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10 ‘Occupy Philly’ Protesters Arrested After March On Comcast Center

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –- Members of the “Occupy Philadelphia” encampment today marched a few blocks west to  the Comcast Center, at 17th and JFK Boulevard, where a handful were arrested after a sit-in in the lobby.

As hundreds of protesters gathered outside the headquarters of the cable television behemoth (photo below) about 1:30pm, more than a half-dozen men and a few women sat on the floor of the building’s lobby surrounded by police, waiting to be arrested (top photo).

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occupy phila comcast outside 10 ‘Occupy Philly’ Protesters Arrested After March On Comcast Center

(Credit: Mike Dunn)


“I think the Comcast Tower is probably the best example near City Hall, other than City Hall itself, of the issues raised by Occupy Wall Street and the intersection of those issues in Philadelphia,” said Zachary Herschman, a member of Occupy Philadelphia.

Eventually, the ten in the lobby were cuffed and taken away.

“It’s unfortunate whenever you have to make arrests,” said police commissioner Charles Ramsey afterward. “We gave warnings. But everything was peaceful, the protesters were peaceful. If you have to resort to arrests, which are unfortunate, this is the way it should be done.”

The gathering at the Comcast Center was conducted after a march on Bank of America in center city Philadelphia and the center city office of US senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) earlier in the day.

Due to the march, traffic in the already congested center city was backed up for several hours.

Jeanne Leonard, Vice President of the Liberty Property Trust, the company that owns the Comcast building issued the following statement:

“Today Occupy Philadelphia participants brought their demonstration to the lobby of Comcast Center. Comcast Center is a place of business and is not public property. For the safety of our tenants and others who come to the building to meet, eat, shop and take public transportation, we respectfully asked Occupy Philadelphia to move the demonstration out of the building to another location. When after three warnings they refused to do so, law enforcement officials secured the property. We thank the Philadelphia Police Department for their assistance in keeping the thousands of people who cross the lobby daily secure, and for handling the situation with professionalism.”

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio; Steve Beck, CBS Philly

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  • Thomas

    Fat, lazy, and jealous is no way to go through life, fleas….

  • L Dogg

    CABLETOWN is the biggest rip off in Philadelphia/the Northeast, and absolutely exemplifies what has gone wrong in business and profit margin. Good for Occupy Philadelphia. The Occupy Protesters can’t be dismissed with accusations of being dirty hippies since they know more about construction, technology, media, law, and farming then the entire hypocritical BB generation ever cared to. Proud of Nutter and OP, and anyone who pays for cable anymore is just dumb.

  • heather

    comcast doesnt pay city taxes here. theyre buisness is registered elsewhere. when unions brought them a form to register in philly, they said NO! delaware loophole, look into it because walmart is also doing the same. yes, they employ people, but they do not pay the city the taxes that they should. they make killions from our customers. i could see why they chose to take it to comcast!

    • L Dogg


  • Bernard

    Maybe they should send in the flash mobs to beat and rob these people. Then maybe they’ll go away.

    • Stan from the NE

      oh hell yes! I love it!

  • m.a.g.

    I wish there were ten times more out there protesting.You people are acting like a bunch of greedy ,self righteous a-holes.

  • Laura

    I find it offensive that they block traffic. They are nothing more than bullies. What about my right to go where I need to downtown? Oh wait, my rights don’t count. These clowns need to go away.

    • heather

      they are fighting for your rights…they are fighiting for the buisness’ to lose all the power.control they hav eto give you rights!

    • Yikes!

      I work in a law office next door to the Comcast buillding and the protesters were not blocking any traffic. It was only the dozens of unnecessary police officers who blocked the traffic for blocks and for no reason at all. It’s almost like the police blocked the traffic just to annoy drivers and blame the protesters. There was also no reason for Comcast to shut off doors and create a fearful situation. The protesters were very peaceful and sitting on the floor. Leave it to Comcast to make themselves the victim.

  • Jeff

    Envy is not good at all levels. Once you become envious, it never ends. We are in a sad situation in this country.

    • Frank

      ding ding – WE HAVE A WINNER


  • William Rogan Shaw

    I get BoA and the Sen. but why Comcast? They provide a service that people want. They have competition in the area. Never received a bailout. And they’re one of the largest employers in Philly. You people are effing morons. Get a clue.

  • mckkitty

    They all need to go home and bathe. They are costing each and every taxpayer money. It’s time for Mayor Nutter to stop this!

  • Ms Molly

    As a share holder of COMCAST, these idiots make me very angry. Some of my profits will now need to be spent getting the fleas out of the lobby……..

    • Satago

      Or you could just raise my bill again. Oh wait I gave up Comcast, nevermind….

      • Ms Molly

        Happy to. We’re all into money!

  • misterlucky

    Well, i guess that’s one bully they’ll have to leave alone…they should have known from their package prices that they’re half crazy, and shouldn’t be provoked. World banks, global economy, bigwigs of finance is one thing, but this is Comcast.

  • sickand tired

    What the 99% are not entitled to cable?

  • Dave

    Seems to me a common theme is that they don’t seem to know what they want. There are good reasons to protest at BofA, Senator Toomey’s office, and Comcast. But they couldn’t come up with one. These are a bunch of spoiled, clueless, self-entitled whiners who are trying to re-create what they imagine the ’60’s were like. But until they know what they want, and tell us, they’re doing nothing more than blocking traffic.

    • mckkitty

      They need to take this where it belongs….Washington DC

  • Kathy L

    there are right and left people protesting you ninny. Tunnel vision is a terrible thing. OMG, are you the Comcast CEO?

  • Kathy L

    CBS. you are seriously stating: “It was not immediately known why the protesters targeted those three.” who’s the reporter here? Daffy Duck? Do you have an intern that doesn read the news write this story?

    take a wild guess as to why they picked those 3!

  • Chad

    So nice that Mayor Nutter gave these urine-soaked idiots an open-ended permit to protest. It’s what the left in America is all about. Whenever you have no argument or point, just resort to anarchy.

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