Tips For Grieving Fans

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It was quite a weekend if you are a Philadelphia sports fan. The Phillies had their best record in team history and went down to defeat, while their star player writhed in pain as the Cardinals celebrated at the pitcher’s mound. And the Eagles gave away another one, leaving the dream team with a two percent chance of making the playoffs.

I know how you feel; I watched the games too. I really thought Chase Utley’s ball was going to leave the park in the ninth inning and, on Sunday afternoon, even I knew the Buffalo quarterback was trying to get the Eagles to jump offsides. It was painful, it was sad and to quote Charlie Manuel left me and hundreds of thousands of other fans “feeling hollow.”

So, how do you deal with the grief? Time, of course, is the ultimate cure for these feelings, but in the short run, psychologists suggest that you consider replacing the escape provided by your pro sports teams with other forms of escape.

One option is to become a fan of your children or grandchildren’s sports. Another is to start exercising more regularly yourself and use those Sunday afternoons that were spent in front of the television to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Perhaps take your family on a trip to a Halloween maze in a country cornfield.

If we realistically look at it sports are a distraction, an escape from reality. Win or lose, it serves its purpose. Honestly, if you are a Phillies fan did you think about work or other real world issues on Friday night watching that game? Which leads me to my final point: keep watching if you want, because the victories will only mean more after the suffering ends.

Reported by Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Brian McCaffrey says:

    Hey Doc,
    I agree with your ideas….except for the one about enjoying your children’s or grandchildren’s sporting event. I would hate to be the referee or official on the receiving end of a Phillies’ or Eagle’s fan’s frustration. LOL
    (“Hey ref, are you bleeping blind?!?!” My son was fouled!!! You’re an ****ole!”)
    Maybe spot it a month…..or 6….and maybe some decaf…. :-)

  2. bob says:

    I hate the Phillies AND the Eagles. I’m SO glad they lost cause the Flyers are all that matter. I think its funny how they’re already talking about spring training too. Cant wait for them to start doing push ups and sit ups to get ready for their next choke. GO FLYERS!

  3. Carol K says:

    The Flyers started their season- and they won Saturday night. I’m not sad – it was a great sports weekend!

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