Darrell Clarke On Track To Be Next Philadelphia City Council President

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia city councilman Darrell Clarke appears to have locked up enough support among his colleagues to be chosen as the next Council president, in January.

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell confirms that she has agreed to support Clarke for Council president, apparently as part of a deal.

“We made an agreement,” she tells KYW Newsradio.  “I am also running for majority leader.”

Also supporting Clarke is Councilman Curtis Jones.  “He’s insightful and has value added when it comes to solving some of the city’s problems,” Jones said today.

Clarke, who represents the 5th District, did not respond to our calls.

Mayor Nutter had supported Marian Tasco for Council president, but with Clarke the apparent victor he is, publicly at least, taking the high road.

“Whatever ultimately happens, I’m going to work with all the members and their leadership, their elected leadership,” Nutter said.

A formal vote for Council president comes after the inauguration of councilmembers, in early January.

Reported by KYW City Hall bureau chief Mike Dunn


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One Comment

  1. Fed Up Citizen says:

    Doesn’t matter who gets in what office as far as I’m concerned. I trust no politician. How can I when I look at the City of Philadelphia and see how it has declined!!!! Goes to show you what the “politicians” have done for us. NOTHING. I just keep paying my taxes and watch this filthy city go down!

  2. Margaret Motheral says:

    I’m glad it is not Marian Tasco. You can tell a lot by the people they surround them self with and her staff Derek Green has committed many crimes against me.. Hate crimes and cover up of environmental felonies that put me in hospital more than once and displaced me from my home. Last night I got a rape threat due to Derek Green and his buddy Vernon Price’s multi year campaign of hate crimes toward me in their effort to hide their own crimes, which has caused endless harm toward me. I don’t know Darrel Clarke, but I am grateful it is not Marian Tasco who will allow her staff to bring people close to death and perpetuate crimes for years.

  3. mp says:

    I never knew a more selfish councilman than Darrell Clarke. He left Northwood in shambles while he pursed to build the tallest building in Philly. That fell through. He is not for the common people and only cares to make a name for himself by attaching himself to the glitter of his position. At least Mariano got things accomplished. Darrell Clarke was one of the reasons I moved out of Philly this past summer.

  4. blackguy says:

    Business as usual. Time for real people (democrats) and not career politians to run the city. Hey, neighbor John, we need you to get this city back in order. Not the usual career pol.

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