Mayor Nutter Addresses Recent Problem With Youth Violence At Church In West Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police have been on curfew patrol this weekend, trying to stop mobs of teens from forming and turning violent as they have in recent attacks in Center City. On Sunday morning, Mayor Michael Nutter addressed what’s happened — and what officials are going to do about it.

The mayor took his message to his church: Mount Carmel Baptist in West Philadelphia.

Listen to Mayor Nutter’s speech…

He talked about the impact of youth violence and appealed to parents in the pews to watch for signs their kids might be in with a bad crowd — to know who they’re Facebooking, texting, and Tweeting, and where they’re going when they’re out the door.

Nutter said the participants in the flash mobs have hurt other people, hurt themselves and that “you’ve damaged your own race.”

Nutter also called out the parents of teens involved in the attacks, many of whom are African-American. He says parents need to be more involved and not just a “human ATM.”

But without divine intervention and omniscient moms and dads, officials know they must do more than just talk about the problem.

Jericka Duncan reports…

The city’s years-old nighttime curfew law is being enforced: kids under 14 have to be home by 10; midnight is the deadline for those under 18.

And because not all pack attacks happen within those hours, authorities also are putting more cops on the streets, including horse and bike patrols.

Reported By Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Pat Santa-Coloma says:

    Kudo’s to Mayor Nutter for calling it like itt is. There is no excuse for these thugs to destroy property and hurt innocent people. I just find it remarkable to hear a politician speak the truth and not justify their behavior because of race and color.. Don’t back down now Mr. Mayor, restore peace and prosperity ito your great city.

  2. Jeff says:

    Mayor Nutter is the man. He is telling it like it is and I can see his congregation agrees with him wholeheartedly. But its not their kids running around like idiots. Its the welfare mothers-as it always is. Let’s be honest here. This is what happens when there are not two parents…..or at least one good one! I’m so tired of these people acting as if someone has to pay for their bad personal decisions. No, the people are speaking out and they are tired of it.

  3. Jack says:

    I was born and raised in South Philly, in an era where blacks and whites, basically, tolerated one another! I volunteered and tutored black kids in Math. at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church! Unlike the 14 to 17 year old black kids that I tutored, it is a sad commentary to read about the violence that rages among the black youth of today!
    Please, don’t address my post with “It’s whitey’s fault” because it’s a tiresome tirade and a continued objective to continue racial divisiveness!

  4. Tyrone says:


    If you listen to me “Flash Mobs”OR Group Attacks will be stopped and or deterred! First make it illegal for any store to operate without video cameras. From the mom & pop to the big big stores! FIRST:

    1. If a cop capture any one of the participants in the Flash Mob 0r Group Attackers). That person will be charge a thousand dollars for each of the other participants plus his or herself!

    2. The only way the person capture can reduce their fine is by identifying other participant in the “Flash Mob“..or Group Attackers!

    3. The videotape of the “Flash Mob be shown daily on every news channel until all are capture!

    4. If someone from the public identify a “Flash Mob” participant. That person would be paid two thousand dollar by the person he or she identify!

    5. NO jail time if the Flash Mob” “or Group Attackers participant DO NOT have a weapon…Instead the participant if not in school must get a high school diploma. If he or she has one they must get a college degree two or four year degree. Then paid their fines!

    6. If they drop out there fine must be paid in 6 months…..if not paid….. 5 days in jail then another 6 month to paid and another $1,000…repeat until paid!

    NOTE” Create a web page and publish the partcipants picture and their static…Whether they been capture or still at large! The Department of Correction must create a uniform program. Where Flash Mob & Group Attackers are sentence to wear a yellow uniform for the amount of time sentence or until fines are paid. These uniform will be wore everyday! The uniform will state the crime the participant is sentence to! It would also have the inmates number. Law Enforcement must learn that jail and prison is not a solution to all criminal acts! Matter of fact in my opinion jail and prison create a better criminal and the public pays many times over! First the public pays by the crime…Then by placing the criminal in jail or prison.. The public pay with there taxes! Then by having a criminal record the criminal can’t get a job…So the public taxes pay by way of welfare or more criminal activity! Politician must draft laws that protect Americans citizen.

  5. TT says:

    The sitting mayor didn’t destroy this city; this city was in bad shape because of the last mayor!

  6. sickandtired says:

    Mayor Nutter is a toothless lion that likes to smile for the camera, enough said…where’s Mayor Rizzo when you need him..too bad he’s dead

  7. Vic Livingston says:

    Is Phila. Mayor Nutter a well-meaning but naive dupe? He’s calling for a crackdown on “flash mobs” who have been terrorizing sections of Philadelphia, saying his police force is the “baddest gang in town” — in effect, giving rogue cops a green light to abuse and brutalize those they hate — or have been told to target.

    But what if these flash mobs are under the direction of a military contractor “black op,” a false flag operation intended to provide a justification for a crackdown on the civilian population, and among that population, those who have been etxrajudicially, unjustly targeted for reasons of politics and/or hate?

    I know Nutter. He’s a good man. He’s also a typical naive politician who can’t fathom the possibility that elements of federal security, military and intelligence, and their prime contractor, are staging in Philadelphia the equivalent of the Nazi “Kristallnacht.”

  8. state engineer says:

    this city is just like camden, so keep putting all your money in it nutter, this way we can have a nutter 4 years of your bull

  9. Ann says:

    Remember the program “Scared Straight” from years ago? Youngsters from at-risk communities should spend a few days in a real State prison – it will make them think twice before becoming involved in this mob mentality.

    It’s nice to hear a politician being ‘real’ – good for you, Mr. Nutter. Keep being real and creative. You have to bring it to the communities, though. The kids and parents involved in these crimes are not sitting in church on Sundays.

  10. Mike says:

    Where are all the liberals whining for the separation of church and state? Mayor Nutter takes a perfectly valid message to a church, of all places. I don’t have a problem with it, the same as I didn’t have a problem with Governor Rick Perry holding a prayer meeting in Texas. But where are all of the “Christophobe” liberals complaining about the separation of church and state?

    Here’s a hint: It’s not a violation of the Church and State clause for an elected politician to address a church on current affairs effecting the community. But over the years, the liberal agenda has been to hijack the meaning of the clause. At this point in our history, God is about the only one who can rescue us and keep us safe!

    1. lol says:

      Wow, wth are you babbling about? Nutter addressed an audience that happened to be in a church. What he said had nothing to do with incorporating religion into public policy. It had to do with people getting their homes in order to cut down on the shenanigans on the streets.

      God chose to allow these flash mobs to terrorize Philadelphia, assuming there is a God.

      1. vesey says:

        Your point is valid, but what has been missing from the families in question are the Bible principles that if inculcated into young people from the get go over the past 4 decades, would have avoided much of the bad attitudes and destructive habits that have become so ingrained in a large segment of today’s young people………

  11. Jim Wilmer says:

    Again it is the most two leaders, the rest are followers. The leader throws the first punch, the rest try to impress. Same with the arrest, it will be the followers who are arrested, the leaders will be far gone. The parents have to try and instill what parents have done for generations in their kids. Don’t let someone else think for you. The usual will do for most; if someone jumps off a cliff, are you suppose to do the same? But most of us are sheep and followers, but these leaders are losers.

    1. Dr.Ron Meyers says:

      As an old man, I well remember that when President Johnson created the “Great Society” in the early 60’s it was in response to the blatant and outrageous racism that he and I had personally been appalled by as we were growing up in the South in that era.
      Looking back, I remember being completely supportive of his well intentioned legislation primarily because I can well remember the confusion of a child not understanding why the black women who essentially raised me were so integral into our Southern families and then having to ask my mother and grandmother why the black women who I had come to love had to climb up the back stairs to the balcony, separating them from the Whites, to watch the movies that my uncle was currently running at his movie theater.
      But they would never even allow me, as a naive 6 year old white boy to watch the movie from the balcony or even climb those stairs to clean.
      I well remember, when asking why I was encouraged to clean up the entire theater I was never tasked to clean the balcony, I was told that “They” had diseases to which my beloved family did not want me exposed.

      I only tell this personal family story of the embarrassment of racial bigotry and and ignorance into which I was born to hopefully have some credibility of what I see happening in Philly today.

      While Bill Crosby, and now Mayor Nutter and even the President are sending the very same important and consistent message to Black father’s, it is obvious to me they are putting the blame for the present condition of the average black young man in our country on the wrong shoulders.

      No matter how noble President Johnson’s motives were when his legislation was passed when I was still in high school, and I am sure his heart was in the right place, the sad legacy of the unintended consequences of that well intentioned legislation is much more to the blame for what we see in the Black neighborhoods both in Philly and even over the Pond in the poor neighborhoods all over England, who misguidedly went down the the same rabbit hole of good intentions, creating what is now decades of children born into subsidized families that have come to believe that the answers to all of their problems can only be solved by the government, totally absolving themselves of personal responsibility.
      What is even more troubling, in this global “new economic reality”, this will take at least as many generations to teach children that they must take personal responsibility for their lives.
      I cry that so many people have been so misled, and the pain that this will cause them will last for so long, but it is a new reality that they must learn.
      The only way to be truly free is to learn that the the government will never be the the answer. When we count on the government to take care of us, we are, and will always be, entrapped.
      The only true freedom lies within ourselves.

  12. brian says:

    And what good will it do! As I recall this happened several years ago and there was a big reaction also. Throw the parents in jail. They have no clue what their kids are up to, and quite frankly don;t want to know. They are too busy with their own lives and having to watch over their children would cramp their style.
    What about the police who are being pulled from neighborhoods. When you call the police in my neighborhood, they never come short of a murder.
    Time to abandon this city and its dysfunctional people. Where can we hide?

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