Drexel, Temple Student Drug Dealers Fall Victim To Violent Home Invasions

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Over the past year several Temple and Drexel students have been the victims of violent home invasions near campus. The violence was the price the students had to pay because of their drug dealing ways. 

“In the drug trade, where there is competition, there is a propensity for violence.”

Philadelphia Police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers says professional drug dealers see student’s dealers as easy prey.

“Obviously, they are not from the neighborhood. They don’t have the propensity for violence. They are in college to go to college.”

So the dealers rob coed drug sellers, pistol-whipping them or worse to send a clear message “get out of my territory.”

Some Temple students say they are not surprised by the violence against student dealers:

“This is a violent place, so this is to be expected.”

“They made the choice to sell drugs, so they knew what they were getting involved in.”

“If you sell drugs, you open yourself up to a lot of danger.”

Reported by Cherri Gregg, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Dee says:

    Agree with BAT 823, it is a person’s choice to take drugs or deal them. The shame is that the Universities mentioned are fine schools and because of the area that they are located seem to get “bad” press. Focus needs to be safety for those attending the schools and ridding them of criminals in and around them.
    Time to beef up police force at these campuses and a closer relationship with Philadelphia police.

  2. BAT823 says:

    This headline is ridiculous. If you are going to deal drugs, you deserve everything you have coming to you. I hardly think these people are ‘victims’. Sounds like good old fashioned Karma to me. KYW should be ashamed for even printing such an article. Do they expect us to feel sorry for these people?

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