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Joe Paterno Emerges, Speaks To Media Outside Family Home

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (CBS) — Joe Paterno emerged from his home in State College Tuesday afternoon to a barrage of reporters questioning the Penn State’s football coach about the alleged sex abuse scandal.

Paterno, escorted by his son, Scott, said, “Look, I know you guys have a lot of questions and I was hoping I was going to be able to answer them today, but we’ll try to do it as soon as we can. We can’t do it today.”

Scott said nothing has changed.

“There’s been no contact about anything to do with anybody stepping down,” said Scott. “That’s all we really have at this time.”

Scott said there had been no contact with the university other than discussing football.

The Nittany Lion coach with 46 season under his belt appeared hours after his weekly news conference was cancelled by the school amid the scandal surrounding former defensive coach Jerry Sandusky. Two other officials were also charged in connection to the alleged scandal.

Paterno stepped into an awaiting car and left for campus, without speaking another word to the media.

Supporters outside his family home could be heard yelling “We love you, Joe.” Moments later, he arrived on campus and remained silent as he entered the facility.

Although Joe’s fate remains unknown to many, the New York Times reported the school’s Board of Trustees was planning his departure. The paper reports an exact exit date was unknown.

Late Tuesday evening, Paterno addressed the crowd of supporters outside of his home

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One Comment

  1. Dina Ki says:

    Joe Paterno MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! He could’ve done much more, and he would’ve saved many more young boys from harm!!!!!!!!!

  2. KCG says:

    Joe Paterno did not commit the crime. He did was he was supposed to do by reporting it to his superior. Its always easy to say what someone should have done or what more he could have done. Remember Joe Paterno did not commit a crime . Don,t ruin his legacy and career ,because of what some feeble minded idiots think . Send he. who committed the crime and those responsible for firing him to jail.

    1. LiJe says:

      I agree…he didn’t witness it, he reported what he heard. Plus…wasn’t Schultz in charge of campus police…so wasn’t that reporting it to the police?

    2. Wayne says:

      Would he have done nothing if it was his grandson<

  3. Mod erated says:

    “…questioning the Penn State’s football coach about the alleged sex abuse scandal.”

    Tell it like it is, C BS! It’s pe doph ilic ho m o s e xual rape!!!

  4. JD says:

    Joe Pa is as much at fault as Sandusky himself. How he could knowingly allow the guy around his football team/facilities is beyond me. This will forever be the legacy of JoePa. Turning a blind eye to his boy-banging friend.

    1. Donald E, Miller, Jr says:

      Mr. Paterno did not have the authority to ban Mr. Sandusky from the facilities as Mr. Sandusky was not under Mr. Paterno at the time of the reported incident. At the time Mr. Sandusky was an ex-coach. It was up to Mr. Paterno’s superiors to ban Mr. Sandusky from the campus. Mr. Paterno is not the college president nor God, just a coach of a universty football team. He is a human being and human beings make mistakes.

  5. John G says:

    Bye Joe……….This incident goes well beyond a coach, or anyone for that mattter, doing the technical right thing by reporting it to his superior. This is something that MUST be reported to law enforcement. At least, after informing his superiors he should have followed up and made sure that campus police and/or local police knew about the incident. There is NO excuse for what Paterno did not do.

  6. WOODY1319 says:

    hypocrites all….my son was sexually assualtted in Berks Co., PA. 2 years ago the police told us it was the 6th complaint against the same man..they did a 9 month investigation got all their ducks in order and presented the case to the Berks Co. District Atty. who refused to press charges. The case was then sent to the PA atty general who didn’t even respond since he was too busy running for Gov…so on one hand your wrong for not calling the police and on the other hand the DA and Atty. Gen. aren’t interested..HANG IN THERE JOE WE LOVE YOU AND THANKS FOR ALL YOU’VE DONE!

    1. JAK says:

      Very Interesting about the Berks County case…my son was also sexually attacked by another male, and was told he was one of several but that the DA or the Atty General of PA would not touch the case because it involved a member of conress and an aide who likes young boys, and the DA knows the perv for several years. ALL news outlets were sent copies of the story and of the police request for warrants but not one of the many outside your office or home would print or assist with stopping this man. To this day he is still on the taxp[ayers payroll as an aide and still sexually attacking young boys…They can say they protect the kids but they didn’t in our case and i’m sure many others.

      1. Gov Walker says:

        Where i live in Wisconsin, if the police or the DA refuses to do anything in a situation llike this….. the family and friends take care of it. Lots of searches for “missing persons”, are looking in the wrong places. :-)

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