Rendell: Joe Had To Go

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says Joe Paterno had to go, but says the mistake that cost Paterno his job doesn’t negate all the good done by the ousted Penn State football coach.

When asked if he thought Paterno had been treated fairly by Penn State’s Board of Trustees, former Governor Ed Rendell said he ought to disqualify himself from answering the question because of the “close” friendship he developed with the former coach after the two men met while Rendell was mayor of Philadelphia.

“And then when I became governor, he was having some losing seasons in the beginning, and I would call him to buck his spirits up. When he saw me getting battered in the media, he would call me to buck my spirits up. And I think he’s done an enormous amount of good.”

But, Rendell says Paterno’s ouster had to happen.

“I thought it was absolutely necessary. And again, I say that with heavy heart, because of all Joe’s done. But I think the university has to make a clean break and even everyone associated with the program, I think, has to eventually be cleaned out and they have to start anew.”

Rendell says Paterno’s handling of the situation that ended his career turned out to be a “huge mistake,” but he says it must be balanced by the good Paterno did.

Reported by Harrisburg Bureau Chief Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Donna says:

    Why weren’t people as concerned about Michael Jackson and his interaction with young boys, As they are about Joe Paterno failing to go to the police? And now the latest…. taking Joe’s statue down? People are rediculous!!! In my neighborhood (110 houses) I can only think of 2 people who would stick their neck out and call police. All the people who are saying Paterno should have done more than tell his superiors, would NOT have had the intestional fortitude to go to the police for fear of the accused finding out they told.

  2. nancy says:

    I just love how politicians weigh in on Joe Paterno! HA HA HA Oh – the irony. Of course the potiical way is to just clean house – without regard to law or justice. I’m fearful the ultimate message delivered to people is DON’T REPORT anything because if it can take down Joe Pa – imagine what it can do to you! Joe’s track record of doing what’s right (not always easy) exceeds rendell’s career by far. It makes no sense that a guy that never violated recruiting laws and was willing to sit all-stars for acedemic performance would intentionally NOT do something like this – just makes NO sense.

  3. rob says:

    another lynch-mob mentality a**hole jumps on the bandwagon. and to think i came on this website to contact jim donovan of 3-on your side to let him know about this lowlife group of cowards who fired an innocent man, and decided to arrest, arraign, try, convict, sentence, and condemn, all within a 2-hour period. was this another pa governor who supposedly knew of the supposed abuse, or is that only the current pa governor, who took forever to do something about it? jump on it, media: breaking news!!!! ed rendell has something to say about psu-that’s almost as exciting as obama having something to say about psu .

  4. willie joe says:

    Fast Eddie Rendel has a lot of balls saying anything after the way he conducted himself. A wife cheater & lying politican for starters. Fat f….k cheesesteak eating blow hard.

  5. Lance says:

    I firmly believe that Joe was the kind of leader who knew everything going on in his program. Why oh why didn’t he do more if he knew Sandusky was carrying on with children?

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