Dead Cats, Assault Rifles Found In New Jersey Man’s Home

UPPER PITTSGROVE Twp., N.J. (CBS) — It all started with bizarre rants on Facebook.

Authorities say Ian Barlow talked about animals dying, referred to maggots and that he needed money to help care for the animals. Then they say he posted pictures of dead cats.

Numerous cats could be seen on Thursday roaming around the house.

Someone tipped off police and they came to his Upper Pittsgrove Township home on Three Bridges Road to serve a search warrant, what police and the New Jersey SPCA say they discovered inside is disturbing.

“The NJSPCA team discovered 15 to 20 dead cats neatly wrapped in baggies in the freezer located in the home,” said Rick Yocum, NJSPCA President.

News of the dead animals caught people in the area off guard.

“It is very strange. Kind of bizarre,” said Ray Dawson of Franklinville.

But dead cats aren’t the only problem.

Once inside authorities found numerous weapons including an AR15 rifle and a tech 9. On top of that, Barlow’s visa had expired meaning the man from England is in a whole heap of trouble.

Barlow who is said to be in his mid 40’s was arrested Tuesday night.

He’s now in jail awaiting bail.

The SPCA contends through his Facebook page Barlow even set up a PayPal account which he used to solicit and receive money to help pay for the sick cats.

Exactly how much money he received isn’t clear.

“Something like that, the best thing to do is to take them to a shelter if you can’t afford it,” said Franklinville resident Catherine Weightman.

Animal control officers are caring for the remaining animals until a shelter can be found.

Reported by Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Marcia Robbins says:

    I love animals and all my pets are rescue animals but a shelter will at least kill them humanely, not starvation or disease.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Humane Society would have been a better choice for these animals. I hope the remaining animals all find nice homes eventually with loving and caring families. I, myself, don’t like cats, but, I’m not a fan of seeing any harm come to them.

    1. CC says:

      i feel the same. i don’t care for the fact that animals are put down and i wish everyone of them could go to a “no kill” shelter… but if one that uthanizes is the only place availabel and they needed to be put down because of health issues, it’s better the humane society do this than for them to die an agonizing death trapped in some horders home. sad situation for the cats.

  3. CC says:

    why would someone who’s not a citizen and apparently not here as a permanent resident be allowed to purchase such weapons? just curious,…not that i think we need any more gun laws…but no flags went up? England has a gun ban don’t they? so it’s not like he purchased them to ship home. also, he apparently didn’t realize he resided in the republic of NJ – he need not concern himself over deportation now. he’s going to do a couple of years for the gun laws he probably viiolated in nj. remember the man who got 7 years just for driving through the state to move to a new residence with ammo that is legal in some states but not in NJ?

  4. Jim says:

    Oh, god Trent, PLEASE. You’re talking about a felon with an illegal gun, a combo which kills. “liberal reporting”?! You are the text book definition of a GUN NUT. GUN NUT. I own guns, including an AR platform. I am not like you, Trent. I believe in the rational application of reasonable gun law to keep society from devolving into competing factions of armed militias. PLEASE stop talking, it’s people like you that get brought up every time someone wants to ban ALL guns. /rant

  5. Trent says:

    Todd’s a liberal reporter with a liberal agenda. To him, a gun is the same as a nuclear missile.

  6. Marie Lanza says:

    The best thing to do is find a RESCUE to take them not a shelter. The shelter will put them in a gas chamber and kill them

  7. kevin says:

    Nice sensationalist headline! Assault rifles are fully automatic machine guns and not the semi automatic versions that were found in his house. What kind of half assed reporter are you?

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