City Officials Looking To Permanently Re-Write Curfew Law In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — City officials are hinting at a possible permanent re-write of Philadelphia’s curfew law because of successful enforcement this weekend of the temporarily tighter curfew hours.

Mayor Michael Nutter used an executive order to roll back the curfew hours, setting a temporary 9 p.m. deadline for anyone under 18 to get off the streets. That led to police this past weekend taking 72 teens into custody.

Now, Nutter’s Deputy Mayor for Public Safety, Everett Gillison, says they’ll work with City Council this fall on a possible revision of the permanent curfew law.

“The mayor is going to work with Council in re-evaluating the entire curfew apparatus in our city ordinances. And we hope to have a longer range strategy to talk about an adjustment going forward.”

The permanent curfew law, which went into effect in 2007, says anyone 13 and under must be home by 10 p.m., 17 and under must be home by midnight.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio City Hall Bureau Chief.

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One Comment

  1. Angry Revolutionary says:

    @ Sheriff. You are awlful quick to say no. But you show no argument as to why. If you honestly believe that a curfew will quell the issues we have in this city you are sorely mistaken and somewhat obtuse. The city has had curfews for a long time and they have been enforced in the past. The issue comes down to parenting and responsibility. Nine o’clock is a bit restrictive and again we target a small group of people making it difficult for the majority. It’s a knee jerk reaction to a bigger problem. Based on your name I would figure that you might have been in law enforcement at one time and that you would see that, perhaps I am mistaken. The city has problems that need to be addressed. “all great change begins at the dinner table” the problem is the parent’s don’t care where there kids are and that’s the bigger problem.

  2. Angry Revolutionary says:

    One step closer to Martial Law….freedom and liberty does not apply to only one group of people but to everyone equally. Punishing good kids by intalling laws that are biased only create more problems. “Those who give up freedom for temporary security deserve neither”

    1. Angry Revolutionary says:

      That should say by “instilling”, please excuse my typo

      1. Sheriff says:

        Angry Revolutionary, NO, NO NO.

  3. Diana says:

    i have to comment again all and i mean all under ages should be of the streets in less in front of your own home! i just can’t understand parents that want to fight this curfew enforcement!! you should be glad the city are saying kids should be home!!!!!! with all the trouble on the streets now a days be glad the curfew is enforced. i don’t care what color the flash mobs were all kids need of the street. please don’t say that children of other races are not causing trouble. there are to many children running the streets with no respect for people or property. this is the best thing they could have done. you deal with your own kids. i welcome the new curfew!! stop blaming others for your little darlings.

    1. chris says:

      I think a curfew should be enforced here in the UK , when i was a youngster i had to be home by a certain time now days the parents let kids out till very late. Thats so wrong then they wonder why they don’t get the school grades

  4. bottomline says:

    This is wrong! Getting under 18 non-black kids off the streets because black kids can’t handle their freedom is totally wrong.
    The first step in solving a problem is to face the problem truthfully and work from there.
    Seems, the city and others are in a permanent state of denial – this is the real problem. Stop playing feel good games and tackle the problem, its Black.

  5. Philliboi says:

    I’m curious.

    If they are enforcing this new curfew for anyone undr 18, how are they going to handle college freshmen – many of whom will still be 17 this fall?

  6. Diana says:

    your right!! curfew should be for the entire city of philadelphia!!! i don’t think the law was erver dismantled, so why was it never enforced till recently. i applaud you for re-enforcing the curfew law. it worked years ago and can work again. there are other laws that need to be enforced too. i also applaud the return of the mounted police lets give them a big welcome back!!!

  7. K says:

    good good…annnd good

  8. kaz joe says:

    To find out the real reasons for the problems going on around the world and here at home, check out,, and Because today’s world is full of smoke and mirrors.

  9. george says:

    if people felt safer, there would be even more visitors downtown… plus the neighborhoods would be much safer…

  10. Charmaine Hurst says:

    This should be inforced in the neighboorhoods as well as the entire scholl year!Kids have been acting bad after school as well!There were cases of it his pass school year and years before that!Curfew should not be just for Center City.It should be for ,WEST, NORTH SOUTH AND EAST PHILADELPHIA!aLSO PLACES LIKE EAST RIVER DRIVE,KELLY DRIVE AND EVEN ROXBOROUGH.PUT CAMERAS IN PLACES THAT ARE NOT EXPECTED TO BE! THIS HOULD CURB THESE UN CALL FOR ACTS OF CRIME!

  11. Madman says:

    Good…..keep the animals off the streets.

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