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Since only one person will win your fantasy football league this year (and let’s be honest, it’s probably not you), it’s never too early to start going for moral victories. Best Team Name is the unofficial runner-up award to Winner of the League. A good team name will make someone laugh, but a great team name will last forever. Here are some options you can steal, it’s ok. Or just adjust the pun to your liking.

hillis Top Fantasy Football Team Names

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Skittles: Taste Dwayne Bowe – An ode to candy and the Chiefs’ Wide Receiver

Whatcha Talkin’ Bout Hillis? – Do you have the “I can’t believe I am putting stock in a white running back” blues? Get behind Peyton Hillis and old television shows.

Arian Foster Children – This would require a photoshopped picture of a bunch of German children without parents, all getting hugged by the Texans’ running back

Henne Nut Cheerios – If you have Chad Henne on your team, you obviously have a sense of humor. Let your team name reflect just that.

I’m a Man, I’m Forte – Even more appropriate if you have any Oklahoma State players on your team. Drafted Matt Forte? Give an ode to one of the greatest rants in sports history. Also acceptable for Matt Forte owners: W.D. Forte

MJD: The Champagne of Backs – Maurice Jones Drew has a lot in common with Miller Genuine Draft. Initials, Not Elite (but thinks they are) and both are short.

Brady Gaga – The biggest names in their respective industries collide here.

ConVicks – Drafted Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress and all of the other former inmates in the NFL?

Steve Breastonlargement – Newly acquired Chiefs’ WR Steve Breaston owners will get more laughs out of this than points out of him, potentially.

jaredallen Top Fantasy Football Team Names

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He Went to Jared – Own the Vikings defense? This one may be a bit of a stretch, naming your team after a player on a defense.


What’s your team name this year? Think it should be on the list? Leave a comment below.

Kyle Ayers is a contributing writer for CBS Local

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