Bucks County Family Burglarized After Leaving Details About Vacation On Facebook

NEWTOWN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – Police in Bucks County allege a man used a friend’s posting on Facebook about going on vacation as an opportunity to steal valuables from the victim’s home.

When a Facebook friend indicated that he was on vacation, Newtown Township Police say Steve Piecznyski, 36, stole jewelry, coins and 120 DVD’s from a home on Robin Road in Wrightstown Township in late September.

Investigators say a neighbor of the victims wrote down a license plate of a suspicious car in the neighborhood and that car was later traced to Piecznyski.

According to investigators, they later realized that Piecznyski and the victim were friends on Facebook. Piecznyski was arrested on October 20th.

Piecznyski’s lawyer maintains his client’s innocence.

“Steve is innocent. He’s a hard-working family man. He’s very upset about this allegation, in particular because he is innocent,” lawyer Andrew Schneider said.

Following his arrest, Piecznyski is out on $2,500 bail.

Police say they have recovered some of the stolen items.


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One Comment

  1. nobber says:

    facebook stupidest thing ever invented

    1. nobber says:

      and i do mean stupid and any one who says one thing about themselves on it is a MORON

  2. moleman says:

    Dumb M’ fr’s, why didn’t they just leave the doors & windows open.

  3. Marcia says:

    I agree that posting every little detail on Facebook is a bad idea, however if they were friends in the real world and not just on Facebook there is a good chance that he would have known about the vacation even without the victim advertising it on Facebook. Of course a lot of people have friends on Facebook and other social sights that they have never met face to face …and that’s where it could get scary, and not just announcing you are going on vacation either. To the wrong sort of person, every post you make informing people you are leaving the house is an opportunity, whether it be “taking the family out to dinner” , “kids are off to school and time for me to head to work” etc… the average burglary could be committed in a very short time …really the only difference is that if you are on vacation it won’t be noticed and reported as quickly.

  4. steve says:

    my thoughts too jim, but i know my friends !

  5. Terrier Lover says:

    Hope they enjoyed their vacation — but they sure weren’t very smart.

  6. flossmore says:

    FB people are so full of themselves. Why do people want the whole world knowing their personal business? People come out of the woodwork “gee Joe how ya doing” what have you been doing for the last 40 years? Look idiot….I didn’t like you back in high school, what makes you think I care to see you now….geeze!!

  7. Joana says:

    Another new TV series: BAIT FACEBOOK POSTINGS

    Ya’ know, this BAIT (fill in the blank) could start a whole new trend in video vigilante volunteerism.

  8. Van says:

    Wow… these comments… I wonder how the comments would read if the headline went something like this: “Husband Cheats on Wife After She Tells Him She’ll Be Home Late”

    I wouldn’t be suprised if some of these same people still blame the victim with ridiculous comments

    Hell… here are some more headlines to contemplate.

    “Christian Pastor Robbed While Serving In Poor Part of Town”
    “Wife Cheats On Husband After He Was Deployed To Iraq”

    1. Gary Cook says:

      Van, the comments you’re reading, are regarding the story seen at the top of this page. The purpose of the story, if you read carefully, is about what has happened so many times to people that announce their travel plans on Web sites like fb. Self-respecting adults that read the story, will take the hard-learned-lesson as a warning if they are not already aware of the dangers of posting one’s personal information on the Web for all to see. That’s it, there’s nothing more to read into it.

  9. shempus says:

    Great. what started out as a fun way to reconnect, morphed into an embellish-my-cool-life site, now is becoming a look-how-many-friends-I-have deal, and starting to help sociopaths find victims. Awesome.

  10. Fred Derf says:

    after all this time some people still post such stupid stuff? must be brain damaged or on some really “good” drugs

  11. Regulas says:

    All I can say id DUNKOFF, you almost deserved it.

  12. JT says:

    I love this “blame the victim” mentality! I don’t care what you announce on facebook, we need to get back to a society where personal property is respected.

    1. Gary Cook says:

      Hey JT,
      In order to prove to us how ignorant we are, you should, right now, go to your “twit” and “fb” accounts, and post all of your personal information. That would really show us, right?
      Maybe one day after you’ve moved out of your mom’s basement, into the real world, you’ll better understand that there is bad out there, and you must protect yourself from it.

      1. JapesMacFarland says:

        Hey Gary, what with the condescending creep act; telling that guy to move out his Mom’s basement. Who do you think you are? He’s right in that society can only improve in respecting personal property and land. What are you, a communist?

      2. justsmithers says:

        What you said is very true. I think the younger FB generation doesn’t realize that it’s not only the good, honest, property-respecting people reading their stuff: the bad guys do it too. To assume otherwise is naive.
        Like the Fonz told Joni: “When you advertise, someone is going to answer the ad.”

      3. John Steele says:

        They can’t be that STUPID.. Telling the Burglars when you going to be gone

    2. Rose says:

      I get your point, but reality sucks…

    3. Fred Derf says:

      but stupidity must be avoided

    4. RufusVonDufus says:

      You are right, JT, but this victim sure is stupid. These people should put a sign on the front of their house, “Not home, take whatever you need!” At least that would simplify it for the criminal element in the neighborhood.

  13. Gary Cook says:

    Wow, is anyone surprised? This happens all the time. When I see people constantly punching on their cell phones, I just laugh at their foolishness. Anyone who feels they have to constantly “tweet” their business, or incessantly “update their status”, deserves all the bad that comes to them as a result of such ridiculous activities. Some apparently believe that feeding one’s narcissistic hunger is more important then their own security.

  14. Jay Santos says:

    “Steve is innocent. He’s a hard-working family man. He’s very upset about this allegation, in particular because he is innocent,” lawyer Andrew Schneider said.

    Mr. Schneider sounds like a first class attorney. He’ll present a well developed defense I’m sure.

  15. Andy says:

    that just tells us that one of their so called friends robbed their house… idiots that post that they will be out of town deserve what they get for being stupid!

    1. Steven says:

      So, your logic indicates that if you tell someone you will be on vacation, you deserve to be robbed? How about, instead, people deserve to have a reasonable expectation that people like the idiot who broke into their home should keep to their own affairs and not steal what doesn’t belong to them?

      I understand what you mean by being precautionary in not telling the world your business because there are thieves and other evildoers out there. But to say someone is an idiot and they deserved it, is rather ludicrous.

      We certainly have turned our morals upside down in our culture when the family who went on vacation and didn’t break the law gets called the idiot, rather than the freeloading thief.

      1. mk says:

        amen Steven

      2. anon513 says:

        I second that Amen, Steven.

    2. JapesMacFarland says:

      booo., and I like how Steve knocked your leftist bum back under the rock. :)

  16. tim says:

    Good. Stupid people shouldn’t have stuff.

    1. JT says:

      Yep, and pretty soon this turns into leaving your house at all makes you stupid, huh? The people here who think that it was somehow the victim’s fault are the “stupid people”.

  17. Al says:

    How do stuypid people like that get to even have “valuables?” Serves them right.

    1. PJ says:

      How is the thief not stupid for robbing a facebook friend while allowing his license plate to be seen?

  18. Calvin Velander says:

    If it weren’t for the stupid, the world would be a very boring place

  19. dennis says:

    Before face book they called the post office to stop their mail while they went on vacation. I hope they don’t have kids.

  20. Joe Cynic says:

    People, it is the result of run amock LIBERALISM, most people never leave the school yard.

    1. shempus says:

      I hear ya.

  21. Ken says:

    Only a moron goes to the internet and says, “Hey everybody, I’m gonna be out of town.”

  22. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”
    – Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977


  23. Miss Alex says:

    As an adult, I find it absolutely unbelievable just how stupid other adults are. yet everyday there is another proving to me that A) some people should be sterilized B) If stupid were against the law this country would be run by kids cause all the politicians would be in jail and C) When will ‘you people’ realize, that kind of thing DOES HAPPEN in your neighborhood.

    1. Amber says:

      it’s not just adults, just about everyone is stupid nowadays.. everyone is greedy , everyone wants things they don’t want to work for, and everyone is willing to go out and steal something over finding a job. there are def. exceptions. I am not one of those people, none of you seem like one of those people, but there are MANY MANY people out there just like that…

  24. Jim says:

    I think I will announce on FB that I am going on vacation and sit in the dark with a loaded shotgun. Going to see who my friends REALLY are ;)

    1. anon513 says:

      LMAO Now THAT’S something I would do.

    2. Amber says:

      HAHA!! Good plan! :) you’ll find out some things you probably should know but dont want to..lol!

    3. dennis says:

      great idea

    4. Richard Henkle says:

      Nice one Jim

    5. JWood says:

      What a novel varmint call.

    6. Mikey says:

      Can you at least let me know which corner of the house you will be hiding in?

    7. catwoman says:


    8. Rachel says:

      This is hilarious! LOL!

    9. Deeg says:

      Git ‘er done!


      REally, folks, you need to have ONE TRUSTED person – not the unemployed neighbor who’s druggy son still lives in the basement – to tell them you’re gone.
      And whatever happened to alarm systems?

      My GRanny Baty would say they had a bad case of rampaging duma***….

Comments are closed.

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