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NJ Man Sought In Connection To Toddler’s Death Arrested In San Diego

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) – A New Jersey man, sought in connection with the death of his young child, was found in California after a week-long manhunt.

Arthur Morgan’s luck ran out when he answered the door for a waiting team of U.S. Marshals.

After a lengthy investigation, officers from the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office teamed with federal marshals and tracked Morgan, 27, to an address in the 800 block of Euclid Avenue in San Diego.

us marshalls arthur morgan NJ Man Sought In Connection To Toddlers Death Arrested In San Diego

(credit: U.S. Marshal Service)

Last week, Morgan was charged with murder after an autopsy showed the child died from ‘homicidal violence.’ (see related story)

Police say Morgan was supposed to return the girl to her mother Monday, November 21, but instead left the child strapped in her car seat and partially submerged in a creek in Wall Township before fleeing the state.

Two-year-old Tierra Morgan was found dead the following day by park goers who spotted the child in the creek.

Morgan is currently in the custody of the San Diego County Sheriffs Department pending extradition proceedings back to New Jersey.

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One Comment

  1. noname says:

    any suggestion from anyone on how i can save this 3 year old without commiting a crime myself?

  2. noname says:

    if you’ll look on another news web site there’s a interview with the mother who said “she tried to get help but the system failed her” “it’s just so wrong”. well, there’s another failure happing right now. and it’s not with DHS. DHS has investigated this case i’m talking about numerous times. the 3 year old with broken leg, punctures, scratches, blackened eye and terrified of visiting dad. it all gets swept under the rug because dad is connected to the courts. and it’s not even dad abusing her, he’s just failing to protect her from the abuser in his house. the courts are refusing to acknowledge the evidence right under their noses to protect a “friend” this is how things rolled with Sandusky also. PS failed to acknowledge the evidence because he had means, connections etc.

  3. Donna Lauria says:

    Chop off his male genitals so he can’t father any more babies and then kill them. How’s that for a great idea???

  4. kate says:

    strap him in the chair and take his life like he so did to his child. what an animal, may the child RIP

  5. Awaiting Mo der ation Too says:

    Meanwhile his friends and Fambly are defending him. Typical!

  6. Roman Doroshenko says:

    Gotchu Suckah.

  7. Stephanie says:

    This is so sad. Only a sick, sick person is capable of this crime. To take the life of an innocent child is not comprehensible . My heart goes out to the mother and family of Tierra Morgan. They will be in my prayers. I can’t even say that I know what they are going through but I can imagine their hearts and lives are empty without this angel. May Tierra rest in peace and may her family find peace in knowing that she is with God and that animal of a father is behind bars.

  8. Charmaine Hurst says:

    Gotcha!You may have ran and hide but God saw you all along!

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