PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Petunias pooped out? Daisies looking drab? By August, lots of flowers, even annuals, have just had enough. It’s a good time to cut back, clean out, give your planters a boost of compost or fertilizer and go shopping for a few new something or others.

Any annuals left at the garden center are sure to be on sale and you can perk things up by tucking in just a few packs of fresh flowers.

Pinch back your petunias. Deadhead your dianthus to distract your eye while you wait for the fall pansies to arrive. It doesn’t take much – without the drooping leaves, dried browned bits and the straggly vines that petered out, your planters will look better already. Then adding just a few new faces for fresh color is an affordable way to revive and refresh planters with a quick face-lift.

Your planters aren’t finished yet, they’re just tired – doesn’t summer’s heat and humidity take its toll on you too?

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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