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Gov. Corbett Plans To Push Ahead With School Vouchers Proposal

HARRISBURG (CBS) – Governor Corbett plans to push ahead with a proposal on school vouchers despite another poll showing Pennsylvania residents don’t want them.

Some supporters of school tuition vouchers have said the legislation has not moved sooner at least partly because Governor Corbett has not pressed for it as hard as he might have. Now the governor, who has identified vouchers as a top priority, is promising to clarify what he wants regarding vouchers and other education reform initiatives soon. However, he wouldn’t give any details when asked about it by reporters this past week.

“You’re going to hear something from us within the next couple weeks so, I’m going to defer that. But you’re going to hear something very clear,” said Gov. Corbett.

On the same day, Gov. Corbett made those comments on a possible school voucher program. The Pennsylvania School Boards Association released another poll it commissioned. It was a survey done by Terry Madonna Opinion Research showing that a majority of voters oppose the idea. Forty-three percent said they strongly oppose, 22 percent said they are somewhat opposed.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio

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  • mightyheidi

    We taxpayers already pay $ll,000 to educate on kid, we are not getting our money’s worth, maybe now with vouches the competition will force the schools to clean up their act.

  • TJ

    I’m all for it. It’s about time tax payers have a choice to where they can send their kids to school. Paying school taxes and not having a choice is unfair

  • Gov. Corbett Being Pressed for Voucher Program | DVAU
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