Charles Barkley On The State Of The NBA & It’s Union

By Lesley Van Arsdall

This week I sat down for lunch with Charles Barkley to talk about life and the state of the NBA.

One thing you can say about Chuck is that he always has an opinion, and I really think in the case of the lockout, he is right.

Is this the players fault?… Did the owners create this problem? He says it’s everyone’s fault.

“There are a lot of guys making money who can’t play and the players underestimated the owners and their resolve. We have these things going on right now where all our stars want to play in big cities and the owners are trying to put an end to that. So it’s technically both their faults.”

The lockout is costing millions of dollars a day, games have been canceled through November 30th, yet this weekend the two sides took the weekend off. I guess there is no sense of urgency here???

Bottom line, as Barkley put it, “Unless the owners get what they want, they are not going to play. Their philosophy is, we might as well burn this thing down and start over like hockey, but it’s clearly out of control. So they are in it for the duration and the players are going to have to make some concessions.”

If they don’t, I think we can say goodbye to the season.

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One Comment

  1. Linda D Bryant says:

    I wonder if there would have been a lock-out in the NBA forty years ago, when the league was predominately CAUCASIAN?

    The fact that the NBA is now mostly African-American is the only reason why theres a lock-out!!!!!!! Too many AA’s making serious $$$ playing the game!!!!!

    The only part I will miss is the PLAYOFFs not the regular season!!!

  2. grumpy says:

    Millionaires against Billionaires…..not a lot of sympathy from this one.
    The down side is the loss of revenue for the arena workers and the concessionaires not to mention the cities that build these play pens.

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