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Pa. Legislature Sends No-Texting-While-Driving Bill To Gov. Corbett

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) –– Pretty soon, you’ll have to resist the urge to pick up your cell phone and send a text response to your BFF while behind the wheel in Pennsylvania.

Governor Tom Corbett was expected sign a bill headed to his desk that will ban texting while driving in the Keystone State.

The bill on its way to the governor would make texting while driving a “primary” offense –- which means police won’t have to pull you over for something else first, before citing you.

As the state senate gave final legislative approval to the measure today, state senator Tommy Tomlinson (R-Bucks County), the sponsor of the bill, referred to the years of debate over the broader issue of distracted driving legislation.

“I think this is one distracted-driving piece that we can all agree on is extremely important that we pass,” he told colleagues.  “There’s people who disagree on primary or secondary, there’s people who disagree about using a cell phone, but I don’t think that you can disagree that texting is extremely dangerous and deadly.”

State senator Jim Ferlo (D-Pittsburgh) agreed in his unique way that the texting ban is long overdue:

“So I’ll just conclude and say, ‘OMG and hallelujah.’ ”

Reported by KYW Harrisburg bureau chief Tony Romeo


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One Comment

  1. grumpy says:

    The simple solution, that seems to be overlooked with all of these laws on cell phones, garmins, on board computers, etc. etc. would be to give the police officers the discretion in using the “inattentive driving law” that’s already ON the books!

    The legislature and the Governor should be using their time to try to find ways to kick start this economy and attract the once booming job market that was once in this state. It’s time to get creative….for a change.

  2. Kevin McWilliams says:

    As a Pennsylvania resident and small business owner, I am excited to see our legislator taking on the dangers of texting and driving. My company, SafeApp, LLC, launched DO NOT DISTURB (Bluetooth)a next-generation distracted driving prevention application. I would like to share our story and help Pennsylvania driver stay safe and legal on our roads.

    SafeApp, LLC was recently featured in Consumer Reports.

  3. Mary Wrigley (Co-Facilitator with Husband George), Rockledge Civic Association says:

    This bill is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. People must realize their elbows should not be bent using a cell phone while driving. Hands free is somewhat better, but, unless it’s an emergency, focused — NOT DISTRACTED — driving is the solution. Leaving cell phone use out of this bill is a disgrace. Distracted drivers have cost Rockledge Borough 22% of potential business because of overuse of streetscaping “speed calming” measures. Our civic group ( has just released an eight-month survey that shows overuse of tactics by the Federal Highway Administration and Penndot in an already-congested municipality produces the OPPOSITE effect of encouraging business into a community in the worst economy since the depression. We encourage anyone who has EVER driven Huntingdon Pike through Rockledge to take a look at the report. There is a financial impact to distracted driving.

  4. SILII says:

    Definitely should not be texting while driving. However, how will police know if someone is texting or answering a phone call which is still legal while driving? I see an enforcement issue arising.

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