Exclusive: Philadelphia Police Unite With Community Leaders To Fight Violent ‘Flash Mobs’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — City leaders say violent flash mobs running through the streets of Philadelphia will not be tolerated.

“We’re not going to put up with this nonsense and we’re going to have a holistic response,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said.

Eyewitness News has learned that means — many community and city leaders — will also be in Center City this weekend, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity.

“Obviously we have our role and we’re going to live up to that, but in order to have a lasting solution, it’s got to go beyond police,” says Ramsey.

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Only Eyewitness News was there Thursday night at a closed door meeting as law enforcement and city leaders met with clergy and community members.

“These folks are going to step up and said this weekend they will be downtown standing with us on the various corners making sure that where adults are and young people are, they can all be safe,” Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison said.

Gregory Corbin, founder of the Philly Youth Poetry Movement, is one of those community members who will stand side by side with police officers at either Love Park, the clothespin statue or South Street — to be a visual deterrent to any unruly activity.

“I’ll be out there as long as they need me. And I’ll also be extending that same invitation to some of my friends out there and other leaders that I know who will be out about it too,” said Corbin.

Reported by Dave Huddleston, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Philly says:

    Eddie……………you are an idiot.

  2. Fed Up says:

    These punks will only bother someone when they have the complete advantage. Get real…they travel in mobs and single out defenseless people. One on one they are cowards. This is the reason they prowl like animals, seeking the weak. Entitlements should be ended if they are involved in these acts. Their parents should also be charged and entitlements ended.
    Understand……they are cowards. The only way this will end is too stop welfare, free phones, Section 8, etc, etc. if they are caught.

  3. Eddie W says:

    And John Brown: Did it ever occur to you that maybe criminals wouldn’t carry guns if they knew they wouldn’t get shot? If everyone stopped carrying guns, eventually criminals would stop too. There would be a lot less violence in this city.

  4. Angry Revolutionary says:

    Also this is a country wide issue. This same thing happened at the Wisconsin State Fair yesterday….There is a storm coming in this country….I just wish people would see that the country is crumbling before their very eyes….

  5. Ray says:

    At the end of the video the skateboarders were filmed in Love Park. The police are supposed to be enforcing the no-skateboarding policy there. If they can’t even do that how are they going to prevent any more flash mobs?

  6. Stephanie Patterson says:

    I commented on yesterday’s article. Easy solution – no hating, no carrying, etc. Arrest the young hoods as adults AND arrest their parents. Let them spend a few months behind bars with the ther adult criminals. End of story!

  7. philthy says:

    no welfare check if your kid commits a felony. only then will parents get involved.

    1. Tiffany Green says:

      No bacon?? NO TV dinners and grape juice? YOU MEAN m&M’s ain’t free no mo?

      NAW AHH NAW AHHH you hatin

  8. Me says:

    You should always carry in this horrible city.

  9. Greg says:

    I don’t like them being called “flash mobs” Real flash mobs are harmless and do things like stage a pillow fight in a public place and then run away. These kids are just delinquent rioters who should be tethered to their parents 24/7

  10. kelprod says:

    Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? Or are we all going to pretend that this is not a “black” thing??? To all entering the city limits of Philly….exercise your right to carry/ conceal. The fastest way to disburse a gang of totally useless filth like these flash mobs is with a few “flashes” from the business end of a high caliber revolver…buy a hndgun, take a class to learn how to use it, apply for your conceal license…THEN enter the city limits.

    1. Eddie W says:

      Excersice your right to carry? The only thing guns bring is more violence. The last thing we need in a so called “mob” is a gun.So a few kids hit somebody? Does that mean they should die? You mention AL Sharpton… Is this really a black thing? Or is it a bunch of disenfranchised African American youths finally acting out? Ask yourself this: What were these so called “victims” doing. Flashing money these kids don’t have. Listining to Ipod’s these kids can’t afford? Come on. If somebody was walking down the street acting superior to you, they have to expect a consequence.

      1. Hater says:

        You will wish you had a gun when twenty little black bass turds surround you and start beating your fool azz. No one is flashing anything in their faces moron. If anything, they will try to hide their belongings when these savages appear. I suppose the next time I see one of these arrogant mofos walking down the street, they had better expect a consequence. Idiot!

      2. em says:

        Whoa. Are you serious? Disenfranchised youths finally acting out? For what reason? Because they can’t/won’t get a job? And so it’s the fault of the people who work hard for their money and are able to purchase things? Seriously? How do you rationalize this being okay? One more thing: these violent rats didn’t just ‘hit somebody’. They broke bones. Put people in the hospital. The Starbucks employee that was ambushed on the train platform while ON HIS WAY HOME FROM WORK a few months ago DIED. Are you too daft and bitter to comprehend what the real problem is?

      3. Angry Revolutionary says:

        So that gives them the right to act like animals? Eddie your lack of commons sense is apparent. And yes in PA you now have every right to defend yourself no matter where you are. Perhaps you should read the new Castle Doctrine law. These kids are punks, and if it was my pregnant wife that was caught up in one of these they would suffer my wrath. Those who do not resepect others deserve none in return. These attacks are racially motivated. Accept that law abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves.

      4. JOHN BROWN says:

        Actually it is a statistical fact that the lawful carrying of registered weapons reduces crime considerably. The unlawful possession of guns is how criminals commit gun related crimes. All citizens, black and white, need the ability to protect themselves from black criminals.

      5. John Sebastion says:

        your a fk ing idiot

      6. Eddie W says:

        First of all “em”, do you actually believe the news reports? Somebody gets hit once or twice and all of a sudden it’s a violent attack. Really? Did you ever stop to think that maybe the Police used this oppertunity to railroad a few kids because of their color and help meet their quota for the month. It’s a classic example of the police using their power to hold down minorities. The guy from starbucks died of a heart attack. He was scared of all the “negroes” around him. I’m sure you would be to, because if a bunch of African American kids are standing near you something bad will happen. Right?

      7. mike says:

        Seriously Eddie? You think because I have an Ipod and someone else doesn’t that I’m acting “superior” to them? What the hell is wrong with you? So because I’ve worked hard to afford nice things I should be victimized because these thugs can’t afford the same things? You’re a complete idiot…

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