11-Year-Old Among 4 Arrested In Center City Flash Mob Attacks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Another flash mob attack in Center City left two men beaten so severely they had to be rushed to a local hospital. Shocked onlookers called 911 leading to several arrests, and Eyewitness News’ Elizabeth Hur reports that one of those suspects is just 11-years-old.

Witnesses, who asked to remain anonymous for their safety, could hardly believe it.

“It looked like a bunch of roaches just swarming,” one witness said.

“You see 40 or 50 kids and they’re up to no good,” another said.

According to police, it happened just after 9 p.m. Friday at Walnut and Juniper Streets. Police said a mob of teens surrounded a 53-year-old man and beat him.

“His whole face was bloody,” one of the witnesses said. “He wasn’t conscious by the time police got here.”

Police said the same mob then attacked another victim near 15th and Sansom Streets. A 33-year-old man was beaten and then robbed of his wallet and cell phone in that incident, investigators said.

“It was real bad. The guy got up, staggering, falling back down,” a witness said.

This is just the latest in the wave of flash mob attacks in Philadelphia, and most recently, Upper Darby. Flash mobs by definition means a group of people assembling suddenly. They’re typically a peaceful gathering, but no so in Philly, leaving residents nervous.

“The past couple months, sometimes during the weekdays, cops on Chestnut Street are really trying to prevent this type of thing from happening, but I guess there’s only so much you can do,” a concerned resident said.

Police said they are doing their best, monitoring Facebook and Twitter activity to try and stay ahead of the pack.

Four individuals were arrested from Friday night’s attacks, including an 11-year-old for conspiracy and assault-related charges.

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One Comment

  1. Patricio says:

    If black kids are targeting whites for beatings, I would have to say that is a hate crime. Where is Eric Holder and the DOJ? If it was a white mob targeting blacks, my God, the news outlets would be on fire. Where are Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel, the PRESIDENT? C’mon guys, there is no better “teaching moment” than this to address the black community. Philadelphia and Wisconson within about a week? I would pass out if it happened. Because if black kids do it, it must be justified. Better take notice black leaders or quit talking about injustices based on race. You are part of the problem.

  2. BF the Shark says:

    “They’re typically a peaceful gathering, but no so in Philly, leaving residents nervous.”

    Such is the dribble expected from CBS. This is only going to get worse until the truth is exposed. Start carrying your weapons people, you are going to need them.

  3. Justin says:

    I ALWAYS carry a gun when I am in Philly, if I am attacked, I am opening fire, regardles of age. I have a permit to carry legally in Philadelphia and I will use it to protect myself, so , Flash mob, if you attack me, be prepared to have a ten round clip from a 380 auto emptied into you.

  4. diana says:

    what we need to do is go back to the days when there was a curfew in place. there really no good reason an 11 year old should be out on the street at 9.00. it is the parents responsibilty for their children action and should be fined accordingly. we need more police patroling the city along with the mounted police. to many rules have been changed and not for the better.the wntire city of phila has gone to pot and with out changes more people will leave the city. i have an idea let’s build abigger and better jail to hold more prisoners and put moe people to work

  5. CW says:

    I’m a 29-year old female and I was also attacked by this mob — punched in the back of the head as they passed by. Scary and bizarre — mainly because some of them stopped after to see if I was okay. Of course, I was not.

  6. gman says:

    The first law abiding citizen with a gun permit who unloads on these little thugs will be crucified.Pictured as a gun toting lunatic.So,your best defense is to run,run your white butt off,because you are dogmeat.”The Police”:When seconds count,they are there in minutes.

  7. Dan says:

    This what I would do if I had the power (something similar to a recent post)…Round up these punks…put them on a bus to Dover AFB…put them on a C130…give them a parachute…fly them to places like Afganistan, Libya, Iraq…push them out of the plane and don’t wish them luck. If the parents of these punks have a problem with that…send them also.

    I am just waiting for somebody, not even a police officer, to put a couple rounds into some of these cowards. But then again, it would be that good samaritan who would get in trouble.

    You would think with today’s technology, the feds could trace the source of the texts.

  8. philthy says:

    cutt their welfare checks and see how fast the parents get involved.

    1. LarryG says:


  9. Disgusted in Philly says:

    Castrate the 11 y/o so he can’t reproduce and send him to Afganistan,let him “flash mob” over there.

  10. Jim Wilmer says:

    Where ever the neighborhood they came from; their is usually a leader. He starts it and the followers try to immate. Ex. He throws the first succer punch and backs away. The next will do the same or more; to get the approval of the leader. So it snowballs. Yea nab the thugs. But it is the leader, he is in his place of comfort listening to the arrest reports of a 11 yr, and some slow footed 19yr. old!

  11. MB says:

    Just wait, these little bone heads will run into some one with a gun and drop a few of these fools. Then you will see thier parents on TV crying out saying how good their children are and how they wouldn’t hurt anyone. Then we will all have to listen to Al Sharpton for a few weeks, Nutter and Ramsey have to go. If you can afford to move out of the city then do so.

  12. Tom Walker says:

    I was pushed to the ground yesterday by two large girls than their boyfriends began to kick me. I got back up and walked away as they moved on to another old lady. They didnt hurt me but they did make me want to never come back to the city again to help in youth camps. The lady started to yell loud when guys came out from Cosi to push them away. Many of the resturants closed their doors before the mob happened. They were all from the same product of the Philadelphia school system and WIC feed.

    Makes me sick that Philadelphia can’t stop them and let them back out when caught. It wasn’t worth making a police report and waste more time on urban problems.

    1. rapper eatta says:

      They all came from the little wayne concert yesterday.

  13. tired of thugs and nherduwels says:

    Euthanasia, Sterilization, Abortion are words to discribe how these waste of human flesh should be treated ! Put the parents if you can find them in jail too ! no TV,gym or GED,just a 4by six cell and bread and water for 23 hours a day.

  14. Wise One says:

    Wash. D.C. in the past spent more per public school “student” than any place in the U.S. The result has benn total chaos. The nation’s capitol is so out of control that unarmed D.C. firefighters are FORCED against their will to help with police work.

  15. bottomline says:

    A blind man can’t lead a blind man (or woman).
    It’s foolish to expect these irresponsible men and women to produce anything but a bunch of disorderly orphans.
    The answer is sterilization – but no one wants to even think about such drastic measures. I want to point out, since 1990, the worlds’ population has increased by another Billion people and there is great concern by non-business people about water, food and space for this ever growing population. Since population control isn’t good for corporate profits don’t expect any genuine action from the environmentalists or the scam man until the problem gets so serious that sterilization or “justifiable” genocide become the actions of choice. Hitler isn’t dead, he’ll just be wearing a new uniform.

    1. AgreeMan says:

      Logan’s Run or Solient Green !

  16. Jim says:

    In my three years of living in Center City, I was consistently shocked at the lack of police presence–especially on the weekends. Squad cars were few and far between, I saw bicycle cops on two occasions, and NEVER ONCE did I see a foot patrol. Is it any surprise that these little houligans frequent Center City? Who’s going to say no? Mayor Nutter and Chief Ramsey may need to devote a lot of police resources to North and Southwest Philly due to the high crime, but it’s about time that they devote some assets to Center City–the real moneymaker for the city. Until these kids learn that they’re going to get a nightstick to the back of their head if they act up, they’ll keep harrassing unsuspecting center city residents and visitors.

  17. JFP says:

    We need to bring back public whippings. I’ll pay good money to witness these little roaches get what they deserve!

    1. grumpy says:

      In the mean time, help fight crime by shooting back!

  18. Wise One says:

    These mindless vicious primitive violent urban savages are deathly afraid of mounted police.

  19. Camel's back says:

    Well, that does it for me. I will no longer go into the city to go out for dinner. It’s a shame b/c there are a lot of great places to go down there. But if these thugs are going to come out of their neighborhoods and into center city, then u can keep your city. There are a lot of great places out my way too. I’m sick of this behavior being tolerated and excuses made for these thugs. Hey Steven Starr, why not open a restaurant in the burbs somewhere?

    1. Charmaine Hurst says:

      That country is Norway and the people are Norwegian.That is not right to say anyway.I feel bad what happened there by a craze nut bent on anger of foreigners there.What these idiot kids need is had labor in jail,Scare them to death so the idiots will not give it a thought to rob and beat people of their properties.This starts at home and it is their parents fault! These kids come from dysfunctional homes of all the issues it could be for them to behave that way!!Parents suppose to teach kids right from wrong and not to get caught up or hang with negative people.This is how kids get influence by bad behaving kids.If parents do not take responsibilty in raising the children the right way in making sure they have education,love and attention this will happen over and over again.It is no excuse for kids to roam the city to plot on attacking people!One day we will here the people will kill these kids in any means necessary! Eye for an eye and martial law period!These kids are asking for a real beat down kick a** and they will not survive.TEACH THEM A LESSON!!!

    2. Charmaine Hurst says:

      I hear you.It is sad that this happens.It will drive good people away from center city.There are a lot of places for people to go to dine and have a nice time with friends and family.Philadelphia is suppose to attract business for dining and night life out and saty at hotels.How will this work if the idiot pains in rear,no repsect kids come down town and roam the streets to rob and hurt people because they do not have what another person. have? It is embarrassing that certain people (the kids ) are doing this! That is why other people will have a lot to say about behaviour and certain class of people.I am being careful how I am saying it.This has to stop now! EDUCATION PARENT INVOVLMENT AND RESPONBILITY OF PARENTS NEED TO BE INFORCED!YOU CANNOT HAVE CHILDREN AND THEN LET THEM RUN AROUND DOING WHATEVER THEY PLEASE.tHE PARENTS OF THESE KIDS ARE AT FAULT!yOU HAVE TO TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN AND KNOW WHERE THEY ARE AT ALL TIMES,PERIOD!!!

  20. george says:

    Why would the Mayor need to patrol ? He can cut back on the Police. he has his people patroling the streets…

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