in their sick. Where did you learn grammer? My daughter is in THERE sick.

    1. carla says:

      Clearly, you are referring to the copy editor. And, its GRAMMAR, lololol, way to jump in and show off your superior intellect and language mastery.

      1. Rebel Yell says:

        If you are going to correct someone on their grammar, you should be sure to use proper punctuation. To contract “it is,” you need to use an apostrophe!

      2. Drugsareexciting says:

        Rebel Yell is incorrect as well. You correct someONE on his or her grammar, not THEIR grammar.

      3. freecheese says:

        whats youz meanz ? Like ya no, ebibucs iz da way wez beez talkin. da wave of da future, like, ya no what I mean man. ya no, wez not wantin to bez talking like whitey. like dats da way it iz ya no what i meanz man, huh
        like ya no, why iz it dat da media beez pickiin on blacks frum philly every week, huh. no what I mean man, huh.

    2. chech says:

      It’s spelled grammar, genius

    3. steve collins says:

      lousy editor … but, most likely an honors graduate of a journalism school…

      1. ablecynic says:

        Very true. The only credentials required at Journalism Schools today are that you be a card-carrying liberal Democrat. Nothing else matters after that.

    4. Bill O says:


    5. Bill O says:

      “Your daughter is in their sick Where did you learn grammer.” Honestly, ya just can’t make this stuff up.

      1. Clearhead says:

        And I think you mean THERE.

    6. MunkeyButt says:

      I think you mean Grammar.

  48. Rob Adkerson says:

    lol @ any parent that believes the “I thought it was candy.” Excuse. Wake up suburbanites, your kids knew what they were doing, they just panicked since they’ve never done something like ambien before.

  49. MG says:

    She’s probably at home watching shows like Breaking Bad.

    1. Rob Adkerson says:

      Breaking Bad pretty clearly shows the negative impact drugs have on everyone involved…

  50. Cracker says:

    Those crazy Mezkins love that sizzurp.

  51. cs1999 says:

    “My daughter is in their sick…” Philadelphia government schools at work?

    “In there sick” or, maybe, “My daughter is in, they’re sick…”

    “Passed it on to my hand and I thought it was a candy or something and I just took it back and started chewing,”

  52. engineer says:

    i am not going to lie to you but i would like to have one right now at work…

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