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Exclusive: Good Samaritan Helps Victim Of Newark, Delaware Sexual Assault

NEWARK, Del. (CBS) — Police are warning women in Newark, Delaware to be on alert after an attempted sexual assault.

They’re also asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect.

Tuesday night, Eyewitness News spoke exclusively to the Good Samaritan who helped the victim.

The incident happened on a trail in Phillips Park near the University of Delaware.

“Just totally totally terrified. I’ve never seen terror like that,” Ryan Ebersole said.

Ebersole recalls his heart racing. He and his roommates had to act fast after a woman ran into their kitchen, frantic and frightened.

Eborsole explained, “The only words she can get out was, ‘Somebody tried to rape me’.”

He called 911 and says while waiting for police, the woman just hid in the kitchen corner, terrified.

“The one thing she did mention was that she was punched in the face. I didn’t notice anything but she was so red in the face, I couldn’t tell but she was kind of dirty. She had dirt all over her feet,” Ebersole added.

The 30-year-old woman later told police, she is new to the neighborhood and she walked from her home to the 7-11 nearby on Elkton Road. She, unfortunately, couldn’t figure out how to get back and that’s when a man offered to find her way home.

It was Sunday night and according to the woman, the two were walking when they ended up on a trail next to Philips Park. She says that’s where the man knocked her to the ground and tried to sexually assault her. She fought him off and ran to Ebersole’s.

“She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t talk,” Ebersole recalled.

Through their investigation, police have since identified the suspected attacker as 43-year-old Marvin Holmes. Unable to locate Holmes, police are now asking for your help.

Ebersole added, “I was shook up. Everybody was shook up. You’re never prepared for situation like that.”

Police say Holmes is known to use the names, “Nico”, “Rick” and “Mar”. Holmes is also known to frequent the homes and businesses along Elkton Road.
Anyone with information about where Holmes can be found is asked to call the Newark Police at 302-366-7111. An anonymous text message tip can also be sent by texting 302NPD and your message to TIP411.

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. slick says:

    Not saying what the ignorant jerk did was in anyway human but didn’t your mother ever teach you not to talk to strangers….why are you walking alone at night…..why didn’t you go back to the store and ask for directions from the cashier….you couldn’t call someone, instead you ask a complete stranger who now knows where you live to because if told him you needed to get home and he said it can take you there, you had to have given him your address duh!

  2. Catfish Bob says:

    Marvin, Marvin, Marvin . . .

    You are in sooooo much trouble. You’all aught give yourself up.

    With a pug like yours, there isn’t a hoodie or hat or anything you can use to disguise yourself. Unless you get bandaged up, like the Invisible Man, for the rest of your life.

    The other option is to wait for a friend or family member of the victim to find you, after which you’ll be invisible forever, after they disappear you.

  3. Dmobile215 says:

    this is why people need to keep close family members near by to send someone to beat the living stuff out of people who do stupid things like this there is no need to do stuff like this he needs to find him a good wife, but that is not possible because this man has issues and looks like he got issues, actually I thought he was a female from the look of him, when they catch him be better keep his soap on a rope.

    They are going to give him major time.. is what he needs.

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