Philadelphia Police Hunt For Suspects In String Of Hunting Park Holdups

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police believe the same two men are responsible for a series of robberies in the Hunting Park section of the city, and now they’re asking neighbors to help in the investigation.

Officials today released security camera photographs and video of one of six robberies committed in the past week.

“Two individuals walk into the dollar store located in the 3500 block Germantown Avenue,” says Lt. Frank Vanore.  “They produce two handguns. The store owner in this case pushes back, doesn’t allow the individuals in behind the counter.  Both of them violently strike the store owner, causing him some injuries to his head, and they flee the area.”

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In those surveillance pictures, one suspect is wearing a maroon hooded sweatshirt, the other a grey hoodie.

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robbers dollar store phila dl2 Philadelphia Police Hunt For Suspects In String Of Hunting Park Holdups


Vanore says the bandits also robbed two Metro PCS cell phone stores and a number of pedestrians on the street.

Police are now hoping that someone in the neighborhood recognizes the young men and comes forward.  In the meantime, they’ve stepped up patrols in Hunting Park as they continue the search for the suspects.

Reported by Paul Kurtz, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  1. uncle tom says:

    why is these boys making us look bad all the time.. ise be tired of seeing them on da news.. we be needing to act more like the whites

  2. always loaded says:

    I would have blowen their heads off as soon as they walked into my store!!!

  3. phil says:

    Another black youth without a father in his life!!!! Animals!!!!

    1. Steve says:

      his father is in jail…just like 90 percent of that race

  4. roy says:

    When his mom told him to go get a job I bet that’s not what she had in mind!!

    1. Hater says:

      Sadly, that’s probably exactly what she had in mind although she is disappointed that he didn’t mop dat bul fo disrespectin’ him………..yo

  5. Bob says:

    Wow what a surprise! another black animals ruined this city

  6. safe cammer says:

    WINDEX your Camera’s atleast once a month for indoor use and twice a month of exterior cameras!

    They all look alike.

  7. Hater says:

    I can’t believe this store owner wasn’t armed. He could have easily and legally taken out both of these punkazzed beotches. Better luck next time.

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