Car Of Philadelphia Mayoral Candidate Vandalized

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police are searching for those responsible for vandalizing the car of the Republican candidate for mayor.

Mayoral candidate Karen Brown, who is running against incumbent Michael Nutter, says someone splattered paint on her car in South Philadelphia early Tuesday morning.

Brown said the vandalism and other campaign problems are signs of politics as usual in Philadelphia.

“This is what happens in Philadelphia politics, you can’t even have a fair race. It’s bad enough I got my party actually doing ballots without me on it … and then I got people vandalizing my car on the day of the election,” Brown said.

Brown says her car has been vandalized at least 10 times. So far, no arrests have been made.


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One Comment

  1. Bryan Cook says:

    It’s such a wonder that the money moves away from places and people like this (democrats)

  2. Tom says:

    I’d recommend that a couple of you guys out there lend her your Trail Cam.
    Two should do the trick. Leave them running over night. Come back next
    morning and review. Have cops analyze. Warrants issued… problem solved.

    Next issue please.

  3. Sniffit says:

    Hey how did that election go?

  4. Anonymous says:

    @ Philly Sucks: Actually, the fans threw snow balls at Santa Claus also. What a good group of people. LOL

  5. Big Tom says:

    Just go down to the local union hall and you will find who did it.

  6. papenguin says:

    Remember the movie Road House. Patrick Swayze goes out and buys himself a hunk of junk for a few hundred dollars because he doesn’t want to tool around in his expensive sports car and have it destroyed. Same holds true here.

  7. The RealKingMax says:


    Pack up the cheesesteak restaurants & move them to safety….

    Then nuke it.

    Problem solved.

    1. Gerry says:

      Best advice I have heard all day. I cannot imagine even working or living there. It has turned into a low-class human cesspool.

  8. Oldnavy says:

    Philadelphia, the New New Orleans.

  9. JOHANN says:

    I grew up in Philly and know first hand what a thug run corrupt city. When I came of age to vote and went to register to vote I was met by the local democrat wardheelers thugs who told me if I knwe what was good for me I would register democrat; I refused and registered Republican in response to their fascist threats. When I went to vote for the first time in my life at a polling both run by the democrat thugs I was told that I was not registered and could not vote. From that day forward I have never voted demcorat and I took the first chance I could to get the hell out of Philadelphia, a Statlinist city run for the benefit os criminals and liberals.

  10. perseus317 says:

    You MIGHT get a Philly cop to take a report on the vandalism, but don’t expect to find the guilty parties. Philly cops know where their loyalties lie. When the Democrat convention was held in Philly a few years back, and protesters outside of the convention were beaten by union thugs, right in front of cops, nobody was convicted of the assaults. Philadelphia has become a cesspool that is run by corrupt Democrat politicians. Since the residents of the city continue to elect the same group of corrupt leaders, they deserve what they get. Many of the area corporations have already moved out of the city and into the suburban areas, OR they have located in the city in tax-advantaged areas, where their taxes are reduced for the next 10 or 15 years.

  11. labillyboy says:

    Philly.. another toilet bowl run by socialist criminals.

  12. student1776 says:

    Par for the course for Philadelphia.

  13. Jason says:

    I wonder: how many liberal Democrat politicians get property attacks like this on a regular basis? So her car has been vandalized 10 times eh? Sounds to me like she needs to get some friends and relatives to start monitoring her car in shifts, not unlike how undercover cops do when staking out a suspect. Then when the perp does something, get it on camera and start following him or her.

  14. Rowley says:

    How could any one want to be the Mayor of Philly.

  15. Hater says:

    Where did “sniffit” go, back to “occupy” his tent?

  16. Diego Roswell says:

    Philadelphia is a terrible, dirty, evil place.

    1. Spanky says:

      It’s Dem-controlled. Same thing.

  17. Jim Nicastro says:

    Boy these east coast people are all hateful people, they seem to all be acting like savages.

    Let’s get some civility into life again.

    1. Bill says:

      They ARE savages, look up the demographics…….

  18. David says:

    Democrats are vandalizing the Constitution on a daily basis so it stands to reason that they would vandalize private property as well. I mean, just look at what these occupiers are doing in New York and in other cities across the country.

    1. Spanky says:

      I can tell that you need to be sent to an Obama Re-Education camp VERY SOON!


      1. Raymond A. Collier says:

        Be careful for what You ask for. You might be joining him! Myself, I won’t go down nicely!

  19. dam says:

    Stay classy Philadelphia.

    1. Feliks Balakirskiy says:

      It stopped being classy long time ago. There is no hope for Philly. It’s sad. Not a worst town. I lived there long time ago. All those cities, that are controled by Dems became huge wastelands. And I am living on one of them.

  20. carol callahan says:

    Poor Phila. Hasn’t had a decent mayor since Dilworth.

  21. Trajan Long says:

    Looks like the sadly predictable response of intellectually challenged morons who inhabit Philly in abundance.

  22. noname says:

    well…i wasn’t going to vote for either, but that just made me mad. so KB got my vote.

  23. Jonathan Silberger says:

    Dems ARE thugs!!! Best revenge is Brown winning the race!

    1. nancy adler says:

      HA! as if a republican could EVER win an election in a city where “black panthers” are allowed to intimidate voters right at the polling place. philly elections have become a joke. so sad

      1. Feliks Balakirskiy says:

        Hear, hear.

  24. Joe Drager says:

    Metaphor for for liberals are doing to the country.

  25. HOGSLOP says:

    I can’t wait until Philly goes broke and they gravy train for these maggots derails!!

    1. JByrd42 says:

      They will never go broke. With papa Obama in the white house, they will get a bail out. Obama has to take care of his union thugs.

  26. Gary says:

    That has union written all over it.

  27. caligula says:

    well…it’s always sunny…

  28. dump28usn says:

    Leave the car with all of the paint on it and it would be a great political move to show how the Democrats function. This is just a preview of what to expect from the Democrats come the Presidential race. They will stop at nothing to get Obama elected so expect some real doozies in the campaign!

  29. Redz says:

    She should take a cue from the movie, “Road House” and buy a junker to drive around for the leftist street trash to vandalize, while leaving her good car intact.

  30. Obamaroid Ointment says:

    Check out the usual suspects. Do those New Black Panthers from Philly that were threatening voters with billy clubs at the polls in the ’08 election have an alibi?

    1. Jane Smith says:

      Probably not, but I bet they all have spray cans.

  31. b da truth says:

    Maybe the Black Democrats doing it will fess up and turn themselves in, unless of course it is the Black police force doing it.
    Maybe Eric Holder will investigate it like a civil rights violation? HAhahAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahHHHAaa

  32. ronnie says:

    Wait… a black city…with a lot of VIOLENCE??!! There must be a mistake.

    I know..let’s blame on.. DA MAN.

  33. Hater says:

    Would this have happened if Karen Brown was brown?

    1. Jane Smith says:

      Probably, look how Herman Cain is being treated.

      1. phnx says:

        The real question,,,would this have happened if she were liberal.

  34. James says:

    All of America’s cesspools are Democratic/Liberal areas. Your less intelligent type is a Democrat.

  35. UnPCdMOM says:

    What a remarkable display of ethics and fiscal responsibility by her opponents
    Can’t you just wait to see what they do to the whole city when they win

  36. Bruce says:

    “Philadelphia police are searching….” It wouldn’t be too surprising to learn that the FOP and police union were involved in more than an investigation of this crime.

  37. fedupinphlly says:

    Philly gets what they deserve. CHOKE of liberalism philly!

  38. Dave says:

    Typical liberal behavior

  39. Flip Flipa-delphia!! says:

    Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!! Flip Flipa-delphia!!

    1. caligula says:

      don’t taze me bro!

  40. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    Here’s a thought: Stay anonymous for a little while longer until you can start making sense.

  41. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    What? Rioting Depressioncrat thugs, goons and terrorists intimidating and suppressing the GOP vote? Why, I can’t believe Eric Holder isn’t all over this! …helping them out with it…

  42. JByrd42 says:

    Just liberals acting like liberals. Such poor losers. And I mean losers!

  43. Cromulent says:

    These are just the wages of America big city liberalism. And you wonder why people in the sticks revile you.

  44. monty says:

    A Republican? That’s not news!

  45. darrell7887 says:

    This is a form of voter disenfrachisement. The liberal communistscan’t help it they have a mental disease.

  46. Tim says:

    Does this surprise anyone? Usually Democrats wait until election day to start slashing tires and busting out windows.

  47. JacobsLadder says:

    It’s because they know she’ll beat out NutterButter. I hope she wins in spite of the looney tunes.

    1. Hater says:

      I wish, but you know over 90% of blacks only vote black. So much for judging by the content of their character not by the color of their skin.

      1. Freeway21 says:

        Well, I’m a Black Republican, so I’m in the 10% who will be voting for Karen Brown. Mayor Nutter has really brought this city further down than it was. We want to go UP the ladder, not stay at the bottom holding it steady for others to get to the top. Come on, Karen Brown. Let’s get Nutter out of office once and for all. No re-election for this guy.

      2. AmenBrother says:

        Dr King is rolling over in his grave.

      3. Freeway21 says:

        Let him roll. I refuse to vote for someone just because of the color of their skin. My mind set is, if I think they can do the job, skin color isn’t an issue. For me, it’s all about if I think they can do the job and get things right again. And for the record, I didn’t vote for a President either. Reason: I never even heard of Obama until 6 months before the election so I had no idea about his political situation and 6 months is not enough time for me to decide. And McCain ran such a ragedy, desperate campain it wasn’t funny. So, sue me.

      4. Japes Macfarland says:

        We could have brought that 90% down to maybe even 60% if Cain hadn’t imploded. (Although I’m still holding a small hope he won’t he destroyed.) The power-mongering, dishonest by default, Left knows that they’re finished if they lose their cultural slaves.
        I have a dream that all minority groups will be more like Cuban Americans.

  48. Sam Roberts says:

    Philadelphia politics at it’s very best.

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