Police Identify Suspect In Society Hill Attacks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police have named a suspect in connection with a series of violent robberies in the city’s Society Hill section.

Police say the suspect’s last known address was the big house. 39-year-old Willie Wyche was released in May after 20 years behind bars, and if authorities have their way, he’ll be heading back very, very soon.

Investigators believe he’s responsible for several brazen, day-light robberies of women in the Society Hill section. In each incident, he quietly sneaks up on a woman, chokes her until she passes out or falls down then walks off with her purse, discarding unwanted items along the way. (see related story)

“He’s about 220 pounds and 6 feet in height. This is a very violent offender,” Philadelphia Police Lt. Ray Evers said.

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According to court documents obtained by Eyewitness News, Wyche’s violent criminal history dates back to the late 80’s.

In 1991 he was convicted of Attempted Rape, Robbery, Assault and other charges.

“He was in jail for 21 years, just released this May. We know he has a very violent past and he’s continuing that violence right now. So we need to put him back behind bars,” said Evers.

Police say, surveillance video, along with information from one of the victims, ties Wyche directly to an attack on July 10th near 7th and Lombard Streets.

They believe Wyche also tried using one of his victim’s credit cards at a convenience store on South Broad Street near Christian Street.

Fortunately no one has been killed, but police want to track down the suspect before he has a chance to strike again.

He’s known to frequent the area near the 800 block of South Broad Street. If you have any information on his location, police say don’t hesitate to call 911.

Reported by Mike Dougherty, KYW Newsradio, Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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  1. Grape Ape says:

    Hom o Erectus walks among us. I hope the rich libt ards are embracing the die-versity, nome sane?

  2. William T. Shabazz says:

    All You All please remember, Brother Willie is innocent until proven guilty. The comments on this page are sickening! Wishing physical harm on a man that has not been convicted of anything is a disgrace. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!

    1. Hater says:

      Did you read the story? “Brother” Willie is no innocent. He is sickening! SHAME ON YOU!!! for sticking up for this POS.

    2. Guess Who says:

      Right now I’m wishing physical harm on YOU.

  3. John says:

    Another criminal out on the street instead of in prison. Thanks Seth Williams!
    When is this going to end. The Catholics replaced the Arch Bishop of Philadelphia, it’s time Philadelhia replaced the District Attorney. Remove Seth Williams from his post and get someone who is going to keep criminals off the street.

  4. mike in Philly says:

    well… it’s time to get some monitored policewomen in plain clothes out there walking around the streets alone…but being under surveillance of course with overwhelming force coming in seconds

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