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Some ‘Occupy Philly’ Campers Say Protest Group Is Too Splintered

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some members of “Occupy Philadelphia” are concerned about the group’s future.

Occupy member Bruce Mays says he worries that the “99 percent” message is getting drowned out by certain factions.

“The movement is a great movement, but it’s been infiltrated by anarchists and other bad elements,” he says.

Mays also says that in his opinion, the Occupy movement needs to be more focused.

“When Martin Luther King protested, he protested for civil rights.  During the Vietnam war we protested the Vietnam war.  I think at this point we’re protesting too many different things — there’s, like, 69 different agendas,” he tells KYW Newsradio.

And Mays says he questions the civil disobedience and arrests at two sit-ins last week.

“You’ve got people here that egg everyone else on, and then they’re the one’s that don’t go to jail, they’re the one’s that step back.”

Mays adds that it’s a challenge dealing with the mental health issues of some of the homeless who’ve joined the camp, but he credits police and the city for how they have handled the protests so far.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Aaron Kreider says:

    Exposed: The Secret Elite Faction that Controls Occupy Philly

  2. Tim Printer says:

    A friend of mine is one of the union guys waiting to work on Dilworth Plaza. He went down two weeks ago to look at the site. He listened in to the protests that were going on. He described them as being unorganized and incoherent. I think the message got lost a long time ago. It was only a matter of time before anarchists and other trouble makers got involved.

  3. Mother Nature says:

    They lost their way about amonth ago. No one cares about them or their message any more. Time to pack it in. Bye, bye.

  4. Raymond A. Collier says:

    “Some ‘Occupy Philly’ Campers Say Protest Group Is Too Splintered” Gee, You Think? I wonder how “Occupy Philadelphia” came up with that Brilliant Piece of Inspiration? That seems to be a problem throughtout the “Occupy” Movement!

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