Corbett Wants To Keep Transportation Budget Healthy Without Tax Hike

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – His transportation funding commission has recommended an increase in gas taxes and vehicle fees to raise new money for roads, bridges and mass transit, but Governor Corbett is hinting that he may have other ideas.

It is a well-known fact that Governor Corbett has taken a pledge not to increase taxes. But his transportation funding commission, which issued its official report on Monday, is recommending that a cap on wholesale gas taxes be lifted and that vehicle registration and driver’s license fees be increased.

How does he reconcile that with the no tax hike pledge? On Wednesday, while saying he was still reviewing the panel’s report, also indicated there were other options he might consider.

“There’s a whole lot of options there,” Corbett said. “I think there’s some other options out there that I’m not going to talk about right now that we could be taking a look at because obviously the issue we need is revenue.”

When pressed further, Corbett again declined to offer details.

“There’s some ideas out there that I want to explore.”

Transportation funding is just one of several big-ticket items awaiting lawmakers when they return in the fall.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. vel says:

    of course he has no details, he has none and no answer how to fix Pennsylvania. He’s only concerned about taking orders from his masters in DC who evidently think that infrastruture repair will be done by magic goblins. What an idiot to think that taxes can’t be raised when the price of everythign else has gone up.

  2. grumpy says:

    Any and I mean ANY elected leader that signs some pledge from some shady group needs to be recalled (as in Wisconsin) or impeached for not honoring his pledge to the Commonwealth to which he/she is to represent!~

  3. Hater says:

    Finally. A governor with some sense and fiscal responsibility. If we could only rid the country of all tax and spend demoncrats, America would prosper again.

    1. grumpy says:

      Since we all got BUSHwacked from 2000-2008 we haven’t and won’t prosper again……………………………………can you speak Chinese?

  4. Step down from office please. says:

    Maybe he can take more money away from our children’s education to help pay for it!

  5. cteve says:

    He will go down as the most corrupt and worst governor in the state’s history. He cares nothing for the well being of the people of Pennsylvania and only cares about the money lining his pocket from the natural gas industry. It is quite sad.

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