Director Of Anti-Domestic Violence Group Biking 35 Miles To Raise Awareness

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The head of the Philadelphia Women Against Abuse will ride 35 miles this weekend to raise funds for the organization, whose services are needed more than ever.

As Women Against Abuse celebrates its 35th year in Philadelphia, executive director Jeannine Lisitski (in photo, left) says domestic violence has spiked to epidemic proportions in recent years.

She says domestic homicides nearly doubled in 2009, “At our shelter, we’ve had to turn away 6,000 requests for safe shelter. We’ve seen such a huge need and we’re unable to meet it.”

So she and her husband, John Carlson (in photo, right), will run and ride Sunday to raise funds to increase shelter and legal services for those victims of domestic violence.

“I’ll be riding my bike and my husband will be running 35 miles. The route is from Vineland to Sea Isle City, New Jersey. We thought that the run and ride was a great way to help celebrate our 35th anniversary as a symbol of the importance of health and well being that can only be achieved in the absence of violence in the home.”

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Reported by Karin Phillips, KYW Newsradio 1060

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  1. outliseToipse says:

    I just got a new tattoo and tried H2ocean and it burned my skin and tattoo is scabbing..Anyone have any ideas on something that actually works?

  2. bottomline says:

    Domestic violence is awful, and providing for the victims is definitely helpful.
    But, as Ben said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
    Except for the mentally ill, people don’t just beat each other up for no reason at all. There must be a motive. Why, after 35 years, is Women Against Abuse still spending money aiding the endless stream of victims, when they should be using the money for correcting the cause of the violence.
    As much as my romantic nature causes me to melt when I witness a happy marriage, the cold hard facts tell me, men and women were never intended to live together, especially now when the males’ domination of the home is a thing of the past – a ship can‘t have two captains.
    The purpose of marriage is procreation and mutual survival aided by the complimentary natures of men and women – forget that compatibility stuff, its nice, but it doesn’t hold water.
    Not taking sides, but a steady diet of daily friction due to male-female differences is sure to erupt into violence, especially if love‘s pacifier is gone.
    Maybe it’s a little factious, but the surest way to stop domestic violence is to ban heterosexual marriages completely.
    Aside from that solution when will these groups take their 35 years experience and 35 years of cash and address the causes of domestic violence instead of buying lollipops for the wounded – and their children.

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