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Your Frustration Is Understandable

By Merrill Reese: I can’t remember a season quite like this one.  To call it disappointing is an understatement.

Yes the Eagles made changes and yes they had the lockout that robbed them of OTA’s but 31 other teams faced that also and 18 of those teams have more than four wins.  Injuries hurt but the Patriots played Sunday without three defensive starters and they still rocked.

Your frustration is truly understandable.

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  1. Rut0h says:

    Merrill – My pick for the Eagles MVP since 1994 has been Jeff Lurie. The way I remember it we could of been the Baltimore Eagles. Jeff, I know your reading this! Fire Andy the nicest way you can think of. Cut your future losses by getting rid of Vick and get a QB who can see over the offensive line and is smart. Save your money and get rid of Mini T.O(Jackson), IF NOT THE HONEYMOON IS OVER!

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