As Victim Speaks Out, City Explores Ways To Stop Violent Flash Mobs

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – City officials met last night to discuss ways to stop violent mobs of teenagers from rampaging through Center City. This comes after weekend attacks that left several people injured and an 11-year-old in police custody, charged in the attacks.

The meeting lasted over two-and-half hours. It included Mayor Michael Nutter on a conference call, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, and Deputy Mayor for Safety Everett Gillison.

“This is not just a policing issue, this is a community response issue and as a result of that, we want to make sure that we stay tightly targeted in how we will respond,” Gillison says.

So in addition to an increased police presence in Center City, Gillison says city agencies will reach out to work with these teens.

Ramsey says there will be an increased police presence in Center City, but he adds, it’s going to take more than cops to stop these mobs, “You’re talking about 15, 16 year-olds, 17, 18-year-olds and above. They’re responsible for their own behavior, so this isn’t just a city problem, a government problem. These are people who need to learn how to control themselves.”

One of the victims of Friday night’s attack, Jeremy Schenkel, recounted the attack on CBS3 Eyewitness News. He says the kids were laughing as they beat and kicked him, and not only was there the attacking mob, there was also a group of kids cheering them on.

“Almost like an admiring group that was following them, just kind of ragging on people, and one of those guys said, ‘It’s not our fault you can’t fight,'” Schenkel recalls.

Schenkel says if he could talk to his attackers, he’d ask one simple question: “Why?  Why are you out at 9:15 at night causing mayhem in Center City, hurting people? What’s wrong in your life that you think this is fun?”

Schenkel says he still has a sore jaw, but he says compared to other injuries he saw from these attacks, he says he considers himself lucky.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060 and Walt Hunter, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. jack markowitz says:

    These flash mob kids mostly target the upscale and more affluent neighborhoods, where there is a thriving night life, upscale restaurants, stores that are alive with shoppers and malls. These are the areas that need increased police security, cameras, and surveillance. Once these moronic flash mob mental defectives find they have no where to congregate except in thier own slum neighborhoods, the thrill of acting like savages in tieir own neighborhoods will soon wear off. Who really cares if all that they do is destroy their own neighborhoods? No one that’s who.



  3. Dan says:

    Round up these punks…put them on a bus to Dover AFB…put them on a C130…give them a parachute…fly them to places like Afganistan, Libya, Iraq…push them out of the plane and don’t wish them luck. If the parents of these punks have a problem with that…send them also. Need to send a loud messege!!

    I am just waiting for somebody, not even a police officer, to put a couple rounds into some of these cowards. But then again, it would be that good samaritan who would get in trouble.

    Hmmmm. I wonder how Frank Rizzo would have handled this? Any tanks in the area? Put snipers on roof tops? Just a thought.

  4. bottomline says:

    I guess by now we all know the problem begins at home.
    However, even if a child is taught about proper social behavior and not to steal, lie, cheat or commit violence, this still isn’t enough.
    As I recall, one out of every four minority persons is under some form of penal supervision. Then, I estimate, two out of every four minority persons commit improper acts daily – they just don‘t get caught.
    So now we take these properly taught children from their homes and expose them to unfit peer examples that teach them their parents are daffy, just do as we do.
    Added to that they soon learn we have no shortage of publicly trusted people whom are convicted of criminal activities.
    We all hope for intelligent children, then why would any young person in their right mind trust the American style honor system when the politicians etc. are double dipping crooks?
    Crime begins at the top! Put a crooked quack at the top and the ducks will follow.
    I suggest a proper education; we take some of these political criminals, crooked cops and others, like Bernie Maldoff and put them on display, zoo style. And for a school day trip, let our little children visit them and feed them bananas and peanuts, all televised, while their tour guide explains to the children how these crooks are destroying our country – their future.

  5. Ann says:

    I feel they should be charged as adults. If the parents are on welfare, which they probably are, take the money out of their welfare check then see what will happen. The names of the parents should also be placed in the newspapers.

  6. Jeff says:

    Two words. Tear gas. Every cop should have some. They should box the rioters in, arrest them, AND their parents. They should all be assigned 5,000 hours of community service. Businesses should given free units that “mosquito” machine that lets out an extremely annoying sound only kids can hear. They should be paid for out of the pockets the kids who do these riots. In fact I think the businesses targeted should be given free pepper spray and tear gas grenades too,

  7. Carolyn says:

    Are you really serious in believing that these immature, street wise punks and not to mention ANIMALS are going to give you an ounce of remorse from there heart, for the attack that you incurred by them? GUESS AGAIN!!!

  8. nowhere john says:

    All law abiding citizens need to start affirming there 2nd amendment rights in Philadelphia. Corbett at least did that right, by signing pro 2nd amendment enhancements. I’d rather have my own self defense than wind up at the city morgue or in coma.

    1. cb says:

      So what you’re saying is to carry a gun? So then what’s to stop these idiot mobs from doing the same (if they aren’t already). So then Center City streets will ultimately turn into a blood bath from river to river. I agree, hold the parents responsible, initiate a 9pm curfew for weeknights and 11 on friday and sat. It worked in Chester

  9. Stephanie Patterson says:

    Why all the debate in city government? Why the “reaching out?” Treat these hoods for what they are – adult felons – and give them adult punishment, along with their parents for failing to control their kids! That would stop a lot of problems before they occur.

    Try what Chester did – CURFEWS! After 9:00 PM, NO ONE under 18 is allowed on the streets. This is a crisis and will only get worse.

  10. MJ says:

    Send these kids to the mountains so that they can fight the animals that they are….

  11. caps says:

    People of Philadelphia listen to me ! You do have the right to bear arms ! Buy a Gun and carry it. This will stop when you start to defend yourself. Don’t be stupid

  12. Geek Squad 1 says:

    I understand this issue has grown from social media sites, has Philadelphia reached out to these sites to provide data just as if it was a child endangerment issue? There are keywords that can flag this type of information before it happens. When we were young we didn’t have 500 friends at the touch of a keypad, we had rotary phones.

    Computers help this problem, so computers should be used to prevent these problems. The solution is out there, the cops need smarter IT folks to hunt these flash mobs down. PPD should lift the requirement for IT folks to be a policemen before getting an IT job. This prevents some of the brightest talent from applying. What IT person wants to ride a patrolcar and chase druggies before doing real IT work.

    PPD should commandeer facebook accounts of those arrested to get in the scoop for the next flash mob that will take place again before the summer is over. PPD should also ask kids if they could report flash mob news to their facebook account like CI’s for drug cases.

    1. no name says:

      great idea so I am sure no one will listen

    2. jack says:

      If I’m ever attacked by these flash mobs, Facebook and Twitter will be held accountable. They will lose millions.

  13. JP O'Neill says:

    These kids are committing serious felonys and misdemeanors(riot, agg. assault, recklessly endangering, etc). If this is not controlled, one of these juveniles are probebly going to get themselves killed by a victim who is in fear of losing thier life, and the victim would be well within thier legal bounds. Find a jury, or political DA, that would prosecute. It would sad, but not only do the kids need to control themselves but the parents need to be held accountable if thier children are found to be a constant problem.

    1. bugs bunny says:

      This shall always be a problem as long as the black community teaches their women to consider sexual prowess as the determining factor in chosing a mate rather than character, because soon MacDaddy has left her with several kids. She has no education, never travelled and now has the streets to be her offsprings father, hence repeating the cycle. It is their own fault for pedastalizing idiots who have nothing to offer like fitty cent and Ice Cube, ignorant bipeds out of the forest and masters of nothing. Anyone can have a baby, and just because LaQuisha thinks he got game, does not make him worthy of anything. No wonder they continue to be the bottom of the totem pole :(

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