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Pair Arrested For ‘Lack Of Common Sense’ After Rafting Down Main Street In Manayunk

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Row, row, row your boat, just not down Main Street in Manayunk. That’s the message police are sending after arresting two men who used a raft as an alternate means of transportation down the flooded street Sunday.

CBS 3 reporter Dray Clark caught up with Pete and Pat, best friends and roommates from Manayunk, who paddled their way down the water covered street.

“I thought, Main Street floods a lot, go get a raft and float down,” said Pat, who admitted the idea was his.

“We thought it would be a good time and it turns out it is,” said Pete.

Minutes later, Philadelphia police stopped the men and hauled them away in handcuffs.

When Dray asked why the men were being arrested, he said the officers replied, “for lack of common sense.”

No charges were filed against the boaters.

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  • James Babb

    Sue them personally. Take their houses.

    • Doug

      Their homes were probably underwater before the flood.

  • Mike

    Pete and Pat are heroes

  • Bob BoDean

    The cops are nowhere to be found near Broad & Walnut while a hate crime was being committed by a flash mob but they can arrest 2 guys on Main Street on a raft. Go figure.

    • Silvia Wilkins

      What about the skateboarders as the mother of a dead flashmobster yells wearing a big yellow sunday hat over his casket.


      • Curtis Quico Reed

        ooooh those skateboarders are terrible people. they wear loose clothing and don’t wear helmets!

        arrest them all! send them to the re-education camps to be built by FEMA somewhere in the Black Hills of the Dakotas!

    • Slobyskya Rotchikokov

      Hey BOB – don’t be crazy, man! If they had gone to the flash mob, why, they could have been HURT!!! Better to play it safe and cuff those rafting fiends, You know what they say – you let them ride a plastic raft one day, and the next day they are out raping, looting and killing for fun.
      Gotta nip it! Nip it in the bed!!

  • ct2

    considering how often you do see people in rafts or canoes getting around the only way they can during floods, even if this was just a joy ride, WHO CARES?

    the didnt endenager anybody else, but the cops may of let somebody else die while dealing with these two…….

    if you are gonna arrest these two thrill seekers, dont forget to set up at any bungee cord jumping places or sky diving landing zones.

  • freudrick

    Once a pig always a pig!

  • Angry Revolutionary

    And since cops are arresting people for violating common sense, I have a list of people that work in City Hall that they can start with.

    • Shaun

      I think we should save ourselves a ton of work, and list the people in office that we shouldnt charge…

  • Angry Revolutionary

    This is actually just two guys having some fun. Americans have become a deluge of wussies. Okay so maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to do but they weren’t harming anyone but perhaps themselves. At least they weren’t cowering in their living rooms. They improvised, they adapted and they overcame. Too bad the cops didn’t use any common sense and realize that this is a false arrest and an abuse of power

  • Bart

    Did these guys forget your boating inside the city? There are electrical lines that maybe broken in the water?

    • Ray

      Even if the water were electrified, electricity always follows the path of least resistance to the ground, which in this case was straight down through the floodwater.

    • ct2

      RUBBER raft mean anything to you?

      they had less to fear then the cops who waded in to arrest them did.

  • Annie Fox-Smith

    Was Noah an Idiot for being prepared to escape flooding with his ARC?

    • TNinfidel


  • Annie Fox-Smith

    Ok Was Noah an idiot for being prepared with his Arc to escape flooding?

    • Gob Bluth

      In geometry, an arc is a closed segment of a differentiable curve in the two-dimensional plane.

      • TNinfidel


    • Wastrel

      So, now you want us to believe that these guys had a message from the Divine telling them to do this?

      • Devil's Advocate

        I don’t think that’s what she meant. Maybe you should think about what the person is saying before you go and make a snooty response.

    • RNiles

      I thought Noah used an ARK?

    • Anne

      Because…this is the same?

  • troy

    If they were charged with obstructing a highway as the news later reported after their release, then they certainly can’t be convicted because under the PA criminal statutes, a person can be convicted only if they “obstruct” a highway. And under the legal definition of “obstruct” the person must have rendered the highway “impassable” and being that they didn’t render the highway “impassable”, they can’t be convicted.

    • Pat-- N.E.

      I agree… Lets arrest the flooding water.. Then arrest the officers the stopped traffic(the 2 men rafting)! The men were fine at least they had a raft unlike the reporter standing in the middle of it!

      • ct2

        careful what you suggest to the law enfocrement, DA and courts.
        arresting water would cost billions annually and be very ineffective, but i could say teh EXACT same thing about marijuana and they keep on trying with it.

  • Keith - NY

    Let’s see flooded area, boat, few if any home, could be an easy target for looters.
    Typically once you leave, your not allowed back until it’s clear.
    Bottom line they had no “official” business being there.
    No one ever gets in over their heads and needs help until, they do!

    • Shaun

      And next, we’ll start arresting people for just “taking a drive”. Because they dont have any “official” business being there. After all, they’re adding to traffic, emissions, using fuel, and are possibly creating a dangerous situation for others just by driving. Also, they are at risk for getting injured by driving, and possibly getting hit by someone else. The ONLY way that anyone should be allowed to drive, is if they are driving to work, or going to pay their taxes, so that the welfare recipients can keep buying their crack. An expected response from the worst lib / police state in the world. Sieg Heil.

      • Slobyskya Rotchikokov

        SHAUN – you are right – Al Gore is working on a way to be sure that each of us gets permission form our betters, to use our vehicles with ‘common sense’.
        Of course, now that I think about it – the rafters were totally green – using no petrocarbon products, utilizing natural technology and leaving no emissions, unless one of them farted… in which case the cops would have been sniffing the air like Smokey the bear, with smiles on their faces. Jawohl!!

  • Damian

    You would think the police would have better things to do with the flooding and everything else going on then to arrest two guys trying to make the best of something that is very depressing to alot of people. Well all I can say is good for common sense for the police again in there line of duty.

    • BC

      You could not be more WRONG. If these two morons had gotten stranded somewhere they would have endangered the lives of rescure workers who could be helping people really in trouble, not morons like these two idiots.

      • Ralph

        Finally someone (Becky) said something sensible in this discussion. Thank you, Becky.

      • Slobyskya Rotchikokov

        IF…. IF…. IF….. and IF elephants could fly, you would have to wear your flowery hat under your tinfoil helmet…. if people can only justify the tyrannical actions of cops by making up ‘what if’ scenarios, then that alone points out the foolishness of the cops actions.

      • Doug

        So let’s all do what is right. Never leave your home, never have any fun, because fun could be dangerous OMG! We should all be agorophobic and be safe huddled in the corner of our house. Some of you are just idiots.

      • Stefanie

        you guys are awesome. whats your last name pete or pat, I wanna be your facebook friend!

      • Becky

        You know what? I lived in Manayunk about fifteen years ago, and people would raft all the time on Main St. when it would flood. No one thought anything of it and the police wouldn’t have dreamt of arresting anyone over it. It’s only because of our society becoming overly hysterical, and the media feeding the frenzy of hysteria, that these two were arrested. I don’t think there was much danger there of being sucked into the river; it’s a pretty contained area.

      • Pete

        In all fairness, we were just having fun. I think your comment was a little harsh. There was no danger. We were in a foot of water.

    • Al

      Hey Pete & Pat – You guys rule! Sorry the dumb cops interrupted your trip to the Keys. It’s a sad day for America. Listen, one of my best friends is a GREAT lawyer. I’m sure he’d love to go to bat for you. Get in touch with me and I’ll hook you up.

  • Tyred

    Maybe the polce should have looked the other way when they first noticed those idiots….they definitely should have ignored them had they become stranded or whatever. Anyone who is stupid enough to ignore the warnings that have been broadcast practically non-stop for two days should be permitted to suffer the consequences of their actions.

  • Joe2

    If 2 guys want to take their boat down main st. I say let them! The police should warn everyone though that, (like in Atlantic City) if you need help while areas are flooded, don’t expect help for a long time. America is WAY too safety obsessed, and while emergency notifications are important, if people want to disregard it, let them do it at their own risk.

  • Blues Traveler

    Nothing new here. The Philadelphia cops need to be taught once and for all that they enforce the law that is, not the law the way they would LIKE IT TO BE. ANd they wonder why the public largely regards them as a bunch of criminals with badges.

    • Ralph

      I think all police forces throughout all of history have been sort of like criminals with badges. On balance, they do a great deal more good than harm, but they do have the ability to abuse their powers, and, like most humans in most situations, they sometimes take advantage of that. It is not a job function any society can do without.

  • Jim Sylvester

    Maybe they should arrest the reporter for walking there too!! I swear, it’s like we don’t even live in the US anymore!

  • additionaddiction

    There is a state of emergency and they chose to disregard it. If something were to happen to them, Emergency responders would have to put their own lives at risk in order to try to save those two men who thought they were being funny. That’s recklessly endangering the lives of those volunteers and anyone else who might really need the help of those rescuers.

    • Theresa Campbell

      Yes. The neurotic wussies are really becoming too much. “for our own good”. They would like us all to sit home in fear of everything and take prozac . I am a girl who has sailed and kayaked year round in New York harbor for 10 years. I laugh when ‘a well meaning nerd’ tells me to wear a helmet when riding my little fold up bike.

    • Kenneth Karolchik-Griffin

      disregarding liberty and freedom for security, means you have neither!! welcome to the police state!!

    • Jason

      Whatever happen to giving a polite warning first or at most a ticket?

      If there first thought was to arrest someone for just doing this then I can’t imagine how they’ll react when an actual crime occurs. These cops should be mentally re-evaluated. Arresting someone in this situation should have been there last resort.

    • bobby

      God forbid people have a little fun. Once again the news people hyped an event that turned out to be a dud. It was no worse than a major thunder storm. If it was so dangerous to be out in a “state of emrgency” than why are news reporters out there.

    • Snarky

      Yeah, what’s next? Idiots climbing mountains for the fun of it?

    • dan

      if if if.. i love it. go call the waaaaaahbulance prick, america is a bunch of overly saftey conscience wussies.

  • Irene

    I didn’t know lack of common sense was illegal. If that is the case, shouldn’t they arrest all of us at one point in our lives. Don’t we all experience that.. Seems like the cops are the ones lacking since there are real criminals out there and this is the best they can do. SERIOUSLY!!

  • Jenny

    Even if it doesn’t stick, the arrest itself can be damaging. Some jobs or certifications can ask if you’ve ever been arrested at all (even if not charged or convicted).

    The police are the ones lacking common sense here. They really need to think twice before stepping on personal freedom too much — even the freedom to be stupid. They work for us.

    We cannot let ourselves end up in a nanny state or police state. I have no problem with them yelling at these guys and telling them they could get sick from bacterial contamination in the waters and if they get into a bind, in stretching rescue resources. But, arresting? Come on!

    Please keep thinking about what kind of country you want us to become, people.

  • joe

    what a joke. Go find some real crooks “tough guys”. Hell, lack of common sense? The world is full of people with no common sense but now to arrest them. Sounds like the boaters hav a case against the cops in my legal opinion.

    • Doug

      I agree. Sue the hell out of the cops personally..It’s not illegal to be stupid.

  • Egon Venkman

    If lack of common sense was a valid reason to arrest someone, 90% of Philadelphia would be in prison.

    • Slobyskya Rotchikokov

      and 100 per cent of Washington DC

  • Buford

    Once again the media should be arrested! they cry wolf for every storm! next time people may die because no one will trust these idiots!

  • Pat-- N.E.

    Its uncalled for. They were just having fun and were not in a dangerous area although they should have had life vests.. If they are going to arrest those two, i think it is only fair to arrest anyone that is also walking or driving.. And they just showed a furniture truck moving police baracades so he could continue to drive! He should definatly get arrested! Its wrong. He should have gotton it out like everyone else had the opportunity. Why is he special?

    • Pat-- N.E.

      And yes i know he had police permission… Just like everyone else he had more then 24hrs to move his stuff

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