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Pa. Panel Recommends Higher Gasoline Taxes and Vehicle Fees

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – As expected, Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett’s “Transportation Funding Commission” has recommended increasing fuel taxes and vehicle fees to raise new money for roads, bridges, and mass transit.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation secretary Barry Schoch (in white shirtsleeves in photo) says one of the panel’s key recommendations involves gradually lifting a cap on wholesale gasoline taxes. Schoch says if the cap were lifted completely today, it would add another 20 cents to a gallon of gas — though he says the tax has never been completely passed on to motorists.

“That’s never occurred,” he says.  “The likelihood is that it would be somewhere between 20 and 50 percent, based on past history.”

The commission also recommends increasing driver’s license fees by $5 and registration fees by $13, with inflationary increases after that.

To cut costs, the panel also recommends two-year renewals for registration and eight-year renewals for licenses.

The commission also recommends enabling legislation that might allow for more tolling of roads but does not take a position on any specific roads or scenarios.

Reported by KYW Harrisburg bureau chief Tony Romeo

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One Comment

  1. Barry says:

    ohhhhh. he meant no new taxes for corporations!!!! We working class heroes are open game

  2. george says:

    how about giving us some of your “Walking Around Money” instead… or better yet, how about the promise to sell the State Stores… We have not forgotten….

  3. RR says:

    what else is new in this tough economy,rob the people more and more.What a joke!

  4. DG says:

    No new taxes…only hidding ones….what a JOKE this guy is…Hey Tom…Tax the companies who funded your election you fat whale!

  5. CAPS says:


    1. grumpy says:

      I agree, but how much more damage is this idiot capable of for 3 more years? Will the working class survive during these 3 more years?

  6. sam spade says:

    Corbett…..who promised not to raise taxes. OH….this is not a tax increase. It’s a user FEE increase.
    When the Dems do this, it’s a tax increase. The Rep do this and it’s a USER FEE increase.

  7. tiredNbroke says:

    That would be fine if I received inflationary raises or even raises from my place of employment. Why don’t you increase the tax of spirits and wine, cigs, ammo, etc. Here is a good idea, stop spending so much.

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