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Delaware Valley Rattled By Earthquake

1 Delaware Valley Rattled By Earthquake

(credit: Montgomery Maxton Photography)


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A 5.9 magnitude centered northwest of Richmond, Va. shook most of the East Coast, including Philadelphia and New York City, Tuesday. The quake was felt as far north as Rhode Island.

Numerous buildings in center city Philadelphia, including Philadelphia City Hall, were evacuated as a precaution, and many people around the Delaware Valley reported feeling structures rattle and shake.

Workers near KYW Newsradio’s studios at 4th and Market Streets rushed outside. The same scene unfolded at 1555 Hamilton Street, the home of CBS 3 and CW Philly.

As the shaking began about 1:50 p.m., people say they at first considered the possible causes — maybe it was a subway train or large truck passing by.  But within seconds, they realized this was something else.

“The earth moved, our desks moved, the computers moved, we moved.  We got out,” said one woman gathered with hundreds of others on Market Street. She others people voiced concern about going back inside too quickly.

Both cell phone and land-line phone services were also impacted following the quake as those in the quake area swamped the infrastructure calling friends and family members.  Customers of AT&T remained without service for a short time after the earthquake.

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Phone calls and e-mails from around the Philadelphia region poured into CBS 3 and KYW Newsradio as those in the earthquake zone sought confirmation of what their bodies were telling them.

PHOTO GALLERY:  Delaware Valley Earthquake Damage

Mayor Michael Nutter said there were no reports of injuries or major damage in Philadelphia as a result of the quake, but added that the city had received reports of broken windows and similar minor damage.

“At this time only minor building damage has been reported in Philadelphia. All major City of Philadelphia government buildings have been inspected and are re-opening with City employees returning to work,” city officials said in a statement released about two hours later.

SEPTA’s Broad Street subway line was suspended south of Walnut-Locust after a crack was discovered in a part of the infrastructure, said Deputy mayor Rina Cutler. A SEPTA spokesman later said service was restored after it was determined that the crack was old and did not endanger the line or its passengers.

The mayor said that all city workers were instructed to return to work about an hour after the earthquake struck, and all city services resumed.  Mayor Nutter added that both the city’s 911 and 311 telephone services operated properly throughout the quake incident.

The Philadelphia Court System was shut down for the remainder of the day.

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Owners of private buildings in Philadelphia were being instructed to contract their own engineers to determine the integrity of their structures. They were told to contact the city’s Department of Licenses and Inspections in the event of problems.

Elizabeth Hur reports…

The US Geological Survey said the earthquake was centered in Mineral, Va., 3.7 miles deep in the earth. Shaking was felt at the White House and all over the East Coast, as far south as Chapel Hill, NC. Click here to see the USGS report.

“Little quakes occur on the east coast all the time, but mostly they’re ones that you’re not going to feel unless you’re extremely close to the epi center and even that it’s probably just a little shake,” said Jonathan Nyquist, chairman of the department of earth and environmental sciences at Temple University. “Big ones like this occur probably every 40-50 years.”

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Philadelphia International Airport issued a temporary “ground stoppage” due to the earthquake, and SEPTA ordered a temporary 25 mph speed limit on all rail lines until on-foot visual inspections of tracks could be made. Delays of up to 60 minutes on all SEPTA rail lines were reported.

To check the status of your flight and other transit and travel information, click here.

Where were you? Let us know in the comments below. If you have photos or video of damage, click here to share them with CBSPhilly.


One Comment

  1. TJ says:

    I was more fascinated by the people running outside in an earthquake….No thought of possible falling debris from bulidings….

  2. Armyof1 says:

    Will someone PLEASE tell me how anyone can make the Earthquake a ‘racial’ issue? According to a commenter going by the name of GWBush, it’s Obama’s fault. And according to a commenter named bill burns, black people are going to riot, rape, and pillage the next time we have another Earthquake AND they are blaming ‘whitey’ for the DNA malfunctions. WHAT DOES EARTHQUAKES HAVE TO DO WITH RACE? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY IGNORANT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD? NOT TO MENTION THEY ARE STUPID AS WELL. SUCH A SHAME!!

  3. rick says:

    At sandbridge in Virginia Beach didn’t feel anything,found out minutes after the fact from cell phone caller.

  4. bill says:

    I was in center city when this happened and typical Philly folks were just walking around like nothing happened. LOL

  5. Kathy Fuhs says:

    Husband and I were in Ocean City, NJ. standing on the boardwalk. I could feel the boards ripple beneath my feet and groan. I first thought it was a heavy vibration from equipment in a bldg. I was standing next to. I’ll never forget that wierd shuddering feeling.

  6. megan says:

    i live in millville but i was at work in vineland nj the whole buliding was shaking

  7. liz says:

    I was sleeping and woke up to shaking and rolling. It was like being in a boat. I was confused. I looked around and the computer appeared to be shaking. I tried to get up to adjust my focus thinking it was a vision problem, but I couldn’t get my balance. It was like the room was spinning. Then it stopped after about 10 seconds. I can’t say how long it was shaking before I woke up. I turned on the computer and TV trying to get news, but there was none yet. I called my friend who is in RI visiting relatives and told him there was an earthquake. I don’t think he believed me. I rechecked the news and saw the breaking news reports about the quake. I called him back and told him to turn on the news because there was a 5.8 quake on the east coast.

    Florence, NJ

  8. c owens says:

    was on top of Delaware mem bridge, didn’t know what was going on!!!!

  9. Evelyene says:

    I was talking to my father in Rocky Mount, North Carolina when he suiddenly said to me, “my house is shaking.” Seconds later, my house began to shake and I heard strange noices. This happening to me is one of the signs of the times.

  10. Dawn says:

    I work as a nurse in the OR and I thought I was getting a dizzy spell then everything was shaking around and a rumble noise was heard…wild stuff then we have Hurricane Irene to look forward too!! I work in Darby, Pa.

  11. Barbara Johnson says:

    I live in Oxford Pa. Our house shook and dishes rattled. At first I thought it was my dog scratching and shaking the couch but then I realized it was an earthquake. This one was a little more intense than the one we experienced back in the early 80’s for our area. My mom who resides in Rising Sun Maryland and my sister in law who resides in Monroe New York also felt the shaking and rattling in there homes as well.

  12. Lauren says:

    As soon as it happened here in Pennsauken, we went running out the door and our neighbors were all standing outside shouting to one another. It was very surreal seeing our house shaking, thankfully there was no structural damage!

  13. whatsup says:

    From Southampton Bucks County, right on the border with Philly, felt nothing.

  14. kyree downing says:

    i was in my room watchin tv and i just felt some stuff shaking and everything in the room was shacking and i was scared

  15. Ray says:

    You finally found something other than a snow storm to blow completely out of proportion.

    1. Sharon says:

      We get snow storms here every winter – anyone old enough to drive should be used to them. This is the first earthquake I’ve ever experienced, and it sounds like that’s true of a lot of other people. New = newsworthy.

      Also, a lot of buildings here weren’t constructed with earthquakes in mind, so damage is more likely around here than on the West Coast.

  16. Patty says:

    This is unsubstantiated, but I just saw online that there is a crack in the Broad Street subway line near or at Snyder Avenue. It is on the Philadelphia Weekly FB page, on their wall.

  17. Shay says:

    I was working on my computer in DE at first I thought it was a big truck but it did not stop as the house began to move more forcefully I realized it was not a truck or a joke, I ran down the steps to the basement steps; watched the walls and floor move until it stopped. It was like being in a movie! Very surreal!

  18. anon513 says:

    I’m at work. A co-worker was running around the office like Chicken Little screaming, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.” We got out the duct tape. He shut right up.

  19. Erika Walters says:

    My 3 month old baby was sleeping in his swing and i was out on my balcony when i felt the earth quake i thought i was going crazy or the balcony as collapsing so i ran inside n grabbed my son and he started crying

  20. Erika Walters says:

    My 3 th old wa sleeping in his swing and i was out on my ballcony whei felteearth quake i thouht i was going crazy or the balcony as collapsin so i ra inside n grabbed my son anhestated crying

  21. J says:

    burlington city area: home with 2 kids, 8 and 4 felt the room shake and figured it was an earthquake right away. the lamp shades, tv, picture frames, doors, stair rails were shaking even the laptop screen was shaking as if to close down, and a huge heavy king size bed shook and moved away from the wall. i looked at the time, 1:52, grabbed the kids, a pants, my purse, phone and keys to the car and ran out…. it was scary and the kids kept asking what was wrong…. as we got out, i just hugged them and said a prayer. my poor son was playing dress up and had on his ironman costume… he was embarrassed outside… scary and major event for us, but we are thankful that it wasn’t worst. thank God.

  22. ted says:

    hi i live in national park nj in glouster county when i was standing up outside and i was standing there and it just started swayying and i almost fell over i had no balance

    1. Dave says:

      We live in Chadds Ford on high ground…The whole house started creaking and maaking ‘snapping/popping’ sounds for about 15-30 seconds. I thought it was a huge wind gust….NO DAMAGE…Darn Parrot and cats NEVER warned me !

      1. anon513 says:

        LMAO @ the parrot and cats comment.

  23. Kim says:

    I live in Bear, Delaware – 10 minutes south of Wilmington, DE. I have never experienced an earthquake before! We were in the house when we felt it start shaking, swaying back and forth! I thought the entire townhouse was going to cave in…we ran outside and I could hear the house creaking with the saking. Neighbors came out, we all stood in disbelief. Then I saw a fresh crack in the street in front of the house and another smaller one under our car. Phones not working, due to overuse. A neighbor got word the city of Wilmington evacuated everyone, and also womeone in the town of Newport…incredible to hear it was a major part of the east coast!!!

  24. shannon says:

    I live in Blackwood NJ and my whole house was shaking….. I thought the ceiling fan was gonna fall out of the ceiling………I definitely felt that…..

    1. Sara McCue says:

      I live in Marlton, NJ and I am at home recovering from recent abdominal surgery and I seriously thought it was the pain medications I’m on! I was half asleep on my
      sofa when all of a sudden I started hearing these cracking sounds and I could feel my house (townhouse) swaying back and forth. I thought I was imagining it and then something told me to grab my puppy Tashi and go outside. I called my husband who works in the Cira Centre and he said he was OK. He should be on his way home now. Scary stuff!

      1. anon513 says:

        Sara, hope you have a speedy recovery. Feel better soon.

    2. Karla Siegel says:

      It looks like Septa is slow getting back. they are treating the quake as a 8.1. This is not unusal for them. They don’t run right in rain, sun or snow. I thought they use this one as a better excuse and they did. They are running late. Some trains were canceled. Septa has failed this city over and over. Why not just add one more to their list.

  25. Dana says:

    our house (Wayne PA) was being bat proofed at the time and we thought they were pounding the wall as part of the procedure. whole house shook.

  26. James Ankuda says:

    It was felt in Canada as well, Montreal:

    This was felt in a much larger area than people think.

  27. Lee Berardi says:

    Aston Pa – I was in the kitchen and didn’t hear or feel anything, until my neighbors dog came out yapping and running after my cat, that’s when I found out, after the fact, darn, I missed it.

    1. Lee Berardi says:

      But that’s probably because there is SOOOO much banging & construction here in Aston going on everyday, I probably blocked it out .

  28. YasminS says:

    York,PA here i was in my car during lunch break and i swear i thought someone was messing with me and shaking the heck out of my car!! But turns out it was this Earthquake…freakin nuts!!! Never thought id experience this on the east coast!!

  29. TAMMYLEE JAMES says:


  30. Dave says:

    Three of us sitting on chairs at round high-tables felt are tables move slightly back and forth for a few seconds and the hanging lights swung slightly at the McDonald’s in Whitehall PA, 1 mile north of the Lehigh Valley Mall (just north of Allentown PA) on Route 145 (MacArthur Road).

  31. KrystalAmayer31 says:

    wow thats crazy to feel a earth quake in phily on computer and I see lamp and chair shake

  32. Christine Brown says:

    I am just outside Myerstown PA and felt the earthquake here!
    Was a first for me when i saw the pictures swaying back and forth!

  33. AnnMarie Dosztan says:

    I live in West Deptford New Jersey !!! At 1;50 pm my whole house shook and pictures fell off the wall!!!! CBS3 Needs to report that New Jersey felt it also, my house is old and it looked like the upstairs was going to end up in my living room, were ok , JUST A LITTLE SHOOK UP

  34. Paige B. says:

    I live in west philadelphia, i was sitting at home on the couch and felt this rumble as if a big train was running down my street. at first i thought it was the kids kicking the back of the couch just to mess with me until i got a call saying it was an earthquake. i’m still in shock.

  35. Mary Ballou says:

    Our whole house shook and the telephone poles were shaking!

    1. Mary Ballou says:

      Sorry, I live in Millville, NJ.

    2. Michelle says:

      I live out near the airport and my room shook so hard my bed move across the room, I leaped out of it and ran down the stairs cause it felt like a bomb hit my house!?

  36. Sheila says:

    I live in pottstown pa, the house shook and the chair i was sitting on moved acrossed the room. It was a big scary.

  37. Paige Butler says:

    i was sitting at home on the couch and felt this rumble as if a big train was running down my street. at first i thought it was the kids kicking the back of the couch just to mess with me until i got a call saying it was an earthquake. i’m still in shock.

  38. Jannie Rios says:

    I was in Vineland NJ. We never experince this in our lives. I was just outside with my mother and boyfriend when this happen. We thought we were dizzy until we sat still and the deck started shaking. it was scary!!!

  39. DAVID says:

    we felt it in apex, nc 20 minutes south of raleigh. the house was shaking and rattling

  40. YouTube StraightToTheWord says:

    Christ on Point!!!!

    ” For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.” Matthew 24:7

  41. sophia says:

    we have never seen a earthquake and my animal is on the lose omg

  42. KrystalAmayer31 says:

    wow thats to feel a earth quake in phily

  43. Leah says:

    I work ion 7th Market. The whole building shook our chairs was moving and was rolling. We were terrified. Things fell of the shelf. My teen daughter called from home ( in West Philly) and said her bed and shelf shook so much she grabbed the cat and ran out of the house. She thought we had ghosts in the house LOL. I

  44. ivy wonders says:

    we felt it in vineland nj. the whole house was shakeing we grabed the dog n my sisters and ran out the house

  45. Martha says:

    In Ocean City, NJ. On the phone with a customer (and I do apologize to her), hung up abrutly and ran out. The whole building and sidewalk were swaying. Still feeling a little dizzy (darn low blood pressure).

  46. Tammy says:

    Would love an update about the power plant since “Limerick nuclear plant is 3rd-highest earthquake risk in U.S”…

    1. Phoexniville Resident says:

      Go to Phoenixville Patch for an update on the Limerick plant.

  47. carl b. says:

    nothing felt in pottstown,pa

  48. Cristina says:

    I live in North Philadelphia. I was in my car in front of my house trying to call my husband to come and help me with some bags. I could not get a hold of him, after a few seconds my husband was able to pick up and he anwered by shouting “Did you feel that ?” I did not feel anything. He said the house shoot and he ran upstairs to the girls who started screaming. Everyone ran outside to see what happened it was the first time for my family. After that my cell did not want to make any calls.

  49. Mike R says:

    I was sitting on my building stoop in University City conversing via text with a buddy in Virginia Beach. Then my belly started to shake. I thought I was getting sick since I never felt this before. I thought it was the utility workers across the street.

  50. dawn says:

    i live in wildwood and we never get anything like this

  51. Ruth Peluso says:

    Ruth P

    I was sitting at my desk at work and it felt like someone was behind me shaking my chair back and forth.

    My son was home and he said the pantry doors were shaking and the tiki lights outside in the ground were shaking back and forth.

  52. Kristina says:

    Allentown, PA We felt it but it really wasnt that powerful. Also everybody here is freaking out but i know we should keep calm. Also our cell phone is not working

    1. Ashley says:

      I live in Reading, PA i was also sitting on my bed and my bed started shaking and then i saw my mirror shaking i got up and then i felt the floor shaking too!

  53. tj says:

    i was in my room and i see everything shaking i thought my neighbors were making that noise but it was my first earthquake and it was fun

  54. the dude` says:

    omg i balmost dropped my owl

  55. Jim says:

    I’m in Magnolia, DE and felt it pretty good. I was sitting in my car and I felt it shaking like someone was sitting on the trunk and bouncing. Family members in Hagerstown, MD – about 2 hours from DC – reported rumbles there too. I also read on a message board for that some people as far west as Pittsburgh and close to Ohio felt it, and as far north as Ontario, Canada.

  56. Krystaamayer31 says:

    Thats to crazy to feel an earth quake in phila

  57. Krystaamayer31 says:

    Thats to crazy to feel an earth quake in phila

  58. LVM says:

    The whole building in Horsham shook and the windows rattle… CRAZY to feel something like this… Hoping the nuclear plant in Limerick is OK….

  59. Meagan says:

    Felt it in Downingtown, PA. Building shook and creaked, pictures moved and things on tables also moved. Lasted about 10-15 seconds.

  60. tammy k says:

    my whole house shook and we are in warminster pa and we felt it for like 30 seconds i thought it was me and my grandma felt it

  61. Cindy says:

    If it shakes again, I’m out of here..

  62. Anju says:

    I was taking a nap while this happened. I heard the rattling noise all over and my bed was shaking. i realized it was earthquake. never experienced such a thing but it’s scary.

  63. Phoexniville Resident says:

    “The Philadelphia International Airport issued a ‘ground stoppage’ due to the earthquake, and SEPTA ordered a temporary 25 mph speed limit on all rail lines.”

    And the Limerick Nuclear Generating Plant?

  64. krissy says:

    We felt it here in Blackwood. I was in the parking lot of my office getting my phone from my truck and i swore someone was shaking my truck as a prank. I looked across the parking lot and all the cars were shaking! Scary stuff!

  65. Barbara DuBan says:

    I’m up in northeast philly and was on the computer and felt the shaking and then realized the house was actually shaking and realized this could be an earthquake so I went down the basement, the earth’s shaking may have stopped but my legs are still shaking, scary.

    1. Ed Martinez says:

      I felt in Sicklerville NJ. Was coming down the steps and had to grab onto the handrails. Thought I was getting light headed, went to get water from kitchen sink and it was shaking. Went outside and neighbors were also outside.

  66. karen says:

    I felt it in lindenwold, nj. was in my bed room cleaning a bird cage and it started moving . then i felt the floor slightley moving. it lasted a couple of seconds. then a couple of minutes it was being reported on msnbc..

  67. danielle v says:

    in roxborough on the 4th floor, whole building shook, door banging, dog barking and my newborn slept through it :)

  68. Steve Mitchell says:

    I was on my couch and it shook for a second or two and I thought it was my seven year old bumping about back there so I called out to him and got no response. A moment later the whole house started to shake side to side. It was a first for me so thank God nobody was hurt and no damage.

  69. CJ Malson says:

    My house wouldn’t stop shaking. It felt like the 2nd floor of my house was colapsing over top of me but nothing happened up there.

  70. Cheri McEachin says:

    Here in mt Holly, NJ I watched my plants sway and my daughter holding on to her fish tank…I thought someone was pushing my house.

  71. Nikki Lynn says:

    I was sitting in my house when it happened and i thought i went nuts it shoke my couch and i even got up to check my couch and then i looked on face book and saw that others have felt it in Carlisle pa and i live in middleburg Pa i was not long at all like 5-8 seconds

  72. brian egg harbor city,nj says:

    i was on the phone when i though i was getting dizzy. a guy came in and said we had an earth quake. i can actually see my truck moving on my video camera.

  73. Angelina Royersford PA says:

    I yelled at my cats cause I thought they were wrestling and moving my couch, oops sorry kitties just a 5.8 earthquake!

  74. Linda says:

    I felt it in Egg harbor Township I was sitting in front of my computer and my chair was moving back and forth it made me dizzy i couldnt figure out what was going on then i heard the news this is so strange.
    My computer is working strange too.

  75. laura says:

    felt quake in bucks county in wrightstown,pa chair shook and lasted about 10 seconds! i understan d main fault is near 413/232 intersection!

  76. Eric Clauson says:

    Northeast – Philadelphia / Iwas cleaning my house when I felt it . Stuff on the table shook and fell off the table.

  77. Shanika says:

    I am in Florence NJ and things started to shake wow

  78. William says:

    moved my chair (on rollers)

    heard and felt house move

    Doylestown was rocked

  79. Paula L. says:

    Here in Radnor, PA we felt it, it shook the floor under me had a ripple affect and my desk in the reception area of our office.

  80. Melissa says:

    My mom is a visiting nurse and she was on the 26th floor of a building in Asbury Park, NJ. She said the whole building was swaying!

  81. says:

    I was here in Wayne, PA selling text message marketing and felt the floor start to shake. Ran outside and realized everybody else was already out.

  82. Gypsygirl says:

    It was rocking and rollin in Blue Bell. My office windows were creaking, my desk chair was rolling and my desk rocking and I wasn’t doing it. What a way to keep me awake the rest of the afternoon!

  83. tina says:

    freaking out in southern new jersey. they’ve evacuated office buildings and stores. prayers is right! this is it everyone!

  84. Belzer says:

    I was on the loo at work when someone came in saying I had to evacuate.

    Thanks for the tip but I’m way ahead of you.

  85. martin says:

    Vineland NJ….Couch shaking back and forth! Looked into other room and lights and hanging plants swaying a lot. No damage but strange…..Can’t believe people in CA live with this every day.

  86. Carole says:

    My husband and daughter are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and felt it there

  87. mark says:

    My wife felt it in plymouth ma. she was down at pool said fence & chairs shaking. I for one did not feel a thing cuz I’m working on marthas vineyard. Have fun by pool hun

  88. Donna says:

    I was at work in Springfiled, Pa talking to a friend on the 1st floor we were sitting on a wall when we both felt it move and we were like what was that, next thing we knew the building was being evacuated. Tried calling family to make sure everyone was okay but phone service was getting through. Everyone i have talked to so far as felt it either at home or on the road.

  89. Anita says:

    Pitman, NJ at work…I thought my office ceiling was going to fall – that someone above me was moving heavy equipment. I ran out of my office saying “what the heck” and, when I did, others in the building were also running out! ~ Anita

    1. Debbie says:

      I work in Pitman too. I was at the store in Glassboro during my lunch when it happened. They evacuated the store and said that Glassboro police said to get to a safe place. I went home. I was scared. I felt it shake for about 30 seconds, stop, and then shake again for another 30 seconds. The floor was moving one way and the ceiling was moving anoter. Are we supposed to stay put in case of after shocks or what I wonder? Rather than talking about what happened I wish the news would tell us if we are going to have an after shock and if so what we are supposed to do if it happens. Whew, that was scary! Spoke to my sister in Shenandoah, VA and she felt it hard but everyone is ok and no damage in case anyone has family down south.

  90. Juanita says:



    1. James says:

      Gee what a shock Juanita was sitting on the couch in the middle of the day.

  91. michele says:

    We felt it in Burlington NJ, I was sitting on the toliet at work, it freake dme out….

  92. Barbara Myers 80 Boblink ave MantuaNJ 08051 says:

    I felt a good jolt here in mantua N.J. Objects fell to the floor, ceiling lamps and fans swing around.

  93. Ana says:

    My daughter felt it at Penn State, University Park. Amazing

  94. Ed Drakeley says:

    Clifton Heights, PA. – Was working from home when I felt my chair start to sway. Looked at my desk at it was swaying also.

  95. Lisa says:

    felt in here in bellmawr. felt like a roller coaster!!!

    1. Benjamin Candelaria says:

      i felt it here in vineland nj … wake me up and my phone is not working.

  96. Maribel says:

    My house was shaking!! I could not believe it. Could this be.. an EARTHQUAKE in CHERRY HILL, NJ???

  97. kjk says:

    On an elevator at 15th and Chestnut in Phillie. I just thought it wa a bit of a bumpy elevator ride.

  98. betty a palms says:

    (atlantic city) we felt it here also we didn’t know what was going on

  99. Meg says:

    People felt the earthquake all the way up in Erie, PA!! 400 miles from Philadelphia!

  100. Andrea says:

    I’m in Bear, Delaware…on the 3rd floor of our apartment building…I thought someone slammed a door until the entire building started shaking….my kids and pets freaked out

  101. Catherine says:

    Farther away than Chapel Hill – people on FB in Greenville, SC felt it!

  102. Center City Worker says:

    Daughters in State College, PA( We are!…Penn State) felt it.

  103. Garnell says:

    I’m in Wilm. De. my son call from Durham,NC the windows and glass was vibrating for a minute

  104. Mary Anne says:

    in Myrtle Beach SC on 7th floor building shook …a bit scary – and still waiting to see if Irene is coming ….

  105. G TImms says:

    In Reading PA. Shook the office, could see building shake. no damage but lots of talk

  106. tcannon says:

    Felt it here in Wilmington, NC!

  107. PR in Lahaska says:

    My computer monitor and equipment rack swayed. My house seemed to roll four times and made little popping sounds.The wires outside were moving as if there was a heavy wind. Oddly enough at the time, it seemed the shock was coming from the southwest !

  108. kara nuzzi says:

    I was in Dover, Ohio, it shook the whole house. Gave me goosebumps

  109. jpablo99 says:

    At work, 3rd floor office in NE Philly. Floor shook for a few seconds. Everyone froze. Floor shook again. Everyone jumped up and ran for the stairs. Now we’re back in the office and no one can focus on work.

  110. stevee says:


  111. Tina says:

    In Central Jersey-the china started to shake and my chair was vibrating!

    We’re currently having our house painted, so I thought it was the painters roughing around on the roof or something o.0

  112. john woo says:

    Mount Pocono, PA felt it. My son walks into my office and asked me if I felt the building shake? My reply was, go home and take something!

  113. gssmsri says:

    We felt it in Allentown PA.

  114. Wally & Kathy says:

    I wonder if this has any relation to the quake felt in Colorado this morning (7:00AM Eastern Time)? When you figure that all the earth’s plates are interconnected, if one slips like it did in Colorado, stress relieved in one area gets transferred to other adjacent areas. If that’s the case, I guess the Colorado quake tipped the scales on an East Coast fault line.

    My wife and I were sitting in our sunroom having lunch when it hit and we could see the exterior wall of our house rocking back and forth and hear the house creaking. If we were standing it would have been enough to cause a slight case of vertigo.

    Our dogs lifted their heads and their ears perked up. Animals are supposed to be more sensitive to such things than we humans and they certainly proved that point.

    I would say that the shaking lasted almost 90 seconds total in Hamilton Township as it gradually tapered off–with the last 60 seconds being almost imperceptible. It makes you feel really helpless as there’s nothing you can do except ride it out. How Californians can become so used to this is beyond me.

    Anyone in favor of having an aftershock party? :-)

  115. Schenectadian says:

    Felt here in Schenectady New York!! 2.5 hrs north of NYC.

  116. Frank Wisniewski Jr says:

    In the words of Steve Morrison from WMMR – “THAT WAS AWESOME”!

  117. Jen M says:

    We were at the movies Spy Kids 4 and thought it was either the people behind us or it was the movie! LOL!!

  118. Kathy Torma says:

    I was pumping gas in Ottsville,Pa when my pick-up truck started to shake

  119. Angelita says:

    First time I felt an earthquake, here in Willingboro, NJ. My parents knew exactly what to do so we ran outside. Weird, my dog didn’t feel anything, I thought they were suppose to detect the quake before it came.

  120. Dorie says:

    Felt it in center valley pa at 2:00 pm scary

  121. Katie C. says:

    I felt it here in Reading, PA. My desk drawers were shaking so badly, I thought a creature was trying to escape! The penn Street Bridge has been closed due to a large crack.

    1. Carolyn says:

      I live in Temple near ya and felt it. My whole computer desk was shaking-it was scarying for sure! Never felt such a thing before.

  122. Erika says:

    me and my daughters were at home eating lunch in the kitchen and we started to feel dizzy and everything shake, even my newborn baby (that was in her stroller, her), we saw the stroller move.

    1. Erika says:

      by the way i live in vineland nj

  123. Carol says:

    Felt it in Plymouth Meeting, Thought I was having major heart palpations! Wow.

  124. Mrs.Aliya Cruse says:

    We felt it over here in Yeadon PA.

  125. K in Philly says:

    19th floor in Franklin Plaza, Center City Philadelphia. Floor shook up and down to the point of me jumping up out of my chair. When I stood up, I felt like I was surfing! I’m not one to panic, but after being on the 24th floor at 18th and Market on 9/11, I’m a bit skiddish with regards to being on an upper floor of a high rise!

  126. Marlton Resident says:

    We felt it here in Marlton, NJ. The whole office building was shaking and they evacuated everyone! This is crazy stuff!

  127. Natasha says:

    Princeton, NJ
    I thought someone was moving furniture on the forth floor in our office building LOL

  128. JEAN - FT, WASHINGTON, PA says:


  129. Dee says:

    Dog was restless the last couple hours, now I know why! Wow!

  130. K.Washington says:

    Augusta Ga and we felt it here…

  131. Maya says:

    I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada and felt the earthquake! It is amazing how far it spreads!

    1. Phillip Katulka says:

      Truly amazing! From VA to Toronto, that’s nearly 480 miles via air.

      1. Maya says:

        Lots of Canadians seem to have felt the earthquake. See for more. They are reporting from even further places.

  132. Steamer says:

    West Chester, PA – Being a So. California native…that was nothin’…

    1. Roots Irie says:

      Bein a Jamaica native dat was nuttin neidah

    2. tracy says:

      Coming from the Philippines and experiencing the Mount Pinatubo earthquake, this was baby.

  133. Lizzi B. says:

    Right outside of Philly, Everyone ran out of the building- which isn’t the correct procedure but- it only lasted for a few seconds.

    It was an odd shaking not the type that I felt in chile during their series of small quakes last spring (after the large one). I thought either a truck hit the building or it was an earthquake.

  134. Randy M. says:

    Summerville, Jefferson County, PA — felt tremors at about 1:51 pm, lasted less than a minute. Gently shook the house and made hanging objects sway. Reminded me of the tremors I used to feel all the time while stationed on Guam.

  135. Somaris Ramos-Garcia says:

    we felt the quake in newcatle ,de my whole apartment shook have no phone service

  136. Somaris Ramos-Garcia says:

    we felt the quake in newcatle ,de my whole apartment shook have no phone service

  137. Poe &Ayers family says:

    whole house started to shake rapidly curtains and furniture started to shake as i was on the couch, we went outside saw allot of people coming out of there houses ans aking did u feel that!!!!

  138. Andrew Stewart says:

    We felt it in Raleigh, NC. It lasted for about 30 seconds and felt like a gentle rumble beneath us.

  139. nicole says:

    me and my momy felt it in delran

  140. Bill R says:

    Coatesville, PA: The whole house rummbled – I wondered “What could my neighbors be moving around that would cause this?”

    I looked out the windows and felt a strong wind, realizing then that there was an earthquake. Curious, since we are not on a fault line.

    Neighbors gathered and shared their experience in wonder. Eventually someone found out that the epi-center was in Virginia. Not really a problem, but quite a surprise.

    All is calm now – waiting to see if there will be any after-shocks that reach us.


  141. AK says:

    We were at Kohl’s in Washington Township and we were evacuated. There was some structural damage done to their entrance.

  142. nmac says:

    Huntington, WV…we felt the earth quake…mild shaking of the office floor.

  143. Rebecca says:

    I was typing up an email at work when I felt the ground start to shake beneath my feet. I thought it was something going on on the floor beneath us but then when I looked around I saw other people felt it also. It was scary.

  144. LAFLOR says:

    SSA-Building-300 Spring Garden St. The whole building moved for 10 seconds. The cubilcles and the floor shook. Thank God nobody was hurt.

  145. Mike says:

    Felt it all the way down in Fayetteville, NC

  146. jemurray says:

    Wayne Pa felt it. Working on the 4th floor and watched the window blinds moving of their own accord. Wow!!! Then it was all over, and THAT’s when they said to evacuate the building!

  147. NCm says:

    My son felt it in East Earl PA – near Shady Maple Buffet – we didn’t notice anything here in Gibraltar.

  148. lisa says:

    felt it in the far northeast philadelphia. thought it was Ackerman stomping off.

  149. Tanya says:

    I felt it here in Pville,N.J.

  150. Lois says:

    Collegeville, PA Both of us in the office felt our chairs move back and forth. The customer about 8 miles east of us felt it. On facebook, people in South Jersey and Virginia felt it. A first for me at age 51.

  151. Nicholas Mathis says:

    Howard University – where I was in class – has been evacuated

  152. Marielle says:

    heard the elevators rattling in the hallway here at Drexel University College of Medicine 7th floor New College Bldg, 15th & Vine Sts, Philadelphia, PA

  153. ilb says:

    36th floor in center city philadelphia–buliding shook, chair and computer shook.

  154. Beth says:

    Didn’t feel a thing in Coatesville. However, my parrot started squawking like crazy. We didn’t know why he was upset until we heard about the quake.

  155. Jay P says:

    I’m @ work in Marlton NJ. shook the whole building everyone was evacuated. This is crazy stuff!!!!

  156. Jason says:

    We felt it here in Detroit.

  157. Debra Karp says:

    My husband & I were relaxing on the front porch, when we we felt a gentle shaking. The front pillars were moving, and our car was swaying. It began approx. 1:50p.m., and lasted about 15 seconds.

  158. Annonymous says:

    Gibbsboro NJ…The whole building was shaking….

  159. Becky says:

    Sitting at my desk in Conshohocken

  160. francine says:

    (south phily) at first I thought it was the washer or the kids upstairs but they felt it too and I noticed my entire house was rocking back and forth, I went outside and all my neighbors were either outside or standing at there doors!

  161. Antonio Mangione says:

    I live in camden delaware and im only 12 years old and this is the first to me I felt shaking and I got up and I asked my dad if that was a earthquake because i know the east rarely has earthquakes but im still shakened

  162. LEAH says:


  163. M&J says:

    My whole house was shaking…I thought we were hit by a tractor trailer or our chimney was falling. We are in Coatesville, PA

  164. Earthquake Hater says:

    In philadelphia down at the Navy Yard the entire building shook so hard all the lights were swinging and things on our desks started to fall down. Some alarms went off and we all took off down the stairs… I thought we were safe from earthquakes on the east coast!!

  165. Bill Frederick says:

    felt in Allentown, Pa!

  166. Frank C says:

    Felt it in King of Prussia and also know that it hit 28 miles away in Douglassville, PA.. west of KOP.

  167. cms says:

    We felt it here in Bensalem – I wonder if the Phillies game will go on – as of now, they evacuated the stadium.

  168. JeannieMac says:

    I am at working at Villanova University, the whole building shook and we all evacuated the building, not really knowing what was going on! Within minutes we heard that it was aftershocks felt from a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia.

  169. Dave says:

    My New Hope PA office shook. Kinda scary!

  170. Allen says:

    Working in Lumberton NJ window blinds and trees swayed showing the affect.

  171. Shawn Proctor says:

    We felt it in Philly and my friend in Cape Cod did too.

  172. alivia says:

    I’m in Upper New York state and our hanging lights started to shake and that’s all that happened

  173. Pat Herbert says:

    We are at work in Upper Southampton, PA and are concrete floors were shaking.

  174. SMARTY says:

    I want another one!!!

  175. CAS says:

    Felt at the Atlantic City Airport, sitting in my office…. chair started moving across the floor…… hoping we don’t have aftershocks!!!!

  176. sk says:

    Fort Lee, NJ. 4 story apartment shook twice.!

  177. Ashley says:

    I’m in Windham, Maine which is about 20 min north of Portland. The whole building was shaking and we didn’t know what was going on!

  178. Joanna says:

    I was at my desk in Bensalem and I felt a vibration under my chair . I actually got dizzy from the experience. It was really something I’ll never forget…

  179. Fabian says:

    Pennsuken NJ i felt it. at first i notice my computer shaking then stood up and I felt the house moving. I didnt know what to think. i looked outside and i see the water in my inflatable pools moving. Man i thought the world was going to end and i was alone at home. I never felt an earth quake before. This may be a good reason to call out of work today…. God Bless us All.

  180. Vern L says:

    i spoke to someone in Pittsburgh and they felt it too
    We started blaming one of our coworkers (Heavy person)
    Now i feel bad

  181. Malachi says:

    I was in my pool as my whole deck shook

  182. Mary Taylor says:

    we felt it in Atlantic City!!!

  183. Jer says:

    Felt it down in Fayetteville, NC (Fort Bragg)

  184. kate says:

    i never felt a thing but everyone else did

  185. Nicole says:

    My apt building shook in Holmes, Pa near Ridley. I thought my dog was shaking the bed til I noticed the walls moving.

  186. Alison says:

    Langhorne Pa
    My mother was reclining on a chase chair which was moved across the floor.
    Our house phone will not work now!We only have a busy signal

  187. RG says:

    Felt a slight tremor in Myrtle Beach, SC — enough to make me go on-line to see if there was a small earthquake in South Carolina. Felt two very small vibrations.

  188. LR says:

    Felt it in Hainesport, NJ. !

  189. Paolo says:

    I’m in center city Philadelphia, 20th floor, my apartment was literally shacking, with the flood going up and down. Crazy.

  190. Debbie Marshall says:

    Sitting on the beach at Stone Harbor feeling the earth shake. Very weird sensation.

  191. Shanta' says:

    I live in Mounty Airy area of philadelphia. I was on the phone with my Dad in Newark, DE and at the same time we both felt the shaking. He thought it was his wah machine. I didnt know what was going on. I grabbed my 1 month old and 8 year old son and woke up my Husband.

  192. beth says:

    Working in Malvern, the whole building shook. First thought it was a blast from the quarry but it lasted too long.

  193. jermaine says:

    Felt it in Winston-Salem NC… about 250 miles away from Mineral, VA

  194. Chris says:

    me and fellow co workers at Valken Paintball warehouse in Swedesboro felt the shake and could not believe this happened

  195. Antonio Mangione says:

    Im only 12 years old and this is the first to me I felt shaking and I got up and I asked my dad if that was a earthquake because i know the east rarely has earthquakes but im still shakened

  196. Florence says:

    We are in Malvern PA and my daughter, who is visiting from NY said do you feel that? We were on the 2nd floor of our house and the table shook, the floor vibrated and items in a breakfront rattled. It last about 20 seconds.

  197. Tyler Welch says:

    Felt it in Newark, DE. Knocked a few things off my walls, nothing to freak out about though, we’re not in any imminent danger here anyway.

  198. M. Lo says:

    I was in my dorm at University of Pennsylvania and it was a tad scary.

  199. Kyle says:

    Did not feel a thing on the beach in North Wildwood. While walking home we thought people were crazy saying their was an Earthquake. Found out it was true when we got home, saw lights were still swaying, and turned on the news.

  200. Annette says:

    I am from Hellertown, PA and my whole house was shaking and I ran outside thinking my house was going to cave in. I thought it was just my house because no one else came out. That was the most scariest thing I have ever felt. I truly thought that I was in serious trouble! For anyone else that felt that should check to make sure they don’t smell gas in/out of their homes.

  201. Diane Coleman says:

    I’m at the William J Hughes Technical Center at the Atlantic City International Airport. Everything started shaking on our desk several of us were feeling sick and our equilibrium is bad!! I’m still feeling woozie!! Never felt anything like it!!!

  202. stephanie M. says:

    i was sitting at the computer when i felt the floor move. i could hear the windows rattling too! i was very scared. told my kids that if mommy says run, they better run. i thought the house was going to fall w/ my poor baby upstairs napping! very freaked!

  203. Mari says:

    I am in Nashua, NH and felt it!

  204. jermaine says:

    Jermaine from north philly I live on the 12th floor and it rocked my whole building my wheelchair starting rolling out the living room

  205. Donna says:

    We live in Wilmington De. and we thought a tree hit our house, we didn’t know what happened, the whol house shook!

  206. Ashleigh Geremia says:

    My building shook three times in Charlotte, NC.

  207. Andrea says:

    We felt it in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Our whole house was shaking!

  208. Allen says:

    Allentown, PA right off the Interstate 78. House started to shake thought it was a big truck driving by on highway. Until TV started shaking and computer desk. I thought my house was on the verge of collapsing!!!!!

  209. Jodi Powell says:

    We were all in the Office at De Lage Landen in Wayne PA, widows were shaking, building was rumbling, lights were swaying and we evac’d immediately..Irony is we were just talking about this very thing..kinda creepy! So glad it was not worse!! Hope everyone is ok in DC.

  210. Frank says:

    Wayne NJ – did not feel a thing

    1. Jen says:

      Thats strange cause here in Fairfield,NJ my husband and I, and the entire office complex felt the ground moving under our feet and the the water in the fish tank was rocking. It was hard to keep our balance, felt dizzy from it!

  211. JJ says:

    i felt the office shake, my cubical was moving and i thought it was someone in the office messing with me. Then my cell phone service went out. I am located on the border of Philadelphia and Bucks County PA.

  212. Ryan The Robot says:

    Center City, Philadelphia – Was in the office and thought that my friend was jumping on a floor beam, and the water pitcher on my desk looked like it was in Jurassic Park!:)

  213. Kim says:

    I’m in Spring City, PA and my whole house shook for about 25 seconds!!

  214. juliet says:

    Omg I am in the Fort Dix area my house was shaking I felt so scared i ran outside

  215. Malachi says:

    I was in my pool as i felt the whole entire deck shake.

  216. Joe says:

    I was sleeping in Aston, PA, Delaware County. It woke me up out of a sound sleep. Thought I was dreaming at first.

  217. Alex L. says:

    Tabernacle NJ felt the shake too

  218. Vicky says:

    We felt it here in Orefield, PA too!

  219. Larry Young says:

    Live in Vineland, NJ and felt it in my house as the house was swaying as were the powerlines, the neighbors all came out of the houses to conform we all felt it. No land lines or cell phones are working

  220. kms says:

    felt it here in Reading, whole house shook, felt like getting hit by a truck

  221. Sharon Wolfgang says:

    Collingswood NJ – I wasn’t sure what was happening at first. The dining room floor rolled under my feet for several seconds – doesn’t seem to be any damage, but it felt REALLY strange

  222. roco Rozas says:

    Not only did my house shake but I got a little dizzy from it…

  223. Jay says:

    The quake was felt here in Wilmington, DE I heard the rumble and felt the shaking of my building and items in my home. I pray it was not somesort of military exercise that went wrong. Be Calm and Stay in prayer always.

  224. Stephanie Dorsey says:

    I was watching tv and my apartment started shaking. I can’t believe it…an earthquake!!! I thought something hit the building.

  225. AJ says:

    i live in columbia, SC and apparently the shaking was felt here too. I was wondering what it was

  226. Merle says:

    I was sitting at work doing some paper work. I thought someone was behind me playing around, my chair was moving back and forth. I looked left, then right and no one was there…..then the whole building started to shake…eerie feeling…..lasted about 7 or 8 seconds.

  227. Jaime LHeureux says:

    Felt it here next to The Superbase,Ft.Dix/Mc-Guire/Lakeurst Our tailers all swayed,A 5 gallon bucket of water was splashing water out of it,And I knew what it was,Everyone is OK.

  228. Brooke Burgoyne says:

    we felt it here in magnolia DE. My best friend who goes to Westley College says the school was evacuated.

  229. Rick says:

    I was at the Newark NJ Airport Hotel taking a nap..the bed starting skaing and the closet was even moving..My first earthquake!

  230. Bill Burkey says:

    Minor tremor in Lower Providence Twp. a couple miles east of Collegeville. Rattled the dishes in the dining room china cabinet a bit. Only lasted five seconds or so.

  231. Wally says:

    I was on my toilet in doylestown, pa when it hit. Nearly shook me off the toilet!!!! -Wally v.

  232. debra says:

    i was sitting on my porch in Frankford Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and i completely rocked my whole house, weird.

  233. Jordan Burkey says:

    Felt the floor of my house shake for about 4 seconds. Couldn’t convince my wife I wasn’t imagining it until the reports showed up online. I’m about 10 miles north of Philadelphia. First “quake” I’ve ever felt.

  234. jen says:

    i felt it in north wilmington. cell and house phone not working either.

  235. Kyle says:

    I was in my living room, and my parrots and dogs went nuts a few seconds before, my parrots flew off their stands, and the dogs started barking like crazy. I woke my mom up and said, Hey! We’re having an earthquake!

  236. Jim says:

    5.8 epicenter in Mineral, VA – don’t know where that is. Need to check a map
    our entire building shook and things fell off of shelves in a couple of the offices.
    I felt it under my feet first, but then everything started shakin- this was from my daughter in Arlington va. they just evacuated my bldg
    cell phone circuits all busy!

  237. Anita says:

    I live in Trenton NJ and our house shook for about 20 secs.. OMG

  238. michele says:

    laureldale, pa. house shook terriblly for over 2 minutes .

  239. Chelsea says:

    I’m in Center City Philly and felt ABSOLUTELY nothing.

    1. Charmaine Hurst says:

      Me too.I did not feel anyhing and I was in the kitchen on the 28th floor of the 2 Liberty Building.That is weird because everybody in the office felt it and I didn`t. I must be weird!

  240. Priscilla says:

    Our cell phones aren’t working

    1. debra says:

      north east philadelphia and phones are completely dead

  241. Susie says:

    Upstate NY (Cornell Campus); 13 story building; felt and saw objects shake/rattle, but no roll.

  242. scott says:

    south jersey..the end is near!!! everythings comin to an end on 12/21/12

  243. Tom says:

    I have an office in my home and the desk started moving left to right with the computer monitor moving . I looked up to see the door frame to my office visibly moving and the sound of the whole house shaking.

  244. Veronica says:

    OMG my whole house was just shaking mirrors in my room were rattling.
    Camden, NJ

  245. Mary says:

    My office in Center City Philadelphia, my computer was shaking!

  246. Robert Green says:

    I was in my bed in atlantic city NJ and my whole bed shook for about 20 seconds or so. Weird weird weird.

  247. esther says:

    we were in a meeting a felt our whole building shake. we are on the 3rd floor. needless to say left the building quickly.

  248. Prathima.Medepally says:

    We stay in Horsham city, i was sitting in footon and i felt it was shaking. I felt it for few seconds and looked around whether other things are moving and realised that it was earthquake.

  249. Megan says:

    Earthquake was felt in Erie, Pennsylvania!!

  250. Debbie says:

    I felt it here in Delaware Entire house shook

  251. Jameelah Jefferson says:

    Camden nj felt it. I froze didn’t know what was going on! My whole house shook!
    Light flashed on and off!

  252. Jonathan says:

    In Elkins Park, PA I thought a stampede of squirrels had invaded my attic.

  253. Rayne says:

    EVERYBODY in johnston county, nc felt this thing.. scared a bunch of rednecks..

  254. Leila Jackowski says:

    In Browns MIlls NJ 08015, in office thought the building was going to collapse. Will we get after shocks?

  255. Terri Rose says:

    I was sitiing on couch and everything began to shake My dog acted funny just prior. I live in Pittsgrove, NJ

  256. Pamela says:

    We felt it in Ocean City Nj. The house started shaking, things fell off the shelves and pictures fell off the walls. People pulled over and started yelling to each other cross the street.

  257. Alicia O says:

    I am in Center City Philadelphia near the Liberty Bell. I felt it in my home, tv fell over, furniture shook, really startled me.

  258. Jen, Reading, PA says:

    woke me up with my basement door shaking. i was confused because the wind wasn’t blowing at all. then my husband text me about an earthquake.

  259. Art says:

    My wife thought a tractor trailor came down our small street in Pennsauken. The whole house shook.

  260. C says:

    was in my basement Hatfiield PA at my desk, my chair rocked back and forth, almost fell out of it – got scared and ran outside. First one for me too!!! So glad no serious damage here so far. Hope everyone is all right, Hope it;s my last!

  261. Dave Haeussler says:

    We are at REEDS BEACH NJ our house shook sidways

  262. Brie says:

    I and several friends were eating in the lunchroom on the 1st floor near Audubon, PA, and all looked at each other suddenly because we thought someone was kicking the table, and then other people across the lunchroom said “do you feel that too?” we all knew then it was probably an earthquake. Wow! Hope people in Virginia are ok! I have family in Newport News, just south of Richmond.

  263. Christopher VanSciver says:

    I was in bed and it was shaking, and I wasn’t making it this time if you get what I mean ;-) . West Deptford New Jersey

    1. Brie says:

      no, what DO you mean!? lol

    2. flint333 says:

      you mean by stroking it?

  264. Julia says:

    I felt it in export ps 15632 minor.

  265. Donna says:

    Our entire hoouse and furniture shook here at Glendora,NJ.

  266. Karen Liverman says:

    I was on my computer here in Pottstown when I started to rock in my chair, my monitor started to shake and the pictures on my walls started to shake.

  267. Felonee Ketchum says:

    Northfield, NJ our house just shook as we were sitting in our living room watching TV. I thought my kids were doing something at first and then realized they were all in the same room as me! It was crazy. First earthquake I have ever felt.

  268. Jameelah Jefferson says:

    Camden nj

  269. Kathleen E. Biondi says:

    Felt the earthquake in Cape May Court House , NJ Cape May County. Working and the entire building shook

  270. Tasnim Bhaiyat says:




    1. Vern L says:


  271. Bethany Brenner says:

    house shook, morgantown penslyvania me and my friend were sitting on the couch and we looked at eachtoher we said did you feel thatt 2?

  272. Lance Parmer Company says:

    My car shook.

  273. Stephanie Kohler says:

    We live in mertztown pa above Reading and we felt the bad shacking, we were evacuated from the local school on a tour.

  274. Jeff says:

    Felt earthquake here in Dover the whole house shook I was saying what the heck is that!

  275. John says:

    I was on my new porch, I thought they did a terrible job and my porch was collapsing…

    1. Jill Hurley says:

      Your comment made me laugh. I’m glad your porch wasn’t collapsing.

    2. anon513 says:

      LMAO I’m glad your porch is alright too. That’s too funny.

  276. Amiano and Son Construction says:

    Tabernacle NJ felt it.

  277. Andrew Cressman says:

    Quakertown Pennsylvania. I was sitting at my desk at work and my chair started shaking. Thought I was going crazy at first.

  278. Bud says:

    The chandeliers in our church sanctuary were swinging [Dover, DE]

  279. Amy Wakefield says:

    My whole house shook over in blackwood, wow

  280. Corey Bryant says:

    we felt it in Pennsville NJ to the whole hotel shook kinda scary but kinda gives me a rush

  281. Mark Yoder says:

    I live in West Chester, PA and we felt it…a good 7-10 seconds of shaking!!!

  282. valerie says:

    Im in Philadelphia and I felt absolutely everything shake. I was in my dinning room at home. This was the second earthquake I ever experienced, the first one was while I was in Panama.

  283. Marilee says:

    I’m at work on Long Beach Island in NJ when it hit – shoot the entire building – first one for me!

  284. Julie O says:

    North Wilmington – thought my printer was having issues until my entire office started shaking!

  285. Sebrina says:

    New Jersey and New York felt it

  286. Emilie says:

    I was at work in my office in Cherry Hill, NJ. And i felt the first part and thought nothing of it. But when the second portion hit. I jumped up confused knowing something was wrong.

  287. Phoexniville Resident says:

    Uhhh, any word on the integrity of Limerick Towers nuclear plant?

    1. Lee says:

      I’m more concerned about the North Anna nuclear plan in Louisa County, VA.

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