Additional Charges For Neumann-Goretti Coach Who Allegedly Gave Booze To Minors

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Late Tuesday, sources told Eyewitness News that a second victim came forward in the case against a popular South Philadelphia baseball coach.

Louis Spadaccini, 37, was charged earlier in the day with allegedly getting one of his players drunk in a motel room last weekend.

Police say Spadaccini, the coach at Neumann-Goretti High School, met up with the 14-year-old victim late Sunday afternoon, purportedly to throw a ball around and maybe watch some sports.

Instead, Capt. John Darby of the Special Victims Unit says, they went to the Holiday Inn on Packer Avenue in South Philadelphia.

“The coach, this adult male, provides beer and alcohol to this young male,” Darby said.

Investigators say the coach took the boy home after frantic calls and text messages from his parents, and that the boy was so intoxicated he needed medical attention. Tests revealed the boy had been given prescription narcotics as well.

Despite the charges, Spadaccini’s family maintains his innocence.

“I just want to say, my son is a good kid.”

A man, who identified himself as the father of Lou Spadaccini at their South Philadelphia home, expressed shock and disbelief.

“We’re just sick. Ok? We’re just sick. The kid did nothing but good all his life.”

Others who came to Spadaccini’s defense asked to remain anonymous but explained Spadaccini is a highly respected and regarded coach who turned the school’s baseball program around when he took over five years ago.

“We’re all shocked. Everyone is saying, ‘I don’t think Lou would do anything like that.’ He is generally a good guy. He had a very good reputation. He led Neumann to a lot of state titles.”

John Murawski, president at Neumann-Goretti High School, added, “Obviously, our deepest concern is for the students and their welfare and so we’re trying our best to communicate.”

School officials say letters were sent home with students informing parents there will be counselors available at the school starting Wednesday.

Police sources say, again, as of Tuesday night, investigators are now aware of two victims in this case. Police say their investigation is continuing.

“Feel free to contact us here at Special Victims Unit,” Darby said at Tuesday afternoon’s press conference. Their phone number is 215-685-3251.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio 1060, Walt Hunter, CBS 3, Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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  1. sheriff says:

    Closet pervert Phedopile.

  2. earl pierce says:

    come on carl is the best

  3. Tom says:

    He is a want-a-be Priest, and he just pased his first test!

  4. Peter says:

    A successful baseball program does not disprove that he did it. Lucky for him the state must prove his guilt

  5. Sigmund Freud says:

    What is up with Roman Catholic priests, coaches and teachers? And why does everyone always say they are such “nice” people, and no one ever sees it coming? One person in the article above intimates that because he has “turned around the baseball team”, that he’s okay do do what he wants with a few boys. Is this the Roman Catholic way? Authorities can have a few boys now and again?

    1. dee says:

      lets wait for all the facts before we throw everyone under the bus! Your comments are a little over the top, you are lumping together all the catholic league coaches with that comment.

  6. dmac says:

    Some thing doesn’t ad up, there is more to this story. I’ll wait till all the facts are out before i pass judgement.

  7. TJ says:

    Can you say Pedophile

  8. itz says:

    No wonder why coach was so popular

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