4 Adults, 6 Children Taken Into Police Custody In Connection With ‘Basement Of Horror’ Case

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — New disturbing details emerged as police continued their investigation into the horrific discovery of the four malnourished, mentally incapacitated adults being held captive in a basement in Northeast Philadelphia.

Police say 10 people were taken into custody on Tuesday — including six children ranging in age from 2 to 19 — in connection with their case against Linda Weston and her two accomplices, Gregory Thomas and Eddie Wright.

Capt. Jack McGinnis with the Philadelphia Police Department explained, “We found out there were a number of juveniles involved in this that had traveled with them from Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Florida.”

Of the six children, one has been identified as Weston’s niece who was reported missing in 2009.

“She appears to be severely malnourished and looks like she’s probably been beaten over a large portion of her life,” Capt. McGinnis said.

Police say it doesn’t appear the children were held captive in the sub-basement, but several were found malnourished and more tests are needed to figure out who their parents are.

Two of them, however, could belong to one of Weston’s victims, Tamara Breeden.

“That’s a possibility. We’ve had some information through some interviews the two of them may be. I don’t want to say they are until we found out,” Capt. McGinnis added.

Weston, Thomas and Wright were arrested Saturday night for their involvement in the kidnapping and are facing charges of criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, kidnapping, criminal trespass, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment and related offenses.

Four adults — three men and one woman — were found locked in a room, suffering from malnutrition in a Tacony home Saturday afternoon.

Officials say the adults, three of whom were identified as Tamara Breeden, Derwin McLemire, and Herbert Knowles, were found locked inside a room in the basement of a home in the 4700 block of Longshore Avenue, in the Tacony section of Northeast Philadelphia.

The victims were there for a little over a week, but their ordeal started several years ago. Police say the victims were transported from Texas to Florida and then finally confined to the basement in Northeast Philadelphia.

“What we believe is that the female suspect (Weston) was taking the mentally challenged adults that have learning disabilities and physical disabilities, we believe she was using their SSI checks and basically taking their money. It’s just really baffling that another human being could treat people this way,” said Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross.

Commissioner Charles Ramsey added this is a very sad story where more victims are probably out there yet to be identified. At the time of her arrest, Weston was found with at least 50 identification cards and documents.

According to court documents, Weston was found guilty in 1984 for murdering her sister’s boyfriend by locking him in a closet and refusing to feed him for two months. Weston was released after serving eight years.

“This time, maybe the justice system will put her away for a long, long time because she doesn’t deserve to be out here at all,” Commissioner Ramsey said.

As of Tuesday night, no one else was charged with a crime but police say more charges are likely as their investigation is still in its infancy.

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3


One Comment

  1. K.B says:

    An eye for an eye, we should chain them all in a basement and not feed them. We should do everything to them that they did to their victims. Now that would be justice.

  2. Ladybug2 says:

    This is unbelievable, this woman only did 8 years in prison and then release and she don’t murder. Here they have my brother in jail and he did not comitted murder but he is serving 15 years. Never kill any one never took from any one. But this low life took and beat human being and she kust got 8 years. The justice system is trouble. Please don’t mention the attorney they are the worst people to take you case. They all work together encluding the judges they slit the money in half for a conviction. That’s what they did to my brother. Who can we trust not the system because they release the animal to comitted crime and keep the one that didn’t. I will pray for the ones that was held capture in the basement and hopefully they can move on with help. Justice System need to do a ramdom check though they system for the one that they release of murder and put them back where they belong in jail. Remove the ones that are insense until proving guily. Trust no one exspecially judges, attorney, police, some may do they job but most of them are crupted. MONEY IS THE ROOT of ALL EVIL.

  3. Hater says:

    Send the she-beast to Texas for trial, Philly will just set her free again in a few years.

  4. Fed Up Citizen says:

    I am having a hard time comprehending how a woman who locks a man in a closet until he dies was able to get out of jail after serving only 8 years!!!! The justice systme failed every one who was affected by this woman’s behavior after she was let out! The judges and lawyers involved in that first case should be forever barred from the practice of law! If she was where she should have been, this wouldn’t have happened. What’s going to be her excuse this time. And what defense attorney would defend these monsters. Our laws are way to liberal. We are so worried about political correctness. How about worrying about the people in this country who actually do follow the laws.

  5. Discusted says:

    Nobody else has asked this question, so I will. Why wasn’t this woman given life in prison the first time??? Her first murder was not self defense, an accident, or a crime of passion. You have to be a pretty evil person to starve someone in a closet for 2 months! There is no justice. The judge, proscecutor, and the DA should all be pit in jail with her. This is discusting. The worse part is she’ll be out in less than twenty years!

  6. Jess says:

    my first response was that they deserve to die for these heinous crimes… but then again i think they need to live long enough to suffer like they made those poor innocent people. that is sick what they did to these people, children included. they need to find the rest of the people who used to own those id’s. they need to stay alive for at least that long… plus suffer during that time

  7. m.wm.w says:

    im so happy they got the children out of the middle of this mess and jean McIntosh needs to root in jail next to her mother cause she to was apart of the whole thing she to was beating the victims and she knows all about the kids of tamara thank you philly police for doing what u do best now take her down with her mom they both guilty as sin!!!!

  8. m.w.w says:

    im so happy they got the children out of the middle of this mess and jean McIntosh needs to root in jail next to her mother cause she to was apart of the whole thing she to was beating the victims and she knows all about the kids of tamara thank you philly police for doing what u do best now take her down with her mom they both guilty as sin!!!!

  9. Darlitha Cook says:

    im so happy that they got the children of tamara and the other children.i pray for them.maybe now my roommates can have a good night rest.

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