Fishtown Web Design Firm Moves Into New Green Office

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Fishtown web design is doing its part to make the 19125 zip code, the “greenest” zip code in the city. Today, the office officially opens for use. The grand opening is in October.

Tracy Levesque is co-president of Yikes, a web design and development company that recently decided to move out of its old offices and into new ones. But then LeVesque and her partner saw two long-vacant buildings on East Girard Avenue.

“When we found them, they were a wreck, they were a mess, but I loved them. I saw the potential in these building, so we bought them and decided to do green rehab of these buildings, so that when they are completed, they will be certified LEED. We’re going for certified platinum.”

That means a lot of the materials were reclaimed, “A lot of the framing materials came from struck-down movie sets, such as the Last Airbender. We also have all the interior doors are reclaimed from architectural salvage. The floors are reclaimed from bleacher boards in Pennsylvania, actually a high school.”

LEED platinum is the highest green certification you can get. LeVesque says the buildings were given tight, new insulation and high efficiency heating and air systems.

Reported by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. ted says:

    I would like to applaud these INDEPENDENT SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS for choosing to responsibly renovate a building that was literally falling down. The fact that they chose to make the building “Green” is their choice, and I can’t understand why people like “guest1” have a problem with it, further that decision likely created more “real jobs” than if they had done the bare minimum. The level of contempt people seem to have these days for making real improvements to the city is crazy, like it is somehow responsible for the debt ceiling crisis. I would suggest that those people who don’t want to be part of the the future of the city of Philadelphia move somewhere else. Those of us who have ambition and want to make Philadelphia the best possible place to live will gladly continue to do so.

  2. guest1 says:

    there is this obession today to be “green” for everything. And while some technologies are good, most of these new “green” products don’t perform as well as their old counterparts (incandescent bulbs are much easier on the eyes than any halogen, LED, or cfl bulb out there.) And we need to get over this green obsession. Let people build offices like normal and create real jobs in this city without imposing huge costs on everyone.

  3. Peter says:

    I like the use of all the reclaimed material as opposed to expensive, high tech energy saving devices that don’t pay for themselves but are pitched on the idea that they create high tech jobs for the companies that make the devices. Going green nearly put Tastycake out of business.

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